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Info About The Persian Ragdoll Mix Cat

Info About The Persian Ragdoll Mix Cat

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If you’re a lover of rare new cat breeds, I’m sure you have heard about the Persian Ragdoll mix cat breed. For those less familiar with the world of designer cats, I’m sure you will be interested in learning more about this unique cat breed.

The Persian Ragdoll mix is a hybrid cat breed created by breeding two purebred cat breeds – the Persian cat and the Ragdoll cat.

This new cat breed combines the greatest qualities of the two parent breeds – it has the gorgeous fur and endearing demeanor of the Persian and the cheerful,laid-back spirit of the Ragdoll. This results in a very affectionate and friendly cat that is ideal for any home!

All Persian Ragdoll mix cats are a tiny bit different from one another. Their physical appearance and personality rely on the strength of their hereditary traits. Due to the genetic predominance of either the Persian side or the Ragdoll side, each Persian ragdoll mix cat will be unique!

If this intrigues you, continue reading to learn even more about this interesting designer cat breed!

A Persian Ragdoll Mix Cat: What Exactly Is This New Cat Breed?

the beautiful Persian Ragdoll Mix is sitting

Designer cats have taken the world by the storm and they are becoming more and more loved by cat lovers.

These hybrid cat breeds were developed through the artificial cross-breeding of two cat breeds with desirable attributes, all with the goal of producing a unique new breed that combines characteristics from both breeds.

As you are undoubtedly aware, there are a few popular designer cats that have been around for a long time, such as the Bengal or Savannah cat. Now, we can also include the Persian Ragdoll mix on the list of “designer cats”.

The Persian Ragdoll breed of cat was made by combining a purebred Persian cat with a purebred Ragdoll cat.

Now, you might wonder: Why these two cats? Which desirable characteristics did the breeders hope to pass on to the newly formed cat breed?

Put simply, it’s because both the Persian and Ragdoll cats are amazing! Persian Ragdoll hybrid cats are selected for their beauty and personalities. They can have a wide range of colors and patterns and they inherit their parents’ warm and charming personalities!

If you’re interested in the parent breeds of this new cat breed, let’s briefly look at each different breed separately.

A Little Bit About The Persian Cat Breed

The long-haired cat breed known as the Persian cat is distinguished by its round face and short muzzle.

Persian cats have their roots in Persia and Iran. In the 17th century, they were brought from Persia to Italy for the first time. Currently, the Persian cat is the most popular purebred cat breed in the USA.

Persian cats are medium to large-sized cats and they have a very distinctive round, flat face and a thick, long coat.

The coat can be almost every color and pattern imaginable available, including solid hues, silver and golden hues, smokey and shaded hues, tabby patterns, particolors, bicolors, and pointed.

When it comes to their personality, Persian cats are renowned for being patient and devoted to their owners and even to house guests.

A Little Bit About The Ragdoll Cat Breed

The Ragdoll cat is a semi long-haired cat breed. They can be found in many coat patterns and coat colors, but they are most commonly  seal and blue point cats. They do not have any extreme facial features, unlike Persian cats.

They are known for being one of the most clingiest cat breeds and they don’t like to be alone for a long period of time. Ragdoll kittens are much more playful compared to adult cats, but even adult Ragdolls will never say no to a playdate!

They are very relaxed, calm, and laid-back. They love to give and receive affection and they are known for being very loyal companions to their owners and the rest of the family! Because of this, they earned the nickname “puppy cats”, due to their dog-like friendliness and loyalty.

“A Little Bit Of Both”: Characteristics Of The Persian Ragdoll Mix Cat

A Persian Ragdoll mix cat combines the traits of the Ragdoll and the Persian. Because of this, they carry a very interesting trait: Each Persian ragdoll mix cat is unique due to the genetic predominance of either the Persian or Ragdoll side!

A Persian Ragdoll hybrid kittens’ height, build, and coat may differ substantially depending on the parent they take after.

Now, let’s get into the details about this unique cat breed!

1. Size

the beautiful Persian Ragdoll Mix is standing in the garden

When talking about the size of the Persian Ragdoll mix cat, we must first consider the size of the parent breeds. When fully grown, Ragdoll cats can weigh up to 20 pounds; they are a huge cat breed. Persian cats are, on the other hand, smaller than Ragdolls; they are a medium-sized cat that, at maturity, weighs about 12 pounds.

Due to the size difference of the parent breeds, you can expect their offspring to be somewhere in between the two. Most Persian Ragdoll mix cats are larger than a conventional Persian, but it is rare for them to reach the full size of the Ragdoll (20 pounds).

