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15 Cat Trees For Fat Cats You Won’t Regret Buying

15 Cat Trees For Fat Cats You Won’t Regret Buying

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Every cat owner knows how much cats adore cat trees. Cat trees are very useful for every cat house because they provide cats with a lot of interesting activities.

Cats adore climbing, jumping, scratching, and doing similar things, and that is exactly what the various cat tree features are designed for.

However, is every cat tree suitable for every cat? Are there cat trees for fat cats? What do you need to look for when getting a cat tree?

These are some of the questions that I’m about to answer in this article, so read on and find your kitty the best cat tree.

15 Best Cat Trees For Fat Cats

Nowadays, there are a lot of different cat trees with different features. There are many large cat breeds or overweight cats, so nowadays we also have cat trees for fat cats. 

These cat trees are usually perfect for larger cat breeds, obese cats, or multi-cat households, and they’re more stable and firm, as well as durable.

My favorite cat tree is this Cat Tree Condo House Furniture. It’s taller, as my cats prefer it that way. This cat tree is very big and tall; however, I have extra space in my living room, so it fits perfectly. 

This way, I can keep an eye on my kitties all the time because they love the tree so much that they don’t want to get off it.

The best thing about this cat tree is that it has a lot of different activities to occupy the cat, and it’s really made of the best materials.

However, I know that not everyone has space for this big cat tree, and some cats don’t prefer high places.

So, if you’re looking for the best cat trees for large cats or obese cats, keep reading and check out these two categories, short and tall cat trees, and choose the best one, depending on what your cat likes the most.

Short Cat Trees For Fat Cats

1. Amazon Basic Cat Activity Tree

Amazon Basics Cat Tree
Key benefits:
  • sturdy base
  • 4 scratching posts

This Amazon Basic Cat Activity Tree is perfect for large cats as it’s not really high, instead it’s rather low and stable, which is perfect for them. This cat tree consists of three different levels where your kitty may easily jump or climb.

On top of the cat tree is a round platform with raised sides to form a cat bed

Cat parents know how much cats like to be in high places with control of everything. Well, this cat tree isn’t really high, but it allows the cat to rest in its highest spot.

The base of the cat tree is square-shaped making the tree stable and firm. Moreover, it’s very easy to install.

With this cat tree, your big feline friend may enjoy it for hours, but another good thing is that the tree has 4 scratching posts which may be also helpful in keeping your kitty away from your furniture.

2. Catry Cat Bed With Scratching Post

Catry Cat Bed With Scratching Post
Key benefits:
  • Low and stable
  • Scratching post
  • Comfortable cat bed on top

Some cat breeds don’t like high places very much. Moreover, if you have a large or fat cat, then maybe it’s better to choose lower-cat trees that are more durable and stable.

Well, here’s a solution for such cats! This Catry Cat Bed with a scratching post is a small cat tree that is very stable. 

It consists of two important things. The first one is a scratching post with a sisal mat cover that will help your kitty maintain its claws and prevent it from destroying furniture. Another thing is the cat bed on top of the tree.

There’s no doubt that the cat bed will be your kitty’s new favorite spot. The bed is super soft and comfortable for your feline friend, and it’s great for 25-pound cats.

Moreover, this cat tree is very easy to install and move around the house as it doesn’t take up too much space in your home.

This cat tree isn’t too high, so it’s best for large cat breeds who like to lie in a comfortable spot most of their time, with a clear view of everything around them!

3. The FEANDREA 2 Condo Tower

The FEANDRA 2 Condo Tower
Key benefits:
  • Three levels
  • Scratch and stretch posts
  • Comes in three different colors

This condo tower by FEANDRA is a perfect thing for your indoor cat. This lower cat tree is suitable for larger cat breeds and overweight cats.

With this cat tree, your feline friend will be able to enjoy its favorite activities. The cat tree has two cat caves where your cat may sleep, hide, play or rest. 

Furthermore, the cat tree provides the cat with two scratching posts where it can stretch and sharpen its claws. This combination of a cat tree and scratching post is perfect as you get two things in one product, so you can save some money and space too.

Finally, on top of this cat tree is a large perch with slightly raised edges, where your kitty may enjoy resting, sleeping, or observing everything around.

The best thing about this product is that it’s easy to install and move around the house. It’s also not too big but perfect to satisfy your cat’s needs.

4. Good Life 4 Step Cat Tower Climber

Good Life 4 Step cat Tower Climber
Key benefits:
  • Stable
  • Good for cats with health issues
  • Available in two colors

This cat climber has multiple functions that can be helpful for both you and your kitty friend. 

