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List Of Black Cats With Blue Eyes

List Of Black Cats With Blue Eyes

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Black cats are really beautiful! But, imagine the beauty of a black cat with blue eyes?

Some people may love or hate black cats for their spiritual meaning and cultural associations with good or bad luck. But who can really resist these unique animals?

All kittens are born with blue eyes, however the kittens usually change eye color after they become six weeks old.

The reason for that is because that’s when they can develop the melanin which determines their eye color.

However, some cats possess a gene that inhibits coloration and this means they keep their blue eyes, but this is very rare.

However, there are some black cat breeds that have amazing blue eyes as a characteristic.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a blue-eyed black cat pet, read on and find out everything about a black cat with blue eyes!

Black Cat With Blue Eyes: Do They Exist?

black cat with black eyes

Even though blue-eyed black cats are rare, they still exist. Usually, black cats are also born with blue eyes, like most other cat breeds.

However, as they get older, they start producing eye pigment called melanin, and their eye color changes.

Black cats usually turn out to have yellow or green eyes, which is common for cats that are dark in color.

Blue eyes are more common in cats with lighter coat colors than in black or gray cats.

Still, it’s not a surprise that a black cat retains blue eyes. That happens if they don‘t start producing the melanin that causes them to change.

What’s most interesting is that blue-eyed cats actually have clear eyes, but the reflection of light causes them to appear with a blue color.

Are There Black Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes?

According to The International Cat Association (TICA), there are 22 registered black cat breeds currently.

However, most of these black cat breeds are not characterized by blue eyes.

They’re born with blue eyes, but later their eyes change color and usually turn out to be yellow or green.

There are some cat breeds with blue eyes which are not completely black but they can have a dark coat color such as black smoke color or pointed with dark coloration.

Besides that, there’s only one black cat breed famous for its completely black fur and blue eyes. This cat breed is called The Ojos Azules Cat.

So, if you want to learn more about this cat breed, or see what other dark-coated cat breeds can have blue eyes, then read on!

The Ojos Azules Cat


The Ojos Azules Cat breed is a newer cat breed that originated in New Mexico. This cat breed is characteristic for its amazing deep blue eyes, and it is believed that this trait is inherited from a female stray Tortoiseshell cat.

However, this cat breed can have different coat colors, including black.

So, considering that the blue eyes are characteristic for this cat breed, a black cat with blue eyes combination is definitely possible in this case.

As this is a newer cat breed, there’s very little research on the genetics that causes its blue eyes. Moreover, there’s not much information about their overall health condition either.

One thing is for sure, these cats are famous for their loyalty, affection and friendliness, as well as their stunning appearance.

They are rare so you may have trouble finding the Ojos Azules cat breeder who can provide you with one of these little beauties.

That’s why this article also provides you with some cat breeds that are famous for their blue eyes and can come in dark colored coats that may not be solid blacks but are equally beautiful.


According to some research, the first Ojos Azules cat was discovered in 1984 in New Mexico, and it was named Cornflower.

What’s most interesting is that Cornflower was a black-coated female Tortoiseshell cat with deep blue eyes.

Later, she was bred with male cats that didn’t have blue eyes, but surprisingly, all the kittens carried her strong gene and had blue eyes. Because of that, the breed was named the Ojos Azules.

Furthermore, the cat breed has also been discovered in Australia, which was surprising because no cats of this breed had been imported there.

Finally, in 1991, the Ojos Azules breed of cat was recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA). Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of breeders as it is a very rare breed.

Balinese Cat

Balinese cat sitting on a cherry tree in a green garden

The Balinese cat is a breed of cat characteristic for its blue eyes. But, in this case, a black cat with blue eyes isn’t a possible combination as Balinese cats don’t carry the black coat color gene.

Instead, these cats appear in pale colors with dark pointed markings on their head, tail, chest, and paws.

Besides beautiful blue eyes, this cat breed is well-known for its long-haired coat and a beautiful temperament.

They’re friendly, affectionate, and pretty much a perfect furry friend for almost everyone.

Snowshoe Cat

The Snowshoe cat is another cat breed whose coat can have a dark coloration and who also has distinctive blue eyes. This cat breed developed by mixing an American Shorthair cat and a Siamese cat.

Luckily, the Snowshoe cat inherited the Siamese cat’s gene that enables them to have blue eyes. Another thing they inherited from a Siamese cat breed is being very vocal!

Some cat lovers don’t like talkative cats, but these cats will definitely let you know when something’s wrong or when they need something.

This cat breed is similar to the Persian cat in appearance. Another very sweet and interesting fact is that the breed got its name from its snowy white paws!

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat breed is probably the most popular breed of cat in the world. These cats are famous for their beautiful blue eyes and their creamy body colors with dark pointed markings on their head, paws, and tail.

However, Siamese cats may also appear in smoky colors with dark pointed markings, and still have blue eyes.

Siamese cats cannot appear in a solid black color, however, this smoky combination is very similar to the appearance of black cats with blue eyes.

