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Cat Nail Caps – Everything You Need To Know

Cat Nail Caps – Everything You Need To Know

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If you’re a pet owner who’s had to deal with destroyed furniture, prepare to leave those days behind! There are many options for preventing cats scratching the furniture, including sticky tapes, proper training, redirection, providing scratching posts and cat trees, etc.

It’s time for you to stop asking why does my cat scratch the wall ? What’s happening to my furniture? It’s time to stop researching the best scratching posts , cat proof curtains, and similar. Today I will provide you with the safest and best scratch prevention product ever – cat nail caps!

Cat nail caps are completely harmless for your feline and you won’t have to worry about your furniture anymore.

Therefore, if you’re interested in claw protectors, read on to find out more about cat nail caps , which ones are the best, and where to find them!

What Are Cat Nail Caps?

a cat with pink caps on its nails sleeps on the keyboard

Cat nail caps are one of the best cat products if you have a furry terminator in your home. The nail caps are covers that can be made of different materials. They’re very easy to use, you just have to glue them onto the cat’s nails.

The caps are easy to apply, and in addition, they’re cheap and give your feline a cool look. The caps are similarly shaped to the cat’s nails in order not to cause any discomfort to the cat. Moreover, they come in different sizes and different colors , and they last for 4 to 6 weeks.

Most importantly, nail caps don’t affect the cat’s natural nail growth.

This is a much healthier alternative to declawing, which isn’t a good option at all. The caps don’t affect the cat’s everyday life, they are just helpful in stopping them from destroying things.

5 Myths About Cat Nail Caps You Should Know!

a beautiful tabby cat with caps on her nails

Like everything else, some people support cat nail caps , and some are against it. Either way, as long as it’s safe for the cat, not causing her discomfort, or affecting her daily routine, it’s a valid option.

There are a lot of myths about cat nail caps , so let’s take a look at some of them.

1. “They’re Damaging The Cat’s Claws”

Most people think that cat nail caps are not good for a cat’s claws and that they may cause them damage, however, that’s not completely true.

In order to be safe for your feline, you need to choose the right size and apply the nail cap correctly. If you do this properly, your cat won’t have any issues with her nail caps .

Moreover, most nail caps were created by actual vets, and Soft Paws are one of them. Their intention was to create soft and safe nail caps for both cats and dogs.

2. “They Are Short Lasting”

Many cat owners think that the nail caps on cat‘s claws don’t last long. Of course, cats may be intrigued by new accessories on their claws, and they may bite them, or try to take them off. However, after a few days, or a few applications, they’ll probably stop.

Moreover, your feline won’t be able to take the nail caps off if you applied them correctly. If you prepare the nails and apply the caps properly, the nail caps may last for 4 to 6 weeks.

Make sure that you let your feline know that nail caps are completely okay, by using positive reinforcement . So, don’t forget to give them treats as one of the main tools when applying nail covers .

3. “They’re A Permanent Solution”

Whoever thinks that you use claw covers for a cats’ nails only once, is wrong. But, you should also remember that cat nail caps aren’t a permanent solution.

Nail covers don’t prevent a cat’s nails from growing. Therefore, the cat’s nails grow normally, and because of that, nail caps should be replaced when the time comes. After application, claw protectors may last up to 4 to 6 weeks.

After that time, you should take the nail caps off using nail trimmers, then trim the nails and clean them before applying a new set of nail covers .

4. “Nail Covers Prevent The Nails From Retracting”

When a cat extends its claws and then retracts them, it doesn’t mean that the claws go back into the cat’s paws . Cats only retract their claws in order to move normally without their nails touching the ground.

However, a cat with nail caps can express and retract its nails the same way as a cat without the covers, as long as they’re applied properly. This means that the nails have to be trimmed and cleaned properly before applying the new set of caps.

5. “Scratching Posts Are Better Than Nail Caps

Another common thought is that cat’s nails become less sharp by using scratching posts . Again, it’s only a myth!

