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The Charming Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

The Charming Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

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For me, Ragdolls are one of the most beautiful cat breeds. Not only do they look super cute, but they also have adorable personalities; they’re playful, friendly, and very cuddly. They got their fun name because they adore being carried around like a child’s doll.

Besides their sweet and calm temperament, they’re also popular because they can have a variety of different combinations of coat colors and patterns.

The blue bicolor Ragdoll is one of the most desirable color combinations. This patterned Ragdoll is characterized by blue and white fur.

The white fur is often found on the cat’s face, paws, stomach, and chest. This beautiful combination of blue and white fur is emphasized by deep blue eyes, which every ragdoll cat should have as a breed standard.

If you want to learn more about the blue bicolor Ragdoll cat or about other color and pattern combinations, just keep reading!

What Does A Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Look Like?

Ragdoll lying in her bed

First of all, it’s important to mention that ‘blue bicolor’ actually refers to the coat color of the Ragdoll cat that is accepted by the Ragdoll breed standard. That means that the blue bicolor Ragoll can participate in cat shows according to the TICA.

So, what does this cat look like? So, bicolor is a pattern which means that the cat’s coat has two different colors. That always includes white, and the other color may vary. In this case it is blue (a shade of gray).

Therefore a blue bicolor Ragdoll cat is a Ragdoll with a coat containing white and blue colors. The blue fur is usually found across the cat’s body and this body color may vary from lighter shades to dark gray or even dark brown.

The white area is usually found on a specific part of the cat’s body. They often have a white chin, paws (also called mittens), chest, stomach, and a white marking on the face in the shape of an inverted letter ”V”.

This beautiful coat color is accompanied with pink mottled paw pads and nose leather.

Every purebred Ragdoll cat should have blue eyes. This is their distinctive personal trait. These blue eyes emphasize the blue color of the cat’s coat and add to the majestic appearance of these incredible cats.

It is important to state that different coat colors have nothing to do with the cat’s temperament, personality, or needs. So, the only difference between a blue bicolor Ragdoll and chocolate point Ragdoll, for example, is their appearance.

The Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Cat’s Appearance

The one and only difference between a blue bicolor Raggie and other Ragdolls is the color of their coat.

A blue bicolor Ragdoll cat will look and behave like any other Ragdoll cat, the only difference is in the coat colors. Of course, each cat has its own unique personality, but there are certain traits associated with certain breeds.

Ragdolls are big cats with muscular bodies. They also have large, blue eyes on a triangular-shaped head.

Finally, their coat is one of the things that makes them so popular with cat-lovers. They have medium to long hair, and their fur is super soft.

An interesting fact about Ragdoll cats is that their color is only completely developed when they reach around 3 years old.

Don’t worry though, the color and pattern will be visible when you choose the kitten, it’s just that the color will become more emphasized by the age of 3.

Are Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Cats Hard To Find?

Ragdoll cats with this specific coat color and pattern aren’t as rare as many people may think. However, it may be difficult to find one to take home because they’re so popular among cat owners.

Some of the rarest Ragdoll colors are fawn and lilac; their prices may be a lot higher than some of the standard color combinations.

What About Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Kittens?

Blue Ragdolls are extremely popular, and because a lot of people are looking for a blue bicolor Ragdoll, they can be difficult to find.

This specific color combination of a Ragdoll cat can be found in a lot of catteries and breeders. As Ragdolls are born white, you cannot predict what color they will be.

When the kittens reach 6-8 weeks, they’ll start showing their real colors. By the time your furball is ready to come home, its color will be clear, but it will take a few years to fully develop..

Ragdoll cats are highly popular in the cat world, so sometimes the waiting list of some breeders may be very long.

It’s worth buying a Ragdoll kitten from a reputable Ragdoll breeder because they’re guaranteed to be healthy and fully vet-checked.

How Much Do Blue Bicolor Ragdolls Cost?

Ragdoll sitting on pink flowers

As mentioned previously, blue bicolor Ragdolls aren’t extremely rare, but they are high in demand so the price may be a bit higher than for other color combinations.

As for every cat breed, the answer to the question how much blue bicolor Ragdolls cost, depends on several things. The lowest price for a purebred Ragdoll of this color and pattern combination would be around the $900 to $1,000 mark.

However, at more reputable breeders you can expect to pay a higher price, especially if you’re looking for a better quality kitten.

A pet-quality kitten may cost around $1000-$1200. The price for show quality is higher, somewhere between $1500-$1800. Breeder quality may cost around $1800 and higher.

If you’re not necessarily looking for a kitten, you can also check for blue bicolor adult cats. Adult cats may be a bit cheaper, and you can check for adult cats at reputable breeders. Most of them put their retired male and female cats up for adoption, looking for a loving home for them.

Blue Ragdoll In Combination With Other Coat Patterns

• Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll cat – this cat will have blue colorpoint extremities.

• Blue Lynx point Ragdoll cat – this combination means that the cat will have tabby markings all over the blue colored part of its body.

• Blue Mitted Ragdoll cat – this combination refers to a blue coated Ragdoll cat with white paws, chin, stomach, and ruffs.

• Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll cat – this refers to a blue Ragdoll cat with white markings that has tabby patterns on top of its natural color.

50 Shades Of A Ragdoll Cat

These gorgeous felines may appear in many different color and pattern combinations. These colors include: seal, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, and fawn.

There are also a number of possible patterns: mitted, colorpoint, bicolor lynx, and tortie.

If you want to know about the combinations approved by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), then check out the table below:

Seal Bicolor Blue Bicolor Chocolate Bicolor
Cinnamon Bicolor
Seal Bicolor LynxBlue Bicolor LynxChocolate Bicolor Lynx
Cinnamon Bicolor Lynx
Seal Colorpoint
Blue ColorpointChocolate Colorpoint
Cinnamon Colorpoint
Seal Colorpoint LynxBlue Colorpoint Lynx
Chocolate Colorpoint LynxCinnamon Colorpoint Lynx
Seal Mitted
Blue MittedChocolate Mitted
Cinnamon Mitted
Seal Mitted LynxBlue Mitted Lynx Chocolate Mitted LynxCinnamon Mitted Lynx


Ragdoll sitting on rocks

If you have fallen in love with the blue bicolor Ragdoll, trust me, you’re not the only one! These cats have an excellent personality and a truly striking appearance.

What makes their appearance so special is their amazing blue eyes, long coat, and their gorgeous color and pattern combinations.

Most Ragdoll lovers are so crazy about these popular blue bicolor Ragdolls that demand is always high for them. Thankfully, they are not as rare as you might think.

While the blue bicolor Ragdoll is considered to be one of the most beautiful color combinations, I think that other colors are beautiful as well.

So, if you cannot find a blue bicolor Ragdoll, this article provides you with lots of other possible color and pattern combinations that you can check out. Who knows, maybe will you change your mind… or maybe your heart is set on the blue bicolor Ragdoll cat!

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