The typical Persian Ragdoll mix cat should stand between 10-15 inches (25-38 cm) in height and weigh between 8 and 13 pounds (4-6kg). They don’t mature fast, and they only reach their peak size at roughly 3 years of age, just like their parents.

It must be mentioned that predicting your cat’s size may be challenging, just like predicting any of the other physical characteristics of designer mixed-breed cats. The size of these cats can range from gigantic, like Ragdolls, to medium-sized, like Persians.

As Persian and Ragdoll cats have such dissimilar body types, your cat’s size will usually most closely resemble the parent they take after.

2. Type Of Fur

One thing is for sure: a Persian Ragdoll cat will not have short hair.

Persian and Ragdoll cats both have long hair, yet their coats differ greatly. The low-maintenance silky coat of the Ragdoll cat is renowned for requiring little maintenance.

On the other hand, the Persian needs to be brushed every day due to its smooth double coat, which tangles and mats more easily.

Depending on which parent breed the Persian Ragdoll mix takes after, it may have any coat type.

3. Coat Color

Both Persian and Ragdoll coats can be a variety of colors, so you can expect the same for their offspring!

Persian Ragdoll mix cats can be cream, lilac, blue, chocolate, brown, red, gray, black, white, and some others as well.

4. Coat Pattern

a beautiful Persian Ragdoll Mix is lying on the bed

As for the coat pattern, there are many patterns for Persian Ragdoll mix cats including colorpoint, tortoiseshell, bicolor, mitted, or tabby.

5. Facial Features

As you might already know, Ragdoll cats don’t have any unusual facial features, but Persian cats do. They have either a flat face (peke face) or a doll face.

The Ragdoll Persian Mix may have a doll face or a peke-face, depending on the Persian parent breed.

The peke or flat face Persian cats typically have their noses placed directly between their eyes, giving the impression that they have a third eye. Persian cats with doll faces typically have a longer face or longer nose.

6. Eye Color

Persian Ragdoll mix cats usually have blue eyes, but they can also be green or gold.

7. Personality

The personality of the Persian Ragdoll mix cat breed can be best described as a mixture of personalities of both parent breeds, just like their appearance.

A Ragdoll Persian mix cat is a very affectionate companion (they love cuddles!) with a very laid-back demeanor. They adore spending time with their loved ones and they are very patient with kids, which they get from their Persian breed genes. They get their easy-going and dog-like attitude from their Ragdoll breed genes.

Both parent breeds are playful and friendly, and so are Persian Ragdoll mix cats. They are rarely aggressive in any way. This is because both of these breeds have a loyal and protective disposition.

8. Lifespan

the beautiful Persian Ragdoll Mix is lying on the lap

Ragdoll Persian hybrid cats typically live longer than the majority of other cat breeds. Both Persian and Ragdoll cats have a long lifespan, so this can also be expected for their offspring.

A Persian Ragdoll mix should typically live for 12 to 15 years, give or take a few years.

Your Ragdoll Persian mix has a strong chance of living into its early twenties (however it is not guaranteed).

9. Need For Physical Exercise

You should anticipate that your Persian Ragdoll mix cat will require the same amount of daily activity as your average Persian or Ragdoll cat. Both breeds are energetic, so providing regular, moderate exercise is the key to keeping a Persian Ragdoll mix cat happy and healthy.

Don’t forget about mental stimulation too; this will help to avoid destructive chewing, loud meowing, as well as separation anxiety. All cats need to exercise their brain, and this cat breed is no exception.

10. Grooming Needs

Your cat’s coat (and thus how much they shed) depend mostly on which parent they take after most; Ragdolls and Persians have two very distinct coat types that have different grooming requirements.

You will probably spend a lot more time and effort brushing your cat if it has a coat resembling that of the Ragdoll parent, but less time dealing with shedding.

If your pet is more Persian-like, brushing them will take less time and effort, but you may have to spend more time cleaning up the fur they shed.

11. Health Issues

Even though parent breeds of Persian Ragdoll mix cats are generally very healthy cat breeds, they are still prone to some specific diseases. As you can already guess, this hybrid breed can suffer from the same diseases that Persian and Ragdoll cat breeds often deal with.

Ragdolls are prone to adrenal gland issues, sebaceous adenitis (a type of skin disease), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, urinary tract infection, and gum disease. On the other hand, Persian cats often suffer from allergies, heart disease and hyperthyroidism.

It can be expected of Persian Ragdoll mix cats to have a higher rate of the mentioned diseases their parent breeds suffer from.