Of course, scratching posts are an excellent tool, especially if your cats scratch the furniture. In addition, it helps them keep their nails healthy.

However, when cats use scratching posts , they reduce the dead parts of the nail sheath and sharpen the nails. Scratching posts are a distraction from scratching furniture and walls but they are not an alternative to nail caps !

Are Nail Caps Safe For Cats?

angry cat lying on the bed with caps on the nails

Cat nail caps are safe for cats. These protectors don’t prevent the cat’s nails from growing naturally, and they don’t affect the cat’s normal daily life. Moreover, a cat wearing nail caps can still extend and retract its claws normally, just like cats without nail caps.

However, some experts claim that the only reason a nail cover might not be safe for a feline is because they’re vulnerable without their claws as a defense mechanism.

Manufacturers agree; this is why they highlight that nail caps are not intended for outdoor cats but for indoor-only cats to prevent them from destroying the home.

Do Nail Caps Hurt Cats?

Now we know that claw protectors are safe for felines, but can they cause them discomfort or pain? Nail caps can be painful for cats only if they are not applied properly. On the contrary, if they’re applied properly, they’re perfectly good for cats and they won’t damage or hurt the cat’s nail beds or paws.

Some cats may find nail caps uncomfortable, and this is perfectly normal for the first time . Some cats may never get used to them. The crucial period is the first few days after the application, and in some cats the first few applications.

Some cats may act confused or make a fuss about the nail caps , and that’s okay. Some cats may try to take them off, but after a few days, they’ll get used to them. 

Positive reinforcement is the key to faster adaptation, so don’t forget to reward your pet with treats when applying cat claw caps.

When Should You Use Cat Claw Covers?

Claw protectors are good, however, they’re not the best choice for every situation. Therefore, you should use cat claw protectors only if:

• You own an indoor cat – in order to prevent her from destroying the furniture.

• You cannot train your kitty to stop scratching the furniture.

• You own an aggressive cat who doesn’t like to be bothered – especially if you have small children or other pets.

• You own a hairless cat breed that can hurt herself by scratching.

However, there are situations when cat nail caps are not a good choice, for example in situations such as:

• Your cat is an outdoor cat and a nail cap would make her vulnerable because she couldn’t use her claws to defend herself.

• You don’t have time for the proper nail care – if you aren’t prepared to give your kitty its preparatory manicure , it is best not to use nail caps.

• If your feline doesn’t accept the nail caps, even after many applications , then you should find an alternative.

Should You Put Nail Caps On Cat’s Hind Paws?

It’s not really necessary to put claw protectors on a cat’s hind paws, however, if you want to, no one can stop you.

All the damage that cats do is usually done by their front paws . However, nail covers on the back claws may be helpful in certain cases, such as when a cat is jumping on and off the furniture.

Most importantly, if you own a hairless cat breeds, such as sphynx for example, it may be a good thing to apply claw caps on her hind paws in order to prevent excessive scratching and reduce the risk of her hurting herself.

When To Replace Cat Nail Caps?

This protection may last up to 6 weeks, and after 6 to 8 weeks you should replace the caps. Usually, they’ll fall off on their own when the time comes. However, there are cases when they don’t fall off and you have to take them off.

To remove the nail caps , you’ll need a cat nail clipper to gently remove them. After that, carefully do a nail trim and then clean the nails carefully before applying the new set.

However, you need to pay attention when applying nail covers . If the nail caps constantly fall off the cat’s nail, that means that you haven’t used the correct size and that the caps are too big for your cat’s nails.

Another reason for caps falling off is that you haven’t used enough glue. On the other hand (or paw!) if you have difficulties removing the caps, maybe you used too much glue when applying them. So, pay attention to the instructions!

How To Properly Apply Cat Claw Caps?

the human puts caps on the cat's nails

It’s very important that you know how to apply cat claw caps properly. If you don’t do it correctly, it may cause your feline discomfort, and afterwards you may have difficulties putting nail caps on her nails again.

