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Best Cat Tree For Large Cats – TOP 13 Product Reviews

Best Cat Tree For Large Cats – TOP 13 Product Reviews

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Where can you find large cat trees? If you are here because you want an answer to this question, or perhaps you want to check out different cat tree options for big cats, then you are in the right place. Check out these tried and tested options and read reviews to help you make your choice.

Finding the best cat tree for large cats is not easy. I should know; I have six cats, and to have all of them jumping and climbing on one cat tree is like having a large cat climbing it, if not even harder to maintain.

There are many different options when it comes to cat trees for larger cats, some of them are heavier or a bit more pricey, others are lighter but can be secured onto a wall for stability. In any case, you have various options to choose from. All of the cat trees we are going to look at are suitable for large indoor cats and multi-cat households.

I have listed the top 13 products from Amazon and Chewy below, with number one being the best cat tree for large cats that I own (and that my cats absolutely adore). First you can check out their ratings, and then my reviews. I truly hope that this will help you choose the best cat tree for your large cats and it will fit perfectly into your home.

13 Best Cat Tree For Large Cats:

I am a cat lover and I have been rescuing cats for some time now, which has led to me currently having 6 rescue cats living with me! It is not surprising that I was in desperate need of a cat tree, but I also wanted something that would look beautiful in my living room.

I found and narrowed my choices on these 13 products that can be found either on Amazon or on Chewy. You can check out the top ratings below, and you can also see these when you go to buy the products online.

Frisco 65’’ XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree4.9/5
Hey Bro 3 Level Large Cat Tower4.8/5
Extra Tall Cat Tree With Green Leaves4.7/5
The Feandrea 2 Condo Tower4.7/5
On2Pets 60’’ Large Modern Cat Tree4.3/5

Out of these 13 products, I bought the On2Pets 60’’ Large Modern Cat Tree. I also have a smaller cat tree that my cats mainly use as a scratching post. These were affordable at the time I bought them, and all their specifications were right for my cats’ needs. I bought the On2Pets cat tree primarily because it is big and it looks so realistic. It fits perfectly in my living room, and goes well with the plants I have in my home.

I think that I will buy one more cat tree, as I have a lot of cats and I want them to be able to enjoy cat trees all around the house. They are all fully grown now so I am thinking of buying another one from this list, probably the one that has a cat condo, since neither of my two cat trees have a condo.

I’ll probably buy the Extra Tall Cat Tree With Green Leaves from Cosy Cat Furniture, since I have the perfect corner in my living room for it and its specifications and customer ratings seem great. Anyways, let’s see what info I collected about these 13 products.

1. On2Pets 60’’ Large Modern Cat Tree

On2Pets 60’’ Large Modern Cat Tree
Key benefits:
  • Many platforms to climb on
  • Resembles a real tree
  • It is easily assembled


✅ Easily assembled

✅ Cats can hide and play in it

✅ Beautiful and unusual design


❌ No sisal rope

❌ No cat beds or hammock

❌ Cats might chew on leaves

This is one of the best cat trees there is, and is also the one I have at my house. I chose it primarily because of its natural look and secondly because it is very sturdy. I was searching for a cat tree that looks like a tree and was really pleasantly surprised with this one. It fits perfectly in one corner of my living room, and at a first glance people couldn’t guess it was a cat tree.

This cat tree, despite its realistic appearance, gives your cat an outdoorsy experience. Your cats can climb, hide in between the leaves, and play around. It has three platforms, and its silk leaves are safe for cats.

However, there are some disadvantages to it; it doesn’t have sisal rope, so you might want to have an additional scratching post somewhere in the house. If you have space for two cat trees, I recommend that one of them be this one!

Product size24 x 24 x 60; 30 lbs
MaterialsSilk, artificial turf, carpet, engineered wood, polyvinyl chloride
Price rangeUnder $100

2. New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower With 4 Easy Access Perches

New Cat Condos 190209 Large Cat Tower with 4 Easy to Access Spacious Perches, Beige
Key benefits:
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Affordable prices
  • Multiple levels to climb and lie on


✅ Made from high-quality materials

✅ You can choose from a variety of colors

✅ Multiple levels to climb and lie on

✅ Has sisal scratching posts


❌ Platforms might be too small for overweight cats to sleep in

This Large Cat Tower with 4 easy access perches from New Cat Condos is extremely tall and it has five levels; the base and four upper levels.

