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Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club: Which Cat Litter Is Better?

Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club: Which Cat Litter Is Better?

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If you don’t want the hassle of buying your cat litter from a store every month and making sure your local store still has it in stock, I suggest you switch to a cat litter subscription service! It’s a lifesaver for those with a hectic schedule or a hard-to-find litter choice.

With a subscription service, cat litter is delivered directly to your home each month! How convenient is that?

Six months ago, I decided to try two different cat litter subscription services; one from Pretty Litter and one from Kitty Poo Club.

This article will compare my experience of Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club. Hopefully, this article will help you select the best choice for your kitty and for you, so keep on reading!

Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club: An Overview

Name of the product Pretty Litter Kitty Poo Club
Subscription price22$ per month $25.99 per month
What do you get? one bag of litterone bag of litter + one litter box
Free shippingyes yes
At-door delivery yes yes
RefundPossible Possible
Cancel anytime yesyes
Convenient for multi-cat homes yesyes
Do you have to use the subscription service only?
No, you can just buy the litterNo, you can just buy the litter
Litter type silica litter only Multiple choices
How much do you get?1 bag per cat per month1 bag per cat per month
Dust level 99% dust freeDepends on the litter type
Main benefit Health monitoring Eco-friendliness
More Information
Website usability Great Great
Buying the litter yourself Click Here Click Here

Pretty Litter – Health Monitoring

Cats are notoriously good at hiding illness or signs of disease and some only show symptoms when the health issue has taken a more serious toll on their health (fun fact: it’s said that this is because showing signs of illness is showing weakness, which makes a cat vulnerable in the wild).

Pretty Litter has the amazing feature of changing color when your cat’s urine is outside the healthy pH range. In this way, the litter actually warns you that there may be something going on with your kitty’s health.

What’s A Healthy Cat’s Urine pH?

A healthy cat’s urine pH is said to be anywhere from 6.0 and 6.4.

What Do The Different Colors Of The Pretty Litter Mean?

Color of the litter Meaning Possible health issues
Dark yellow Normal pH /
Orange Lower pH than normal (acidity)Metabolic acidosis
Kidney tubular acidosis
BlueHigher pH than normal (alkalinity)Risk of bladder stones formation
Red Blood in urine Bladder inflammation
Bladder stones

To learn more about the meaning of different pretty litter colors, I suggest reading: Pretty Litter Color Chart – When The Colors Speak To Us (2023)

The Purpose And A Disclaimer

Pretty litter was designed to signal the presence of a potential health issue. It was not designed to diagnose a health issue. Even though some common diseases associated with feline urine pH change have been listed, that does not mean you should diagnose your cat yourself based on the color of the cat litter.

Always contact a vet if you suspect your pet has any health issues. The diseases mentioned are only a guide to point you and your vet in the right direction.

The purpose is to indicate the possible presence of a cat’s health issue before any more serious symptoms can be observed and any potential disease has progressed.

This cat litter will hopefully help you catch the issue early, and treat it on time. Of course, that must be done according to a vet’s diagnosis and instructions!

Kitty Poo Club – New Box Each Month + Multiple Litter Choices

Kitty Poo Club’s monthly subscription includes a bag of the cat litter of your choice and a new cardboard litter box.

Kitty Poo Club Cat Litter Choices

You can choose between three types of litter:

1. Diatomite non-clumping cat litter

If you choose this option, you only have to deal with scooping out solid cat waste and stirring the litter around (preferably daily).

This is a low dust, low tracking, biodegradable cat litter. It can also be used if you have an automatic litter box (aka litter robot)

2. Clay clumping cat litter

This clumping clay litter forms very hard clumps that are very easily removed with a scoop.

It has a fine texture but is low tracking. As with the diatomite non-clumping cat litter, it is also compatible with an automatic litter box.

3. Organic Soy clumping cat litter

This cat litter comes in the form of pellets and creates no dust so it is very low tracking. It has amazing odor control, a property that most cat owners are looking for!

It is an eco-friendly option as these are plant-based pellets that are biodegradable.

At any time during your subscription, you have the option of switching litters, so you can test which ones work best for your kitty and for you.

All of the litter options have:

🐾 no scent

🐾 no dye

🐾 no chemicals

Kitty Poo Club Litter Boxes

Kitty Poo Club offers a disposable litter box in their subscription, which is not something that you see very often. This cat litter box is a cardboard box and there are two size options.

You can choose to get:

1. The Standard Litter Box

🐾 Designed to be used by cats weighing less than 20 lbs

🐾 Can hold only 1 bag of litter

🐾 Optional dome available

2. The XL Litter Box

🐾 Designed to be used by cats weighing more than 20 lbs

🐾 Can hold 2-3 bags of litter

🐾 Optional dome available

Features Of The Box

This is not your ordinary, plain cardboard box – it has a fun design on it! Let’s be real, having a regular cardboard box as a litter box does not look nice at all and Kitty Poo Club knows it! This is why they have incorporated different designs onto the box, varying with the season.

