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A 17-Year-Old Cat Finds A Loving Home Again After Being Abandoned At The Shelter

A 17-Year-Old Cat Finds A Loving Home Again After Being Abandoned At The Shelter

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Kiki, the 17-year-old cat, was left at a shelter, but luck came her way and she was blessed with another family who adores her. Now she can’t express how grateful she is to have a fur-ever home and a loving family.


As the workers over at the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary write:

“At 17 years old, Kiki was dumped at a shelter. We rescued her, and now she tells us every day how happy she is.”


Kiki’s previous owner passed away, and the family decided to leave her at a shelter. For me, that is a good decision. If they couldn’t continue taking care of her, it’s for the best. 

However, it is still incredibly sad and heart-wrenching to see an elderly cat abandoned, especially after losing her owner.

a woman holds a white adopted cat in her arms

Luckily, the KARL organization stepped in to ensure Kiki wouldn’t be alone in her golden years. They just couldn’t leave the poor kitty alone at a shelter. At her age and with all that sadness… It was a hard no.

“We couldn’t just let her stay there.”

adopted cat lies on the bed

“We run a sanctuary for special needs and geriatric cats. You’d be surprised how many people would rather dump the old cat at a shelter or on the streets.”

a man sits on a bed with a cat

Kiki was extremely lucky! She was not going to be abandoned at a shelter, but she was getting another loving owner that will love her and make her happy once again. 

She’s grateful for her loving home and expresses it every day. No cat is too old to be loved!

a man sleeps with a foster cat

Kiki’s story is proof of the power of love and compassion. She has found a loving fur-ever home where she is cherished and adored. And it seems to me that she loves them as well.

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