It is made from high-quality, durable materials i.e. solid wood, plush, sisal rope. Plush and household carpets provide comfort for your cat, and sisal rope covered posts and platforms provide your cat with a large scratching area. You certainly won’t be seeing your cat scratching around the house any more!

This cat tree takes a bit more effort and time to assemble in comparison to other cat trees, as it is very big and tall.

Product size20 x 24 x 65; 55 lbs
MaterialsSolid wood, sisal, plush
Price range Over $100

3. Hey Bro 3 Level Large Cat Tower

Hey-Bro 3 Level Large Cat Tower
Key benefits:
  • Firm and stable construction
  • Multi-functional
  • Available in 3 different colors


✅ Multiple scratch posts

✅ It has condos and bed

✅ It has a perch hammock


❌ Carpets tend to smell and it needs cleaning more often than usual

The biggest advantage of this cat tower is its weight. It weighs 37 pounds and can hold multiple cats without the fear of them knocking it over. However if you still have some concerns, you can install it next to a wall and lock it for extra safety and stability. This is included for extra security for cats that are a bit more energetic or jumpy.

It has been designed with multiple layers so that your cat has a lot of different materials and space to scratch, climb, exercise, or sleep on. The platforms are filled with cotton so you might find your cat spending a lot of time napping there. This cat tower is large and heavy, but it is just as easily assembled as a smaller cat tree.

A lot of Maine Coon owners love this product, saying that their cats enjoy it and that they can safely climb to the top without their owners worrying.

Product size19.69 x 19.69 x 43.31; 37.92 lbs
MaterialsSisal, plush
Price rangeOver $100

4. The Feandrea 2 Condo Tower

The FEANDRA 2 Condo Tower
Key benefits:
  • Three levels
  • Scratch and stretch posts
  • Comes in three different colors


✅ Stable and sturdy

✅ It has a cat house, condo, bed

✅ Has two sisal scratchers


❌ No hammock

This cat tower is a great option that competes pretty well with the previous ones on the list. I have no idea why these cat trees and towers sound so funny, but their products are truly amazing.

The Feandrea 2 condo tower is a simple, two level design that has multiple condos and many scratching platforms and spaces. Your cat (or cats) will without a doubt take most of their naps in this cat tree.

It has a multi-layer design, where cats can sleep, nap, and have a lot of space for climbing and scratching. You can choose between three different colors, according to your taste and home decor. It has raised edges so your cat can lay and rest while their head is on the edge overlooking the peasants below, lol.

For extremely active or large cats, you can secure it to a wall for extra safety. This will mean you don’t have to worry your cats will knock the tower over when they jump or climb on it. This cat condo and tower is popular with Maine Coon owners, since their Maine Coons can safely jump, hide, play, and nap in it.

Product size23.6"x 15.7"x 33.1"; 24lbs
MaterialsSisal rope, plush
Price rangeUnder $100

5. Yaheetech 2 Story Cat Tree For Large Cats

Yaheetech 2 Story Cat Tree For Large Cats
Key benefits:
  • It has hanging balls
  • Has two comfy condos
  • Very affordable price


✅ Affordable price

✅ It has hanging balls that can be replaced with toys

✅ Has two condos and a top bed


❌ Needs to be put next to a wall or in a corner for extra safety

This two-story cat tree is designed for large cats. It is not extremely tall, but it has an enormous condo on the bottom level where large cats can chill and nap, whereas on the top level, cats can jump and sit so they can see what’s going on around them. There is plenty of room for a large cat to rest on top.

There are plenty of scratching posts, all covered in sisal rope which is great. You can be sure that your cat is definitely going to stop scratching your furniture. The base of this cat tree, and its perches, are made from extra thick boards which adds weight to the tree, so you rest assured that it won’t be easily knocked over. The condo is covered in plush so it is super comfy for your cat to lie on.