The application process depends on whether it’s the first time applying your cat nail caps or not. It also depends on your skill and, of course, your cat’s personality and behavior.

So, I’m here to help you and give you a few application tips . Let’s find out how to do it properly!

• First, you’ll need to gather certain tools necessary for the application process. These tools include: nail caps , nail trimmer, scissors, animal-safe glue, and cat food (treats).

• Trim and clean your nails properly.

• Choose the right size of nail caps for your cat, and the color you like as well.

• You should be familiar with the cat’s claws and paw pad. Before the application, take your cat’s paw and gently press the center of the cat’s paw pad and extend the claw for a successful application.

• After that, prepare the animal-safe glue. Be careful, don’t put too small an amount of the glue, but also don’t overdo it. If the glue starts oozing out of the cap, you’ve used too much.

• Put the glue into the nail cap so it is half full , let it sit down a bit and then apply it on your cat’s nail.

• When applying the nail cap, make sure you press it for a few seconds so that it will hold better. Also, make sure that the cat is calm, use treats if necessary! Most importantly, repeat this process to each nail, one by one.

If you’re not sure of your skills, you can ask if your vet will put nail caps on cats, or take your feline to a cat grooming salon to have the nail caps applied.

How To Remove Cat Nail Caps?

When the time comes, the nail caps may fall off on their own. However, if they don’t, after the 6th week, you can easily remove them yourself.

You’ll need cat nail clippers or scissors to gently remove the nail cap. Once you remove all the covers, you should  trim the cat’s nails and clean them carefully before applying the new set of cat nail covers.

Pros & Cons Of Using Cat Nail Covers

Pros Of Using Cat Nail Covers

✅ Humane alternative for declawing

✅ No furniture scratching

✅ No scratching other people, small children, and pets

✅ Covers are safe and painless

✅ Cats can still use scratching posts with covers on

✅ A good solution

Cons Of Using Cat Nail Covers

❌ It may be uncomfortable for some cats

❌ It’s not a long-term solution; they have to be changed every 4-6 weeks

❌ You must monitor the nails in order to avoid cat claw infection

❌ There’s no defense mechanism as the claws are covered – not for outdoor cats

❌ A cat may swallow a cap leading to serious issues

❌ Cats may be nervous during the application process

Possible Alternatives For Cat Nail Caps

the cat is playing on the scratching post

As previously mentioned, cat nail covers are completely safe for cats, and cats usually get used to them after some time.

However, some cats will never get used to them. Unfortunately, this means you have to look for other solutions. Just remember that declawing is never an option!

Let me provide you with a few possible alternatives for cat nail caps !

• Proper training – if you don’t want your feline to scratch the furniture, then it’s very important to start training your cat from a young age. Redirect her attention, and use positive reinforcement . Also, when she does something that she shouldn’t, let her know.

• Sticky tape – use sticky tape on the surfaces that your feline likes to scratch. Cats don’t like sticky things, and after a few tries, she’ll probably give up on the furniture. However, you also need to provide her with scratching posts to make her forget about the furniture. If she doesn’t seem interested in the posts, a little catnip will definitely help!

• Pheromone spray – using pheromone spray to calm your feline should help. You can apply it on any vertical and horizontal surfaces that your feline likes to scratch. After that, she should stop.

So, if your cat is not a fan of cat nail caps , you can try some of these alternatives in order to prevent your cat from scratching furniture. This problem is very annoying, so hopefully at least one of these methods will be helpful to you!

Where To Find The Best Nail Caps For Cats?

beautiful caps for cat's nails

There are a lot of places where you can find the best nail caps for cats, such as pet shops, groomer ’s salons, etc. However, a lot of options can also be found on the internet.

When I needed claw protectors, after some research, I found the perfect products on Amazon and Chewy. I was surprised by how good they are.

To help you, I’ll list the cat nail caps that I consider to be best, and I hope that you’ll also be satisfied with them.