These cats are very friendly, but also energetic and talkative, so before committing to offering one a home, do some research and see if this cat breed is a good match for your household!

Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats cannot appear in a solid black color, but they can have a dark gray colored coat along with blue eyes.

This breed is popular for its friendliness and affection, but mostly for being attention seekers!

So, when adopting this particular cat breed, make sure that you give them a lot of love and attention if you want them to be happy.

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Cat

According to the breed standard, every Ragdoll cat must have blue eyes in order to be considered as a purebred.

They may come in a variety of different colors and patterns, but not a solid black. Therefore, it‘s the same case as other mentioned cat breeds; you have to look for a dark-colored example of the breed.

Ragdoll cats may have dark-colored coats and their appearance is amazing, mostly because of their blue eyes.

These cats are popular for their easy going personality. They’re friendly and affectionate, and constantly desire your attention. In addition, these cats are perfect pets for families with children or other pets, and make excellent first-time pets.

Javanese Cat

The Javanese cat is another cat breed that can have a black coat and blue eyes. These cats have an athletic body and a triangular face shape.

Their temperament is very similar to that of Siamese cats, Balinese cats, and other similar colorpoint cat breeds.

Javanese cats are very energetic, friendly, and talkative like Siamese cats, and they are also very affectionate, therefore if you choose this blue-eyed beauty, you won’t regret it!

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Birman Cat

The Birman cat breed has distinctive dark colored markings on the chest, head, paws, and tail, and has characteristic big beautiful blue eyes.

This is a long-haired breed with a lovely personality. They’re very friendly, playful, and affectionate. They can be talkative, not nearly as noisy as Siamese cats can be.

Tonkinese Cat

A Tonkinese cat is a mid-sized, short-haired cat with distinctive blue eyes. It’s similar to a Siamese and Burmese cats.

The chocolate color of a Tonkinese cat is the closest it gets to the black, blue-eyed cat we are looking for. Dark color points on their faces, paws, and tails emphasize the color of their eyes even more.

Besides their stunning looks, they’re very friendly cats who adore interaction and playtime.

Black Kittens With Blue Eyes

Siamese cats lie down and rest

As mentioned above, most kittens are born with blue eyes, and the main reason for that is lack of melanin production. However, after 6 weeks old, they start to develop melanin, and most of them experience a change in eye colors.

The exceptions are cat breeds that typically have a blue eye color, such as Ragdolls, Siamese cats, etc.

Black kittens with blue eyes usually experience a change of their eye color as they age. Only a small number of them retain their blue eye color. So, is there a way you  can know that a black kitten’s eyes will remain blue? Read on to find out!

How To Know That A Black Kitten’s Eyes Will Stay Blue?

Before answering the main question, let’s repeat once again why are kittens born with blue eyes? The main reason for that is the lack of cells producing eye pigment.

Therefore, the kitten’s eyes are transparent but, because of light reflection, they appear blue.

Once the kittens reach the age of 6 weeks old, they start producing cells called Melanocytes that create eye pigment and adapt the eye color of their parents.

Black kittens can retain the blue color of their eyes, but unfortunately, that is very rare.

Usually, with aging, a cat’s fur and eye color change due to melanin, however, if the cat retains a certain melanin level, it’s most likely that it will retain the fur and eye color as well.

Black Cats With Blue Eyes – The Genetics

Genes play an important role in a cat’s life for many reasons. One of those reasons is eye color. A cat’s genetics determine whether the kitten’s eyes will be blue, yellow, green, or brown in color.

Unlike other cats, black cats don’t have a gene that determines both eye and fur color.

The gene for their blue eyes isn’t connected to the gene for the fur therefore, the gene  is inherited from somewhere else.

Luckily, that also means that black cats with blue eyes probably won’t have to deal with problems like white cats with blue eyes, which are prone to blindness and deafness.

Are Blue-Eyed Black Cats Rare?

black kitten with blue eyes

Yes, black blue-eyed cats are extremely rare. Usually black kittens start producing melanin and their eye color changes to green or yellow.

However, there is only one cat breed that can come in a solid black color with blue eyes. This is the Ojos Azules cat breed and unfortunately it is very rare.

Other blue-eyed cats usually have dark colored coats, but it’s not completely black. The most famous dark-colored cats with blue eyes are seal-point cats that share similar traits as the black cats.

Are They Expensive?

Black cats or dark-colored cats with blue eyes can be very expensive as they’re very rare. If you choose a dark-colored cat, its price may vary depending on the cat breed.

However, blue eyed cats are very rare and unique and many cat owners want to have such a cat so they are in high demand. Therefore, the price for a dark blue-eyed cat may vary from $600 to $2000 and even higher.

Where To Find A Blue-Eyed Black Cat?

If you want to find a black cat with blue eyes, it may be a bit challenging as they are very rare.

However, if you cannot find a solid black, you can look for one of the dark-colored cats mentioned previously in the article, such as Ragdolls, Siamese cats, Snowshoe cats, and similar.

Buying a cat from a breeder is very important so that you can get a healthy cat that is regularly checked, vaccinated, and dewormed and that comes with a health guarantee.

