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Best And Worst Thanksgiving Foods For Your Cat

Best And Worst Thanksgiving Foods For Your Cat

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This Thanksgiving, as you prepare for the family feast, don’t forget to treat your furry friends too. 

Several human-approved delicacies are also safe for cats, but be cautious as some items should be kept well out of their curious paws.

Safe Thanksgiving Foods For Cats

Cats are all about that natural, cooked goodness for improved digestion. Here’s what you can share:

# Apples: These crispy treats are rich in vitamins C and K. Remember to remove seeds and stems before sharing.

portrait of a cat next to apples

# Pumpkin And Squash: Fall favorites, when cooked, can be a great addition. Add some unseasoned squash purée to their meal, and check out our homemade pumpkin treats.

# Sage: A small amount of sage in turkey won’t harm your cat.

# Bread: A bit of plain white or wheat bread is acceptable, but don’t go overboard. Avoid raw yeasted dough.

# Broccoli: Steamed or boiled, unseasoned broccoli is rich in antioxidants and a fantastic veggie for your kitty.

# Bananas: A staple in fruit salads, cats can enjoy a piece too! They’re a safe and healthy option.

cat's head between two bananas

# Turkey: Yes, your cat can have some Thanksgiving turkey! Ensure it’s well-cooked and unseasoned, and keep the skin, fats, and seasonings away.

# Ham: The tempting holiday ham is alright in moderation, as long as it’s thoroughly cooked, since it’s high in fat and sodium.

# Cranberries: While not a typical cat craving, a small serving of raw, canned, or cooked cranberries (without sugar, grapes, or raisins) is fine.

# Corn: Boiled corn without butter or seasonings might appeal to some cats.

the cat eats corn from a white bowl

# Potatoes: Cooked, unseasoned, and unbuttered baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes are safe. Even sweet potatoes are acceptable but avoid raw ones.

# Green Beans: If steamed without any extras, your kitty might give them a try. However, keep the green bean casserole out of their reach.

Unsafe Foods For Your Cat

portrait of a cat next to a basket of vegetables

Some items should always be on the “no-go” list:

# Stuffing: Cats aren’t fond of bread, especially when it’s loaded with unsafe ingredients like sausage, oysters, and seasonings.

# Raw Meat And Fish: Always cook these before serving to your cat to prevent food-borne illness.

# Nutmeg: This spice can lead to vomiting and other serious symptoms.

# Mushrooms: Most Thanksgiving dishes involve mushrooms in butter, which should be avoided.

# Butter: While it adds flavor for us, it’s not suitable for cats.

the cat hangs on the fence next to the grapes

# Grapes And Raisins: Highly toxic and, if consumed by cats, can even lead to kidney failure.

# Xylitol: Anything with this sweetener is a big No for our pets.

# Alcohol: Even small amounts can lead to alcohol toxicity, so keep all forms of alcohol away from your pet cat.

# Chocolate: Highly toxic, especially darker varieties, and can cause various symptoms, even death in rare cases.

# Coffee And Tea: Cats are very sensitive to caffeine, so it’s best to avoid it.

# Milk And Dairy Products: Many cats are lactose intolerant, so it’s best to keep these away.

# Turkey Skin, Bones, And Drippings: The fat and sodium content, along with bones that can splinter and pose a choking hazard, make these totally off-limits.

portrait of a cat next to a wreath of garlic

# Onions And Garlic: These can cause mild stomach upset to anemia, depending on the amount consumed.

Remember, unless your vet says otherwise, your cat’s primary diet should consist of specially made cat food. 

However, an occasional treat during Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to show your feline friend some food-related love!

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