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Severely Matted Stray Cat Asked Kind People To Help Her 

Severely Matted Stray Cat Asked Kind People To Help Her 

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Cats will often come to their human parents and ask for help in their own way. Whether they’re hungry or they lost a toy, our feline friends know we can help them.

In today’s story, a beautiful Persian Cat found herself in a helpless situation. It was uncertain how she ended up abandoned, but the harshness of street life took a toll on her beautiful fur.

stray cat lying next to the man
Credit: Facebook

Persian cats are known for their gorgeous long fur and usually, they need our help with grooming all that fluff. Once this poor soul found herself on the streets of Wildomar, California, grooming became a challenging task for her.

Over time her fur became severely matted and the poor soul couldn’t handle it anymore. Out of desperation, she decided to ask for help. The tortoiseshell beauty picked out a house in the neighborhood and waited for someone to notice her…

human hand dragging cat
Credit: Facebook

Shortly after, the family came out to find this poor matted cat on their front porch. They realized her state was bad and immediately rushed her to the nearby shelter.

Animal Friends of the Valleys gladly took the poor soul in, ready to help her as soon as possible. They named her Reeses and quickly learned she was a real cuddle bug.

Mel, the shelter groomer immediately examined Reeses and what she found out was truly heartbreaking. Her matted fur was pulling on her skin and poor Reeses was in extreme pain.

cat being cuddled
Credit: Facebook

Mel was worried that once she started removing her fur, Reeses would be uncomfortable since it was pulling on her skin. However, what Reeses did next surprised everyone…

They placed her on the table and Mel slowly started shaving off the matts. All of a sudden, Reeses rolled over showing Mel her belly almost as if she was trying to tell her where she should groom her!

stray cat eats
Credit: Facebook

This gentle soul was so cooperative and Mel did her best to make her feel comfortable. However, since the matted fur was so close to her skin Mel had to be extremely careful, as she said in her video:

“These matts are much too close to her skin to even attempt to comb it off.”

Once Mel came close to her neck, Reeses became a little bit anxious. One of the shelter employees jumped in to soothe the poor soul while Mel did what she knew best.

After almost an hour of shaving, Reeses was finally free of all the matted fur! It was time for a bath, and once again, this gentle cuddle bug was extremely well-behaved.

stray cat being bathed
Credit: Facebook

After the bath, the team witnessed something heartwarming. Reeses started grooming herself again! 

She was peacefully licking her tiny paws, almost as if she found her long-lost confidence. 

stray cat licking her paws
Credit: Facebook

Since she was such a sweet girl, one of the shelter employees was completely smitten by her. The woman decided to adopt her right then and there and provide her with a loving forever home!

Thanks to Mel and the amazing people who saved Reeses, she can now enjoy the rest of her days in a safe and warm environment. 

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