Product size23.6 x 15.7 x 33.5; 19.84 lbs
MaterialsPlush, particleboards, sisal rope
Price rangeUnder $100

6. Otlive 30’’ Large Cat Tree Condo

OTLIVE 2 Story Cat Condo
Key benefits:
  • Low and stable
  • A lot of scratching space
  • Everything is replaceable


✅ It is affordable

✅ The condos are comfy and soft

✅ Can hold the weight of bigger cat climbers

✅ Very sturdy and stable


❌ Cheap construction

The Otlive 30 Inch Cat Tree Condo is pretty heavy and most people trust it primarily because of its weight. However, there are other great things about it as well. It has two levels and two condos on each level.

All its posts are covered in sisal rope, making it great for cats who love scratching areas. Another great thing about this product is that you can buy replacement parts if anything breaks, so you don’t need to buy a new cat tree; you can simply change any worn out or broken parts.
All platforms and the inside of condos are covered in plush carpet for extra comfort, and it also looks prettier and more stylish as you don’t see the wood. This cat condo has a heavy, wide base, so you know it is stable and sturdy.

Product size34.2 x 15.3 x 30
MaterialsNatural sisal, soft fabric
Price rangeUnder $100

7. Frisco 65’’ XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree

Frisco 65-in XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree
Key benefits:
  • Easily assembled
  • It has a hammock, multiple platforms, and hanging toys
  • It is extremely stable and sturdy


✅ It has a plush perch and removable bed

✅ It has a basket hammock

✅ There are multiple platforms and hanging toys

✅ It is easily assembled


❌ Customers often don’t like the style

This tall cat tree from Frisco is made out of high-quality materials such as engineered wood, sisal rope, and faux fur. It has a condo that is so big your cat can stretch while lying inside. It also has sisal rope covered posts so your cats can each have their own scratching areas.

It also has a hammock, toys, and balls for your cat to be entertained even when you’re not around. The bed covers are removable and easy to wash. This is considered the best cat tree for large cats, according to many cat owners.

Product size41.25 x 28 x 65.5
MaterialsFaux fleece, plant material, sisal, synthetic fabric
Price rangeOver $100

8. PrestigeCats Main Coon Cat Tower

PrestigeCats Main Coon Cat Tower
Key benefits:
  • Very heavy construction
  • Easily assembled
  • Made from durable, high-quality materials


✅ Very heavy construction

✅ Handcrafted with long-lasting and high-quality materials

✅ Plenty of space for multiple large cats

✅ Easily assembled


❌ Cat beds may be too close to each other

This Cat Tower from Prestige Cats is a great option. As the name states, it’s designed for large cats, but it’s also one of the best choices for its modern, attractive appearance.

This cat tree is enormous, and it is designed specifically for the Maine Coon cat breed. If it can easily hold the size and the weight of a Maine Coon, this cat tower can hold the weight of any domestic cat breed! Its top platform can hold any cat, and the entire tree is handcrafted in the USA and made out of plush, sisal ropes, sonic tubes, and solid wood!

There are different colors for you to choose from and it is shipped almost entirely assembled; you just need to finish setting it up, which only takes a few minutes. Its price is a little higher than many others, but this cat tower is worth its price as it is high-quality and pretty unique in appearance.

Product size24 x 24 x 65; 75lbs
MaterialsSisal, plush, wood
Price rangeOver $100

9. The Refined Feline Lotus 69’’ Microfiber Cat Tree

The Refined Feline Lotus 69’’ Microfiber Cat Tree
Key benefits:
  • It has three perches
  • It has a cat condo
  • There is one sisal scratching post


✅ It has a sisal scratch post

✅ Modern and unique design

✅ There are 3 perches and 1 cat condo


❌ Too expensive

❌ It can get a bit wobbly when cats jump on one side

This cat tree looks really beautiful and modern; its style is pretty unique. It fits really well into any modern or retro living room. The price reflects this designer feel and it might be a bit too high for some. Let’s see what other advantages (besides great looks) that it has.

It is made out of plywood and covered in wooden veneer and carpet. It looks minimalistic and elegant, however there is enough space for your cats to scratch on the sisal or lie on top of the perches. It contains a long sisal rope covered scratching pad and a comfy condo where your cat can relax. It also has removable carpets that can be washed and/or replaced. It is great for cats to nap and play on, and particularly good-looking.

