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Woman Decided To Film Her Cat While She Was Home Alone And What She Captured Broke Her Heart

Woman Decided To Film Her Cat While She Was Home Alone And What She Captured Broke Her Heart

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How many times you’ve wondered what your pets were doing at home while you’re at work? Or maybe while you were enjoying a night out with friends?

I mostly worry that my cat broke into my bird’s enclosure, LOL. However, when I come home my cat Tilly waits for me at the door and sometimes I wonder just how much she actually misses us during the day.

white cat
Credit: Instagram

The woman from today’s story asked herself the exact same question and she wanted it answered. 

Let me introduce you to Ida, a loving cat mom, and her gorgeous Ragdoll cat Isola. Ida got her when she was just 12 weeks old and at the time she was working from home.

Ida had plenty of time to spend with her new kitten, providing her with endless cuddles and attention. However, once her lifestyle changed it meant she had to move her job to the office and leave Isola at home.

white fluffy cat
Credit: Instagram

She didn’t think much of it, since cats are known to be perfect indoor pets. However, Ida was curious to see what Isola was doing when she was all alone, so she decided to place a camera in their hallway.

At first, Isola was exploring the apartment like usual and she even approached the camera and booped it in the most adorable way!

cat carrying leash
Credit: YouTube

This made Ida laugh, but what happened next actually broke her heart into pieces. Isola found her leash and started dragging it around the apartment. 

a cat caryyng leash for walk
Credit: YouTube

At one point she stopped and she started desperately crying! The poor soul probably felt like she was abandoned by her mom. Take a look and tell me if it’s not the saddest little meow you’ve ever heard!

Isn’t this the saddest little meow ever? This video took the internet by storm and soon everyone was advising Ida to get another cat to keep Isola company.

cat by the window
Credit: Instagram

Little did everyone know that Ida actually had one more cat. A gorgeous ginger fluffball who happened to be at the vet when Ida left Isola at home.

So Isola was not lonely, she was just angry everyone left without her, LOL! We can all rest assured that Isola lives happily with her furry brother and human parents.

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