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Cats With Curly Whiskers: Everything You Need To Know & More

Cats With Curly Whiskers: Everything You Need To Know & More

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If you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to felines, think again. I’m introducing you to the mesmerizing and oh-so-adorable – cats with curly whiskers.

We have all heard about curly-haired cats, but not many people know that curly-whiskered cats exist as well!

With their unique spunky look, these felines will capture your heart, so read on to find out all you can about them!

Cats With Curly Whiskers

Whiskers, also known as vibrissae, are an essential sensory tool for cats (and also other mammals). They are used for touch, sensing vibrations and changes in air currents, and helping cats navigate and locate prey.

You might’ve noticed that cat whiskers can vary in color, length, and curl!

Cats with curly whiskers have become a phenomenon on the internet, with many people wondering if they really exist. The answer is – Yes, they do!

Just take a look at this adorable, curly-whiskered cutie!

siberian cat with blue eyes and curly whiskers
Photo from: @boris_siberian_wondercat

What Could Be The Reason For My Cat’s Whiskers Curling?

As you might expect, there is limited scientific research on the cause of curly whiskers in cats. However, we know that genetics and age might play a role in the development of curly whiskers!

1. Genetics

A cat’s whiskers can curl due to genetics. Some cats are born with naturally curly whiskers!

This variation in the appearance of whiskers is due to genetic differences between individual cats. 

Curled whiskers can be considered a genetic quirk because they are not common and are not seen in all cats, that’s for sure!

2. Age

A cat’s whiskers can curl with the cat’s age!

Whiskers are made of keratin, the same protein that makes up hair and nails, and they do not generally curl due to aging.

However, it has been noted that older cats have more instances of curly whiskers than younger cats!

What Breed Of Cat Has Curly Whiskers?

While some cats may have naturally curly whiskers due to genetic factors, no specific breed of cat is known for having curly whiskers.

Some cats may have slightly wavy whiskers, but it is rare to find cats with truly curly whiskers!

Let me give you an example! Below, you have a sweet Ragdoll kitty with slightly curled whiskers.

Now, do all Ragdolls have curled whiskers? They do not, which makes this cat very unique!

cute ragdoll cat with blue eyes and curly whiskers
Photo from: @flowerbabyragdollz

Some Cat Breeds Might Be An Exception

Although there is no cat breed where every member has truly curled whiskers, there are some cat breeds whose members have curly whiskers more frequently than most other cat breeds.

Those cat breeds include:

Cornish And Devon Rex

The Cornish Rex and Devon Rex cats are known for their unique appearance (hint: their short, curly hair and large eyes), which includes their whiskers.

These cats have softer, finer whiskers than many other breeds, and their whiskers may also be more curled!

However, it’s important to note that not all Cornish and Devon Rex cats have curly whiskers!

The appearance of a cat’s whiskers can vary widely among individual cats. Some Cornish and Devon Rex cats may have straight whiskers, while others may have more curved or curled whiskers.

For example, this is a Devon Rex cat with curled whiskers!

person holding a white devon rex kitten with curly whiskers
Photo from: @wendydevonrex


LaPerm cats are a unique breed of cat known for their distinctive curly fur, which is the result of a genetic mutation!

Besides having a curly coat, some LaPerm cats also have curly whiskers!

brown long haired cat with curly whiskers
Photo from: @furryfritz

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex breed is a unique and playful breed with a soft, wavy, or curly coat (and a charming personality!).

Some Selkirk Rex cats may have naturally curly whiskers, just like the one in the picture below!

brown Selkirk Rex cat with curly whiskers and long coat
Photo from: @emmi.lii.3

My Cat Has Curly Whiskers – Should I Worry?

If you’re wondering Why are my cat’s whiskers curling up?, I understand you might be slightly concerned.

However, curled whiskers do not necessarily indicate a health issue, and many cats with curled whiskers are perfectly healthy and happy!

However, if your cat’s whiskers are suddenly curling and you are concerned, it is best to consult a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.

They can assess your cat’s overall health and determine if there is an underlying cause for the curling.

Are Whisker Fatigue And Curly Whiskers Somehow Connected?

Whisker fatigue is not directly related to the curling of a cat’s whiskers. However, it is possible that it could contribute to the development of curled whiskers in some cases.

Whisker fatigue is a condition that might occur in cats when their whiskers are repeatedly stimulated or touched.

Cat owners around the world may notice signs of whisker fatigue in their felines, such as changes in their mealtime and eating habits or difficulty using food bowls or water bowls.

The whiskers of a cat are an essential element of its sensory system!

Pulling, cutting, or manipulating the whiskers might cause the cat discomfort or upset, and it can cause hair follicle damage!

In some cases, this overstimulation may lead to breakage or curling of the whiskers.

How Can I Make My Cat’s Whiskers Straighter?

chocolate white brown LaPerm Cat with green eyes and curly longhair fur

If you’re concerned about one of your cats having curled whiskers and all others having straight whiskers, an odd question might arise: How do I fix my cat’s whiskers?

Cat owners, I cannot stress this enough, but please do not try to alter the appearance of a cat’s whiskers, as they serve essential functions for the cat.

Whisker follicles are strongly connected to a cat’s muscular and nervous system, and disrupting them can cause intense discomfort and even pain to the cat!

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Wrapping Up

In summary, it is not common for cats to have naturally curly whiskers, although it is possible in some cases.

The cause of curly whiskers in cats is not fully understood, but genetics and age may play a role. 

No specific breed of cat is known for having curly whiskers, but the Cornish and Devon Rex breeds may have a higher frequency of curled whiskers!

Cat lovers, although I would not worry about my cat’s curly whiskers (as it’s not an indication of any health issues), if you are worried about your cat’s health – go for a quick vet check-up!

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