The climber may be used as a cat tree. It has four different platforms where your kitty may like to rest, sleep or enjoy the view from the highest platform. It’s very stable and durable, which means that it’s perfectly safe for larger breeds of cats.

Another great thing about this product is that it can also be used as a climber for old cats with joint problems or similar health issues or for obese cats to help them climb on something or get down.

By having this climber, you won’t have to be there for your kitty all the time, as it’ll have help from this fantastic climber.

So, with this cat tree/climber, your kitty will have a new interesting place to rest, but it can also be good if you have cats with certain issues to help them get through the day more easily.

5. OTLIVE 2 Story Cat Condo

OTLIVE 2 Story Cat Condo
Key benefits:
  • Low and stable
  • A lot of scratching space
  • Everything is replaceable

Another cat tree that is perfect for bigger cat breeds, especially those who don’t like heights, is this OTLIVE 2-Story Cat Condo.

The cat tree is low and has a firm construction, so you don’t need to worry; it’s perfectly safe for large or overweight cats.

However, even though the cat tree is short, it can still provide your kitty with a lot of fun. It consists of 2 large cat condos where your big feline friend may easily rest, sleep, but also jump and climb. 

At the base, there’s also a tube that allows the cat to hide during playtime.

The most useful thing is the scratching post made of natural sisal rope that cats adore. With this scratching post, your cat will be able to keep its claws healthy, and it’ll forget about your furniture immediately.

Finally, on top of the tower is a platform with raised edges, allowing your kitty to rest and enjoy the view as most cats like to do.

This cat tower is affordable and perfect for big cats who don’t like heights, and it’ll provide them with interesting playtime, just as the higher tower would.

Moreover, it’s also a sweet decoration in your apartment, and you can choose between beige or gray colors; neutral ones that can fit in every apartment.

6. Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch

Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch
Key benefits:
  • Designed for large cats or multi-cat household
  • Firm and stable construction
  • Available in five different colors

This triple cat perch is made of top-quality materials to provide your kitty with a comfortable and interesting tree.

The construction is made of solid wood, making it firm and stable, suitable for larger cat breeds. Moreover, the household-grade carpet is used as plush covering to provide your kitty with comfortable areas to lie down and rest. 

Also, this cat tree provides you with two sections of scratching posts that are covered with natural unoiled sisal rope, making a perfectly safe and long-lasting post for your feline friend.

The cat tree isn’t too high, which is good if you have felines who aren’t fond of heights. Also, the tree has three platforms which are great whether you have only one cat pet or multiple cats in your home.

The tree is very easy to assemble and doesn’t take too much space, so check it out, choose your favorite color, and make your kitties happy with this item.

Tall Cat Trees For Fat Cats

1. Made4Pets Cat Tree Modern Cat Tower

Made4Pets Cat Tree Modern Cat Tower
Key benefits:
  • Multi-functional cat tree
  • Stable
  • Easy to clean

If you get this modern and stylish cat tree, not only will it fit perfectly in your home, but you’ll definitely make your kitty the happiest!

This simple thing can actually provide your cat with many different activities. This cat tree is also suitable for large cats, and they have space to hide, rest, observe, jump and climb, play, and scratch. 

On top of everything is a clear acrylic bowl which turns out to be the favorite napping spot for most felines.

This cat tree is made of top-quality materials and has everything that a kitty needs. Moreover, it’s easy to clean, and most importantly, it’s stable and durable, safe for all pet cats.

So, with this one cat tree, your kitty may be physically and mentally occupied for hours.

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Furniture
Key benefits:
  • Available in different color combinations
  • Multi-functional
  • Designed for larger cat breeds

If you’re looking for a taller cat tree that is suitable for larger cat breeds or multiple cats, then worry not, as here’s the Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Furniture. 

This high cat tree is made of top-quality materials so that it is durable, stable, and safe for your feline friends. It’s designed to be safe for fat cats or large cat breeds such as Maine Coons.

Considering the height, this tree is only for those cats who enjoy being in high positions and who love jumping and climbing.

This cat tree has multiple functions, which means that it will keep your kitty busy and entertained for hours. It consists of several different platforms and two big condos where your kitty may play, sleep, hide, or rest. 

On the sides, you will notice scratching posts made of sisal rope. Finally, on the top of the cat tree, there are three soft and comfortable platforms where your kitty may rest for hours. 

Another interesting thing about this cat tree is that it has mouse toys hanging from the platforms to keep your cat entertained.

If you like this cat tree for your feline friend/s, you won’t regret buying one. Additionally, you can choose between seven different color combinations so that the cat tree will perfectly fit into your home.