Don’t forget – genetics play an important role in disease development, but so does a healthy diet and getting enough physical exercise, so make sure your cat is getting high-quality food and has plenty of physical activity!

Of course vaccination is a must, as with any cat of any breed. The same goes for sterilization – a cat that is spayed or neutered enjoys a lot of health benefits!

12. Price

In general, Persian Ragdoll hybrids are not the most expensive designer breed. This mixed breed’s price might vary significantly depending on the breeder and area, just like other designer cats. There are no set prices on the market, so the breeder can determine their own price based on demand.

The price of a Persian Ragdoll mix kitten can range anywhere from $200 up to $3000.

Breeders can charge whatever prices their customers are willing to pay for their Persian Ragdoll kittens because there are no breed standards set by breeding associations.

As a hybrid of two purebred cats, the Persian Ragdoll mix cat is not acknowledged as an official cat breed. Because of that, you might expect them to be less expensive than a purebred Ragdoll or Persian kitten but that’s not always the case.

Make sure you do your homework before buying a kitten from a specific breeder, just so you’re sure that you are receiving a healthy, well-socialized pet.

Summarized Characteristics Of The Persian Ragdoll Mix Cats

Size 8-13lbs in weight, 25-38cm in height
Type Of Fur
Long haired
Coat Color Many possible coat colors
Coat Pattern Many possible coat patterns
Facial Features
Doll face or peke face
Eye Color
Mostly blue
Personality Loyal, friendly, playful, laid-back, good with kids
Usually 12-15 years
Need For Physical Exercise Moderate, as any other cat breed
Grooming Needs Depends on whose parent genetics were stronger for the cat in question
Health Issues
They’re a relatively healthy breed
$200 - $3000


Are Persian And Ragdoll Cats The Same?

Persian And Ragdoll Cats

Persian and Ragdoll cats are different cat breeds, but they do share many common characteristics. For example, they’re both very friendly, loving, and loyal cats that love to play.

When it comes to their physical appearance, they are quite different. They do share the longer coat, but Ragdolls are much bigger than Persians and Persians have unusual facial features that really make them stand out.

Which Cat Is Better – Ragdoll Or Persian?

There is no answer to this question because both cat breeds are amazing and unique! Both beautiful cat breeds have amazing traits that make them highly sought-after in the market! In the real world, both cat breeds are loyal companions, great with kids, and very gentle!

What Is The Difference Between A Ragdoll And A Persian Cat?

The appearance of Persians and Ragdolls is the main distinction between the two breeds, as they’re very similar personality-wise.

The following are the most important differences between the two cat breeds:

• Ragdolls are much bigger than Persian cats, which are medium-sized cats while Ragdolls are one of the largest cat breeds out there.

• Persians come in many different coat patterns, while Ragdolls are always colorpoint (at their ears, tails, and feet, they have darker fur).

• Persians’ eyes come in a variety of colors, while Ragdoll cats have exclusively blue eyes.

• Persians need regular combing of their coats (which mat easily), unlike Ragdolls who can go for longer periods between grooming sessions.

• Perhaps the two breeds’ biggest difference is that the Persian breed has particularly distinctive facial traits, while Ragdoll cats have the same fundamental features as most cats

There are other differences, but these are the most prominent!

How Much Is A Ragdoll Persian Cat?

The price for a Ragdoll Persian mix cat can be as low as $200 or it can go as high as $3000.

The reason for this is that there are no established prices for this new cat breed. Because of this, breeders are free to charge whatever they wish for their Ragdoll Persian mix kittens.

Final Thoughts

The Persian Ragdoll mix cat is a very rare (but certainly very real) cat breed. Not everyone will have heard of this designer cat breed.. In the last few decades, the world has become obsessed with so-called “designer cats” – cats developed by crossbreeding two breeds, with hopes that the offspring will carry the most desirable characteristic of each parent.

As you might have guessed, Persian and Ragdoll cats are the parent breeds of the Persian Ragdoll mix cat, a relatively new cat species. They’re laid back and loyal as every Ragdoll cat is, and they’re as playful and affectionate as any Persian cat.

It is often said that the Persian Ragdoll mix cat gets the best of both worlds, as it combines many amazing traits of the parent breeds. They are typically lovely, gentle, friendly cats that make wonderful family pets. Typically large in size, Persian Ragdoll hybrid cats have long fur that can be either plain or patterned, and they have a variety of potential colors.

Due to the genetic predominance of either the Persian side or the Ragdoll side, each Persian ragdoll mix cat may have different characteristics.

I hope you had fun reading this article and have learned something new.

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