That means that, for example, in spring, you’ll get a spring-inspired litter box design.

This cardboard litter box is quite big, so don’t worry about your cat fitting inside. Also, the walls are relatively high, so no scattering should be present. However, if your cat is a messy litter box-user, I recommend placing a litter mat underneath the box to catch any unwanted spillages.

How Is It Used?

You simply place the lid of the box underneath the box, place litter inside and let your cat use it. After some time, you’ll notice the litter becoming more yellow and that’s normal.

After about a month, before your new shipment arrives, take the lid (that you put underneath it) and close the litter box with the litter still inside.

This way, you will only have to get rid of the cat litter at the end of the month. I personally loved this feature of Kitty Poo Club. It was very convenient, and I only needed to stir the litter daily and scoop out any solids (which takes about a minute each day).

The best part of it all is that Kitty Poo Club litter boxes are made from recycled material and are recyclable themselves!

Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club: Litter Review

1. Pretty Litter

Pretty litter is a silica gel litter and is non-clumping. The particles absorb urine and trap odor extremely efficiently. I must say, I was amazed how efficient this cat litter is at odor control. I used it for 3 months, and I’ve only noticed an unpleasant smell when my cat was actually pooping.

So, if the litter absorbs the urine, how does it become dry?

When the litter absorbs the urine, the odor gets trapped, but the water evaporates!

If you’re worried about silica litter sounding too chemical, don’t be alarmed! Silica gel litter is perfectly safe for your pet and for you. Silica is actually used as a component of many medications and cosmetic products.

Of course, the most notable trait of this litter is its ability to change color depending on the pH of the cat’s urine, which I’ve described in the section above.

The only daily task you’ll have with this litter is stirring and mixing it daily. The goal is to prevent only some spots of the litter absorbing urine, while others are completely clean. By mixing them, you spread out the urine-absorbed particles. Over time, you’ll observe the cat litter changing color from white to yellow and that’s perfectly normal.

2. Kitty Poo Club

When it comes to Kitty Poo Club, you can choose between 3 different cat litters. I chose the clumping clay litter, as I wanted to test out the clumping ability of this litter. I am also a fan of clumping litters, so this was a chance for me to test a new one.

I noticed that the clay clumping litter forms ultra-hard clumps, which makes cleaning very easy. The clumps don’t break easily and that’s a good trait of this litter. Some dust is present, but that’s the same for every clay litter.

I have not used the other two types of cat litter – the Diatomite cat litter and the Organic Soy cat litter. However, I did some research online and read a lot of reviews. As far as I could see, there were no complaints. They were both easy to clean up, had great absorbency, had no scent to them and were low dust so they created almost no tracks.

I have to say I was pretty impressed with how both Pretty Litter and Kitty Poo Club litters performed, and there were no huge differences between them. None of the litters had any major drawbacks, which was also great.

Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club Litter: Pros & Cons Summarized

Pretty Litter

Very lightweight Does produce dust, but less than other silica litters
Fine grain, sand-like textureLittle bit on the pricier side
Comfortable for cats You’ll have to scoop up feces
Great odor control
Health monitoring feature
Low dust
Low tracking

Kitty Poo Club

Amazing odor control Little bit of dust present with the clay litter
Offers three different litter options Price a bit higher than average cat litter
Efficient and easy cleaning You’ll have to scoop up poop if you chose a non-clumping type of cat litter
Recyclable box
Lasts a long time
Organic soy pellets produce no dust

What’s The Final Verdict?

Pretty Litter is an amazing choice for cats that are prone to specific health issues that potentially impact the pH of their urine. This cat litter contains a formula that changes color upon contact with feline urine outside of the healthy pH range.

Kitty Poo Club is an amazing eco-friendly product that makes cleaning cat litter a breeze. With a monthly subscription, you get a new cardboard box each time, while you dispose of the old box with the old dirty litter together.

All things considered, the winner is Pretty Litter. It’s great that both types of subscription services have a long list of benefits and a surprisingly low number of drawbacks. This means that they need to be compared only by their pros. Essentially, who offers better benefits?

Personally, I believe it’s Pretty Litter because it really is a one-of-a-kind product I’ve never seen before. The health monitoring feature really tops the Kitty Poo Club’s litter, which is just a regular litter. Their prices are very similar, but considering what Pretty Litter offers – I think they’re the clear winner.

Despite this, I still find Kitty Poo Club to be an amazing product and I would definitely continue using it for my cats. Yet simply comparing the prices of Kitty Poo Club and Pretty Litter and the features each has to offer meant that Pretty Litter and its health monitoring feature prevailed for me.


What Is The Difference Between Pretty Litter And Kitty Poo?

