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Pregnant Cat Crashes Dance Competition, Becoming The Center Of Everyone’s Attention

Pregnant Cat Crashes Dance Competition, Becoming The Center Of Everyone’s Attention

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We all know that our feline friends are little attention seekers, but sometimes we simply can’t help but wonder: How far will cats actually go to get the attention they crave? 

Well, apparently, quite far, my friends – and the kitty in today’s story is no exception! Here’s her story!

cat lying on dance floor
Credit: Instagram

Recently, an adorable tabby wandered into a dance hall and decided to crash a Latino dance competition. 

She casually catwalked onto the dance floor, glanced around at everyone, and chose to lie down right under the dancers’ feet to rest a while. 

cat at dance competition
Credit: Instagram

Later, she took an interest in the cameraman who was filming the entire routine. Gracefully rising to her paws, she strolled over to inspect his camera, clearly aiming to steal the spotlight for herself. What a smart kitty, right?

What I love most about this video isn’t just that the kitty crashed a dance competition – it’s that she’s pregnant too. This adorable mom-to-be seems to know what truly deserves applause: The gift of motherhood!

Many people in the comment section of this Instagram video expressed concern for her well-being and were puzzled about why she was in the hall in the first place. The person who posted the video quickly put everyone’s worries to rest, saying:

“She lives in the hotel. She is under care and control.”

pregnant cat lying on the floor
Credit: Instagram

I’m glad this little feline star isn’t just an intruder, but an actual hotel resident and that the staff tends to her needs. I’m sure that once she gives birth, her babies will also be well cared for. 

And there’s no doubt they’ll grow up to be great purrformers – just like their mom!

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