Product size20 x 20 x 69; 72lbs
MaterialsEngineered wood, sisal, carpet
Price rangeOver $100

10. Go Pet Club 66’’ Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 66-in Cat Tree
Key benefits:
  • It has multiple scratching posts
  • Covered in soft faux fur
  • It has hanging toys


✅ It has hanging toys

✅ It has multiple scratching posts

✅ Covered in soft faux fur

✅ Very sturdy and stable


❌ Top perch might be too small for large cats

❌ This product is not always in stock

This cat tree is made out of engineered wood and is covered in faux fur. It has multiple platforms that your cat can jump and climb onto. It has sisal rope covered posts and dangling toys to keep your cats entertained, even when you’re not around.

On the first platform, there is a condo where your cat can rest and sleep. The only disadvantage is that the top level platform might be too small for large cats, and you also need to see if your cats prefer carpeted platforms over these ones which are covered in faux fur, in which case it might be best to choose other cat trees with multiple material platforms.

Product size22 x 22 x 14.6; 46.2lbs
MaterialsEngineered wood, synthetic fabric, faux fur
Price rangeUnder $100

11. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo
Key benefits:
  • Multiple platforms
  • Multiple scratching posts
  • Suitable for kittens and large cat breeds


✅ Suitable for kittens and large cat breeds

✅ Multiple platforms

✅ Multiple scratching posts

✅ It has a hanging toy

✅ Worth the money


❌ Low quality rope

This cat tree from Armarkat is great for both small cats and large cats. There are multiple scratching posts and platforms for your cats to scratch and lie on.

This tree is often referred to by pet owners as the best cat tree for climbing. It is easily assembled and all tools and instructions are included in the package. It is a great option and offers a lot of space for scratching, sleeping, and climbing. It looks beautiful and you have a variety of colors to choose from.

Product size31 x 25 x 68; 52.7 lbs
MaterialsEngineered wood, faux fleece, sisal rope
Price rangeOver $100

12. Tiger Tough Double Decker Playground Cat Tree And Condo

Tiger Tough Double Decker Playground Cat Tree And Condo
Key benefits:
  • It has multiple platforms
  • Many options for cat activities
  • It has a cat tree house


✅ It has multiple platforms

✅ It has a cat tree house

✅ It has hiding spots and hanging toys

✅ Many options for entertainment


❌ Can get wobbly

❌ It can’t hold more than 18lbs

This tall cat tree has multiple platforms and levels to play on. All platforms are covered with soft fabric which is easy to clean. This cat tree is also a great option for large cats. However, some owners say that some of the platforms are too small for heavier cats.

This tree may wobble a bit under weight higher than 18 lbs. There are toys and many spaces to scratch and relax on, but it is not very popular among owners with multiple large cats as it is not that stable and not all of the platforms are big enough.

Product size19.7 x 19.7 x 69.3; 42lbs
MaterialsFaux fur, engineered wood, sisal rope, synthetic fabric, plant materials
Price rangeOver $100

13. Extra Tall Cat Tree With Green Leaves

Extra Tall Cat Tree With Green Leaves
Key benefits:
  • It has three cat beds
  • Has a cat condo
  • Sturdy and stable


✅ It is sturdy and stable

✅ Has a modern design

✅ A lot of space for scratching

✅ Three cat beds and one cat condo

✅ Beds, condo and platforms covered in comfy faux fur and soft plush

✅ Sisal scratching posts

✅ It has a large and sturdy base


❌ It might be too big for small spaces

❌ Price a bit higher

This Extra Tall Cat Tree With Green Leaves from Cosy Cat Furniture is, as it says, extra tall, which gives your cats more of an outdoorsy experience. It is tall and it has green leaves so it makes for a pleasing real-tree look. Cats can jump on it, climb, and roam through its platforms and leaves, like they would do outside.

Cats really love to lie and snuggle in high places, which is another great thing about this cat tree since it has THREE cat beds at the top!