3. Prestige Cat Trees Cat Tower

Prestige Cat Trees Cat Tower
Key benefits:
  • Made of top-quality materials
  • Great for big cats
  • Suitable for cats of all life stages

This cat tree tower is perfect for larger or fat cats who adore heights. With this high cat tree, your big kitty will be able to climb, jump, and play without any problems, as it’s made of quality materials to be stable and durable.

The tower consists of several platforms that are all covered in a cat tree carpet. The carpet is plush, thick, and made to last and to provide your cat with a warm and soft place to rest or sleep.

Moreover, this cat tree also has scratching posts with unoiled sisal rope so that your kitty can keep its claws sharpened and healthy without tearing the rope apart.

If you choose this cat tree tower for your feline, I’m sure that it’ll be its main occupation for some time. There are a lot of activities that it can perform there, such as playing, climbing, jumping around, and, the best ones – resting and sleeping.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit expensive, but whether you have one large cat or multiple cats, don’t worry, as this tower is perfectly safe for them, providing the best fun ever.

4. Vesper Cat Tower

Vesper Cat Tower
Key benefits:
  • Available in three different colors
  • Has scratching posts
  • Great for multiple cats

This cat tower from Vesper is not only modern and stylish, fitting your home decor perfectly, but it’s also made so well that it provides both you and your kitty with many interesting things.

First, the cat tower is made of top-quality materials, and every part is completely renewable. 

It’s constructed to be stable and durable, suitable for overweight cats or large cat breeds. It comes in three different colors and is completely easy to clean as it doesn’t attract the cat’s hair.

Moreover, the cat tower consists of several platforms and one condo where your feline may enjoy sleeping, playing, hiding, or resting.

With this cat tower, you won’t have to worry about your furniture again, as it has scratcher posts so that the kitty can take care of its claws. 

The tower also has toys attached to it to keep your kitty entertained for hours. This will be especially good for moments when you’re not home, so your kitty can enjoy play time by itself.


Key benefits:
  • Available in 7 colors and 3 sizes
  • Affordable
  • Multi-functional

If you have a big fat cat who constantly destroys your furniture, then this cat tree from Yaheetech is a perfect solution for your problem. With this cat tree and its many functions, your kitty will never think about your furniture again.

This cat tree is made from pet-friendly materials and is stable and durable, mostly due to its thick particle board base. It comes in different colors and three different sizes, which means that it’s also suitable for larger cats.

The cat tree consists of several plush perches and two condos where cats can jump, climb, hide or sleep. Another interesting feature is that the cat tree has sisal-wrapped scratching posts and attached toys to entertain the kitty even more.

On the top of the tree is the highest platform, where cats who adore high positions usually spend most of their time. 

Because of that, make sure to put the cat tree in the perfect spot, such as to look at a window, so that your kitty can have a clear view of everything around it.

The tree is also suitable for multiple cats, so if you have a multi-cat household, this affordable cat tree will be perfect for your feline gang to keep them entertained most of the time.

6. MidWest Tower Cat Furniture

MidWest Tower Cat Furniture
Key benefits:
  • Suitable for all breed sizes
  • Has a scratching post
  • Interesting design

This tower cat furniture by MidWest is another cat tree that is suitable for fat or big cats. It’s very interesting and useful as it can provide your kitty with many fun hours. Not only is it suitable for cat breeds of different sizes, but also for multiple cats too.

The cat tower has a condo on the base. These condos are usually the most interesting to many cats as they often hide there or sleep and rest. 

After the condo, there are two big platforms, and finally, on top of the tower, there is a platform with raised edges covered with faux fur where most cats like observing and enjoying their view.

But that’s not all! The cat tower also has scratching posts available to keep cats away from the furniture, and it also has toys attached to keep the cat active most of the time.

So, if you get this cat tree, not only will your cat have a perfect place to nap or rest, but the tree will also keep it very active, both mentally and physically.

7. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower
Key benefits:
  • Posts can be replaced
  • 1-year warranty
  • Simple and functional

This cat climbing tower by PetFusion is very modern and interactive, providing every cat with a lot of different activities. 

It doesn’t have a lot of condos like most of the previous cat trees; however, the reason for this is that this one is designed for bigger cats who adore climbing and jumping. 

The tower has only two platforms, one in the middle and one on the top, which is usually the cat’s favorite.

The best thing is that the whole tower has scratching posts that allow the cat to climb easier and keep their claws healthy.

Although it’s high, the cat tower is firm and sturdy, and additionally it can be attached to the wall with an anti-toppling anchor to provide a safe area for your feline friend.