The main differences between Pretty Litter and Kitty Poo Club are the features of their cat litter and the type of subscription service they offer.

Kitty Poo Club’s monthly service includes a disposable litter box, which you’ll use to toss out the litter your cat uses that month. That makes cleaning up after your cat a highly convenient and efficient process which many cat owners appreciate. Also, they offer three types of litter for you to choose from, and the design of the litter box changes according to the season.

On the other hand, Pretty Litter offers an amazing color-changing litter that can potentially indicate your cat’s health state. The silica gel litter turns blue, yellow or red if a kitty’s urine pH is outside of the normal range, indicating that something might be wrong with your kitty’s health. It does not come with a litter box, so you’ll need to use the litter box of your choice.

Which Is Better: Kitty Poo Or Pretty Litter?

Both Kitty Poo and Pretty Litter have their benefits, so the only thing that matters is which one works better for you.

If you’d like to keep an eye on your kitty’s health, Pretty Litter is a better choice for you. If you’d like an easily-cleaned cat litter system, then Kitty Poo Club is a better choice for you, because you get rid of both the litter and the litter box together each month (when the new set arrives).

Neither of them have any significant drawbacks, so they should be compared based on the different benefits they offer and which one suits your personal needs better!

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

Pretty litter monitors a kitty’s health by changing colors according to the change in your cat’s urine pH.

For example:

🐾 If the litter turns green or blue, your cat has a higher urine pH than normal, which can indicate your cat might have a UTI, for example.

🐾 If the litter turns yellow or orange, your cat has a lower urine pH than normal, which can indicate your cat might be experiencing some kidney issues.

🐾 If the litter turns red, that can mean your cat might have bladder stones.

Please keep in mind that this cat litter does not diagnose health issues, but only points out that your cat is experiencing something out of the ordinary. It is up to you to have your cat diagnosed by a professional.

Is Pretty Kitty Litter Accurate?

Yes, Pretty Litter is accurate. That means it will change its color depending on the pH level of the urine. However, Pretty Litter does not diagnose your kitty’s health issue! The manufacturer does indicate what might be the possible reason behind your cat’s urine pH change, but this is definitely not a substitute for a trip to your vet!

Does Pretty Litter Clump?

No, Pretty Litter does not clump. Pretty Litter is a silica gel litter, and all silica litters are non-clumping.

Is Pretty Litter Recommended By Vets?

Vets do recommend using Pretty Litter. However, they emphasize that this litter is in no way, shape or form a substitute for a vet! This cat litter simply tells you “Hey, your cat might be experiencing some health issues”. It does not say “Hey, this is the exact health issue your cat is dealing with”!

What Cat Litter Do Vets Recommend?

Considering how often your cat is using its litter, it’s really important for it to be of good quality and pose no health risks for your kitty or you and your household.

Vets always recommend a cat litter that:

🐾 is not scented

🐾 has no dyes

🐾 has no unnecessary chemicals

🐾 is comfortable for your kitty’s paws

There is a wide variety of different cat litters out there, so you should easily be able to find a cat litter that ticks all these boxes.

What Is The Healthiest Cat Litter To Use?

The healthiest cat litter to use is a non-scented, no-dyes, soft cat litter that produces little to no dust.

Dust can pose a major problem if a cat (or other members of the household) inhale it over a long period of time, so make sure to get a low-dust cat litter.

Also, unscented cat litters are recommended as cats have a very sensitive sense of smell and scented cat litters can bother them.

What Is The Highest Rated Cat Litter?

Dr. Elsey’s cat litters have been praised for a long time. Arm & Hammer and Tidy Cats litters are also up there at the top.

What Is The Most Popular Cat Litter?

You can find an answer to this question by checking the most popular and highest rated cat litters on Chewy and Amazon.

In Conclusion

A monthly subscription service might just be the perfect thing for you. If you’re busy and don’t want to end up running out to grab new litter at the last minute every month, a subscription delivered to your door will surely make your life easier. Both Pretty Litter and Kitty Poo Club have amazing easy-to-sign-up webpages, and you can proceed to the checkout in seconds.

In this article, I reviewed Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club and told you about all the benefits (and a few drawbacks) of each product.

Both Pretty Litter and Kitty Poo Club are great. But all things considered, Pretty Litter is a better option as it also serves as a health monitoring system. Their price points are similar, but Pretty Litter offers a unique feature unlike any other cat litter out there, as well as being low tracking and odor-efficient.

If you know your cat is prone to certain health issues that would show up in its urine pH level, I definitely suggest getting Pretty Litter, as it will ease your mind and make it so much easier to monitor your cat for signs of illness. However, if you’re more interested in efficient and convenient cat litter disposal, I recommend trying Kitty Poo Club as I’m sure you’ll be pleased with it.

I hope I helped you make the right choice for your cat if you were debating getting one of these two products!

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