That’s not all; this tree has a cat condo beneath the cat beds, so if one of your cats wants some privacy; they can have it! The bottom platform also has a hole in the middle which offers your cats another form of entertainment for some very interesting playtime. There are also green leaves spread throughout the tree which gives it a decorative look, but they are also something cats can have fun with, as all cat owners will know.

This cat tree is also a great choice if you have a new cat and it is still getting used to its new feline friends, new home, and new family members. It can happily hide away in the comfy private condo or watch you all from the top beds.

All beds, platforms, and the cat condo are covered with faux fur, which not only looks nice but is super comfy for your cat. They also have fabric and comfortable plush combined to make the beds the comfiest spot for catnaps.

This cat tree is easily assembled and it comes with instructions and all necessary tools. It is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials, so you know that you won’t need to change after a few months. Once again, this cat tree is so soft and comfortable that your cat might be spending more time snoozing in it than cuddling with you.

This large cat tree tower is suitable for large cats; it can hold the weight of larger cats, e.g. Maine Coons, without wobbling.

Product size23 x 23 x 75; 65 lbs
MaterialsFaux fur, fabric, plush, sisal
Price rangeOver $100


What are good cat trees for large cats?

The best cat tree for large cats is one with a heavy base and a sturdy construction. There are many possible choices on Amazon and Chewy. Frisco, Cosy Cat Furniture, On2Pets, and Go Pet Club are usually listed as some of the best brands for large cat trees.

How big should your cat tree be?

The size of your cat tree will depend on the space you have for it, and on the age of your cat. Some basic guidelines would be for its height to be at least between 30 and 40 inches, not smaller, and you need it to be heavy so your cats don’t knock it over.

How much weight can a cat tree support?

It depends on the cat tree. The PrestigeCats Main Coon Cat Tower for example, can hold cats that weigh more than 20 lbs, while the Tiger Tough Double Decker Playground Cat Tree And Condo may wobble under weights heavier than 18 lbs.

What are the benefits of a cat tree?

Cat trees provide a lot of entertainment for your cat, especially when you’re not home to play. Different cat trees offer different possibilities. Some cat trees have hanging toys, but most of them have multiple levels and platforms, sisal scratching posts, some are even decorated with leaves, and most of them are very tall… all of this stimulates your cat’s needs and senses.

Indoor cats can experience what it’s like to climb on high trees, and all cats can explore and hide, and have their own private spots when they don’t feel like socializing with their humans. Cat trees are a great form of entertainment, but they are also great for exercising and keeping cats from scratching around the house.

What is a cat tree made of?

It depends on the brand and manufacturer of the cat tree you choose. Generally, cat trees will be made out of wood (engineered or plywood), covered in fabric, faux fur, jute, sisal, and carpet. They may include beds (usually stuffed with soft plush), hammocks, perches, toys, posts, etc.

Final Thoughts

Searching for the best cat tree for large cats is not an easy task. I should know, since, as I already said, I have six cats and all of them climbing on one cat tree can be like having a large cat climbing it, if not worse! There are many different options for cat trees suitable for larger cats; some of them are heavier or a bit more expensive, but you always have various options to choose from.

I have listed the top 13 products from Amazon and Chewy above. My number one is the best cat tree for large cats that I own and my cats absolutely adore it. I hope to buy another one from this list, and I hope that my experience and the ratings I found helps you to pick out the best cat tree for large cats in your home.

Choosing the best cat tree for your large cat is not an easy task. Does it have a hiding spot, cat perches, or a hammock? Will it be durable or not? Does it need toys installed? These are all valid questions and key factors when choosing a cat tree. You might also want it to go with your home decor, but primarily you want it to meet your cat’s needs.

Some are more affordable than others. It all depends what your preferences and budget are, but also what you believe that your cat will be satisfied and entertained with. You need a multi-level cat tree that is roomy and comfy, entertaining, and that can hold the weight of your furry friends so you don’t need to worry when they climb on top to snooze.

I hope that my reviews help to shape what you might want for your cat, and hopefully you’ll decide on one of these cat trees, all of which are suitable for large cats and multiple cat families. I have listed the pros and cons for each of them, and you can check out detailed customer ratings on the website links I have provided.