Also, in case of damage, you don’t need to worry as each part is replaceable, and the whole cat climbing tower comes with a 1-year warranty.

8. Hey-Brother 3 Level Large Cat Tower

Hey-Bro 3 Level Large Cat Tower
Key benefits:
  • Firm and stable construction
  • Multi-functional
  • Available in 3 different colors

This multi-functional, large cat tower by Hey-Bro has 3 different levels that your cat may enjoy. It has a firm and stable construction and big areas, which makes the cat tree perfect for fat cats or larger cat breeds.

The cat tower consists of two large condos that most cats simply adore, scratching posts covered with a natural sisal rope, and one hammock where cats like to rest and lounge the most. 

There are also interesting toys attached to the tree, and finally, on top of it is a big platform where cats can keep an eye on everything.

This cat tree is designed so that it’s soft and comfortable for every cat. Not only that, it also provides the cat with many different activities, but it has a nice design that fits into almost every environment, and in addition, you can choose between three different colors.

All in all, this cat tower isn’t really high, but it’s completely safe for large cats. For example, the platform is so big that two cats, each weighing 22 lbs, can lie down at the same time.

9. Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

Cat Tower Condo House Furniture
Key benefits:
  • 87.5 inches tall but stable and firm
  • Designed for big cats
  • Multi-functional

Now, I saved the best for last! In the category of tall cat trees, we have the Cat Tree Condo House Furniture that is 87.5 inches tall.

It’s created from the best quality materials, so it is suitable for large cat breeds or more cats at once. This is the biggest and the best multi-level cat tree for cat parents who have more than one cat.

The tree is a bit expensive, but considering its options, I think it’s worth it, mainly because it’s also suitable for multiple cats.

This beautiful and multi-functional tree is available in brown and beige colors. But what will fascinate your cat friends is that the tree consists of as many as 5 condos that are big enough for every cat breed.

Moreover, besides the base, there are three more platforms where the cat may enter the condos or use the scratching areas. Finally, on the top, cat toys are attached to the tree providing the kitty with infinite playtime.

There are also two top perches with raised edges that will enable the cat to enjoy the view from the highest spot in the house.

So, if you choose this cat tree, I’m sure you won’t regret it and that your kitties will be occupied most of their time with a new favorite activity.

Cat Tree For Fat Cats: Buying Guide

Is Getting A Cat Tree A Good Idea?

a black cat climbs a tree

Most new cat parents wonder why they need a cat tree. Well, I know that I solved all my problems after providing my feline friend with a cat tree. 

Once I bought a cat tree, I couldn’t take my cat off of it. It finally stopped destroying my furniture and other things around the house, and started enjoying one thing that provided her with multiple opportunities.

Cats like to jump and climb; therefore, they need an exciting area to do these activities, and what’s better than a multi-functional cat tree? 

Most cat trees have scratching posts included, which is great because you don’t have to buy separate posts and it will definitely keep your kitty away from your furniture.

Most cats adore high places, it is their natural instinct. Cats like to be in high positions to have a nice view of everything and to watch out for other predators. 

So, cats adore sleeping and resting in high places as they feel much safer and comfortable there.

Of course, if you notice that your kitty doesn’t like high places, you can look for short cat trees that will be as interesting and functional as tall ones but much safer and more stable for your big kitty.

How To Choose The Right Cat Tree For Fat Cats?

In order to choose the right cat tree for your fat cat, you should pay attention to the following things:

First, you need to determine what cat tree is the best for your cat. If you have an overweight cat or more cats, you should buy a big, stable cat tree designed for large cats.

• Look for cat trees with more functions, such as multiple platforms, condos, hammocks, scratching posts, toys, and similar.

If your kitty doesn’t like heights very much, provide it with a short cat tree.

• A cat tree for fat cats should be firm, stable, and durable. Usually, these cat trees have wide, hard bases made of the best materials.

You should look for cat trees that are made of top-quality materials.

• Most cat trees are easy assembly and come with instructions. Additionally, most of them come with safety straps and similar tools that you can use to attach the tree to the wall to make it even more stable and prevent it from wobbling.

Wrapping It Up!

Every indoor cat should have a cat tree. It’s useful because it keeps your feline friend active, and it provides it with comfy places to sleep and rest on.

Most importantly, it usually keeps them away from your furniture due to scratching posts on the cat trees and many other interesting activities. However, before buying a cat tree, you need to know what kind of cat tree you need. 

For example, if you need a cat tree for fat cats or multiple normal-sized cats, you should look for cat trees that are made from the best materials and proven to be firm and stable.

So, if you need such cat trees, I hope you’ll find the best one that suits you right here in this article.

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