The Best Cat Nail Covers On Amazon!

After testing, these are the best cat nail covers that you can find on Amazon !

1. Purrdy Paws

Purrdy Paws 40 Pack Soft Nail Caps for Cat Claws Sky Blue Medium
Key benefits:
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • A variety of sizes and colors

Purrdy Paws is a product that doesn’t allow the cat’s claws access to the furniture. It was created by a vet who wanted nail caps to be non-toxic and safe for cats.

Moreover, they’re very easy to apply, and the kit comes with clear instructions. As well as the instructions, the kit comes with 40 claw protectors, applicator tips, and 2 adhesive tubes.

Also, you will definitely be able to find something that suits your cat, because this product comes in different sizes (including small, medium, large, and kitten) and also in various colors, so you can find something perfect for your feline!

2. VICTHY Nail Caps

VICTHY Nail Caps
Key benefits:
  • Safety Certificate
  • Big Package
  • Multifunction

For the price of around $8, you get a big package full of nail caps and essential tools. For this price, in this product kit you get 120 nail caps, along with 6 adhesive tubes , and 6 applicators.

Moreover, you can choose between different colors and the following sizes:

• Kitten – for cats under 6 months. It’s important not to trim a kitten’s nails before application!

• Small – for cats from 5-11 lbs

• Medium – for cats from 11-16.5 lbs

• Large – for cats from 16.5-22 lbs

The product is made from vinyl resin and it has a safety certificate. They help protect the cat’s nails from injuries, infections, etc. Moreover, the nail caps are very easy to use!

The Best Cat Nail Covers On Chewy!

Here’s the list of the best cat nail caps on Chewy !

1. Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps

Soft Claws for Cats - CLS (Cleat Lock System), Size Medium, Color Red
Key benefits:
  • Three different sizes - small, medium, large
  • Easy to use
  • Low price

These caps are one of the most popular ones when it comes to protecting the home from scratching. The application process is not difficult at all.

It’s certainly a better option than declawing, for a much lower price. This kit costs approximately $13-$14. For that price you get 40 nail caps, adhesive tube, 6 applicator tips, and instructions.

The manufacturer says that, before applying, you should trim the cat’s nails and fill 1/3 of the cap with glue. After that, you should gently press the cat’s paw pad to extend the nail, put the cap on, and hold your cat’s paw for a few more minutes.

2. Kitty Caps

Kitty Caps Nail Caps for Cats
Key benefits:
  • 100% safe
  • Non-toxic
  • For kittens too

These nail caps are made with natural vinyl resin , making them a perfectly safe product for cats. With this product, your furniture will be safe!

This kit contains 40 nail caps, 2 adhesive tubes, 2 applicator tips, as well as instructions. Moreover, the nail protectors come in different sizes and colors. When deciding on the size, you can choose between the following:

• X-small – size for cats under 5 lbs

• Small – size for cats from 6-8 lbs

• Medium – size for cats from 9-13 lbs

• Large – size for large cats from 13 lbs or more

In addition, you can select 2 different colors in one package so that you can mix them or change the color for the second application.

Final Thoughts

a beautiful cat scratches the scratching post

So, a lot of things can be solved with this tiny product – who would have thought, right?

Cat nail caps are completely safe for your feline friend as long as they’re applied properly. If not, they may cause discomfort to your feline.

Don’t be afraid when applying the nail caps for the first time; your cat may be confused, trying to take them off, but after a few days she’ll get used to them. 

Also, you should replace them after 4 to 6 weeks. Sometimes they fall off on their own, and sometimes you need to take them off with cat nail clippers .

Moreover, you need to take many things into consideration before deciding to put nail caps on at all. For example, outdoor cats shouldn’t have nail caps because they make it harder for the cat to defend themselves.

As with every other product, nail protectors have their pros and cons. However, you shouldn’t worry as they can be a perfect solution for an indoor cat , and keeping your furniture safe. Once again, check out these best nail caps on Amazon and Chewy !

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