Here are some sites where you can look for a blue eyed cat:

Pets4You – this website is good because it’s where breeders advertise their kittens for sale. It’s very important that every breeder on this website is verified, so you know that you’ll get a high-quality kitten.

Kittens Up – Kittens Up is a home cattery that specializes in luxury cat breeds. They have been in the breeding business since 2017. Sometimes, they may have black cats with blue eyes, so make sure you check here for your black kitty friend.

Does A Cat’s Coat Color Determine Their Eye Color?

According to research, a cat’s coat color and eye color are connected, meaning that the same gene determines them, especially in white cats.

Typically, the lighter the fur color, the bluer that cat’s eyes will be. But, it’s not the same when it comes to black cats.

Black cats don’t have the same gene for fur and eye color. The blue eye color in black cats is caused by some previous genetic mutation that a kitten inherits from its parents.

Health Issues In Blue-Eyed Cats

Black cats with blue eyes are very healthy cats. Actually, their health depends mostly on the breed of cat.  So, for example, deafness or blindness is not a common issue for black cats as it is for white cats.

White cats with blue eyes may be blind or even deaf, especially if they have only one eye that is blue in color.

That usually happens due to the “W” gene that causes the white fur and blue coating over one eye.

However, there are some health issues particular to black cats, such as different skin conditions. Due to their black-colored coat, parasites such as fleas or ticks may be hard to notice on them, and if not noticed on time, this can lead to various health issues.

Black Cats With Other Eye Colors

As previously mentioned, black cats are born with blue eyes, but as they age, their eye color changes to yellow or green.

Therefore, there are many cat breeds that have black coats accompanied with green or yellow eyes. Also a black cat with orange eyes is possible too. So, let’s take a look!

Black Cats With Green Eyes

Havana Brown Cat

Havana Brown Cat

The Havana Brown cat is one of the rarest cat breedst. The most interesting thing about these cats is their solid chocolate brown color.

These cats may not appear black in color, however, their brown color is very interesting as it’s the same on all areas of their body.

Moreover, they’re known for their exceptional green eyes.

These cats are very playful and friendly, even if sometimes they may be too vocal, and they can be great furry friends.


The Bombay cat is one of the most popular black cat breeds. In fact this cat breed is a mix of a Burmese and an American Shorthair cat.

They come in a solid black color, which emphasizes their green eyes even more. Sometimes their eyes may be yellow in color.

Moreover, they have beautiful fur that is very easy to maintain, and they’re lovely, friendly felines.

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Black Cats With Yellow Eyes


sphynx cat with yellow eyes

Sphynx cats, also called hairless cats, can be different colors, including solid black, and they may have blue, green, or yellow eyes.

Even though they’re called hairless, they do have a small amount of hair around their head, tail, and on top of their back.

Due to the lack of hair, they are prone to various skin conditions, therefore they require special care.

Moreover, they’re very friendly, calm cats who will enjoy your company, usually cuddled in your lap!

American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair cat is one of the oldest cat breeds, and is recognized as a domestic cat. People originally owned them because they’re great hunters.

These cats may appear in different coat colors, including solid black, and they usually have yellow or golden eyes. Besides yellow, sometimes they may have green or even hazel eye color.

British Shorthair Cat

The British Shorthair Cat is a well-known cat breed. These cats may appear in different colors such as red, blue, black and white, as well as in different patterns  (the most frequent one is tabby).

Usually, these cats have yellow, golden, or copper eyes. Besides their appearance, these cats have very nice personalities. They’re lovely, friendly cats, but they still enjoy their alone time, so don’t forget that!

Wrapping It Up!

No cat lover will be unmoved by the sight of a black cat with blue eyes. Not only because of its rarity, but because of its stunning appearance.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of cat breeds that can have a black colored coat and blue eyes. The only such breed is called the Ojos Azules, and this breed is still quite a mystery.

It’s a newer breed and there isn’t a lot of information about it. On top of everything, these cats are very rare.

Usually black cats only have blue eyes when they’re born due to a lack of melanin production. As they grow, they start producing melanin and their eye color changes.

A black cat’s eyes usually turn out to be yellow or green in color

Black cats with blue eyes are quite healthy, even though it mostly depends on the breed of cat. However, they don’t suffer from issues such as deafness or blindness as it can be the case for white cats with blue eyes.

A black blue-eyed cat may be very expensive due to its rarity.

However, if you want a blue-eyed feline, there are some cat breeds that may not be solid black but which do have a dark color point marking, so they look stunning with those beautiful blue eyes.

The prices of dark-colored cats with blue eyes usually depend on the cat breed and other factors such as the quality you’re looking for.

If you cannot find a solid black cat with emphasized blue eyes, there are some cat breeds that may appear solid black in color with yellow or green eyes.

This combination may also look stunning, as their eye color is emphasized due to their black coat.

In addition, if you get lucky and find your perfect black cat, check out these best spiritual black cat names, and maybe you will find something perfect for your feline friend!