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9 Best Cat Running Wheels To Keep Your Cat Fit

9 Best Cat Running Wheels To Keep Your Cat Fit

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Most cat owners are looking for the perfect entertainment for their feline friends, especially those who are busy most of the time. Cats need our attention and affection, but they also need a lot of exercise, special care, and play.

Well, I have a solution for every problem. The best thing that you can get your cat friend is a cat running wheel. When I first heard of it, I didn’t believe that it would be so beneficial for my cat, but after I brought it home, I was speechless.

These large cat toys will keep your cat entertained for hours, and they’ll also improve the cat’s health. The wheel offers many other benefits to your cat, but I think that these two things are enough for you to keep reading the article and discover the beauty of a cat running wheel.

What Is A Cat Running Wheel?

cute cat on running wheel

A Cat Running Wheel is a big item of cat furniture that is both entertaining and beneficial for our feline friends. It’s actually an enclosed track where the wheel turns while your cat runs. 

At first, some cats may explore it carefully because it’s an unknown object and they may need to be trained to use it, while some cats will be amazed by the toy. The main goal of this wheel is to keep your cat fit, healthy, and active. 

So, it’s great for cat owners who have energetic and active cats indoors and who require a lot of exercise. With this wheel, you won’t have to spend so much time exercising your cat as they’ll do it by themselves. Moreover, your kitty won’t be bored, as this encourages it to keep going.

Also, a good thing about this wheel is that it keeps the cat in a healthy condition. Due to high calorie burn, the cat will no longer be prone to obesity, which is perfect for cats who usually are.

9 Best Cat Running Wheels

So, if you think that this is something you should get for your feline friend, then keep reading and check out some of the best cat running wheels you can buy.

#1 Penn-Plax Wheeled Sisal Cat Tree

Penn-Plax Wheeled Sisal Cat Tree
Key benefits:
  • Firm and stable construction
  • Serves as a cat scratcher post
  • Made of wood

About The Product

Penn-plax presents a perfect cat running wheel that will end all your problems. It’s perfect for energetic cats and those who need a lot of exercise. 

With this wheel, you won’t have to worry about playtime or exercises because your kitty can do it by itself. Your cat will be able to run for as long as it wants, it won’t be bored, and it’ll be in great form and shape.

If you wonder whether this wheel is right for your cat, worry not because it’s suitable for cats of all life stages and can safely hold cats up to 20 lbs as it has a firm and stable construction. 

The best thing about this product is that it also serves as a scratching post, so you get two cat things in one product.

Moreover, the wheel is made of quality wooden material and sisal rope carpet, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. 

It also contains resting pads that provide your kitty with a soft footing. It’s great for cat parents who live in smaller environments because it doesn’t take up too much space.

The only bad thing about this product is that it may not be big enough for large cat breeds, but overall my cats adore this wheel as it allows them infinite fun.


✅ Made of wood

✅ Firm and stable construction

✅ Has a scratching post

✅ Suitable for cats of all life stages

✅ Easy to clean


❌ Not big enough for large cat breeds

#2 COZIWOW Cat Exercise Wheel

COZIWOW Cat Exercise Wheel
Key benefits:
  • Firm and safe construction
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Made of thick natural solid wood

About The Product

The cat running wheel by COZIWOW is another great thing you can provide your cat with. It has a firm, pet-safe construction that will allow your feline friend to be entertained all the time. It’s good for both their mental and physical health. 

The wheel consists of a wide base and a big wheel. Moreover, it’s made of thick natural solid wood, and the inside of the wheel is covered with a terry carpet which provides your kitty with a comfortable runway. 

These materials are also very easy to clean and maintain, and the carpet can be easily removed. The best thing about this product is that you won’t have to worry about loud noises while your cat uses the wheel because it’s ultra-quiet. 

That is because the bottom has silent pulleys, which means that your kitty can run and exercise at any time without disturbing you. 

This wheel by COZIWOW also comes with attractive cat toys, which allow you to make your cat’s exercise even more exciting. 

The only drawback is that it may not be perfect for larger cat breeds, but it’s a perfect product for average cats, providing them with many benefits.


✅Firm and safe construction

✅Ultra-quiet running

✅Made of natural solid wood

✅Comfort runway


❌Not suitable for very large cats

#3 One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel
Key benefits:
  • Made of foam and recycled plastic
  • Lightweight and firm construction
  • Easy to clean

About The Product

At the moment of writing this article, this perfect cat exercise wheel was unavailable on Amazon. So, if you decide to buy it and it’s not available on Amazon, you can always check on their official web page, One Fast Cat.

This cat running wheel had to be on the list of the best ones because it’s one of the best wheels that I’ve used for my cats. Moreover, many cat owners will recommend it. So, let’s see what makes this wheel so good!

This is a premium cat exercise wheel that will provide your feline friend with a lot of fun and exercise. With this wheel, you won’t have to worry about skipping your cat’s exercises.

The wheel has a firm and stable construction because it’s made of recycled plastic, but what’s even better is that the inside of the wheel has rollerblade wheel covers that allow for a soft footing and keep your cat’s paws safe. 

Due to the soft cover, cats may sometimes take a nap on the wheel too. The wheel is very easy to clean and maintain and it doesn’t produce noise, which is perfect because your cat can use it whenever it wants to without disturbing you.

It’s very simple but useful and beneficial for your cat’s overall health. The wheel also comes in different colors and patterns, which allows you to choose the best color combination to fit your home perfectly.

Although the price is a bit higher when compared to other cat running wheels, I think it’s worth the price as it’s one of the best cat wheels I have ever had.


✅Made of foam and recycled plastic

✅Lightweight and firm construction

✅Easy to clean

✅Available in a variety of colors and patterns

✅Comes with a free Roller Blade Wheel Cover

✅Suitable for all cat sizes


❌Non-refundable once it’s built

#4 Balemaue Cat Exercise Wheel

Balemaue Cat Exercise Wheel
Key benefits:
  • Suitable for energetic cats
  • Big and stable construction
  • Ultra-quiet

About The Product

This cat running wheel is another great product that is perfect for indoor cats as it allows them plenty of exercise and fun.

Not only does it help them maintain their health, it also keeps them mentally active and entertained most of the time. Once your cat starts using this wheel, you’ll hardly get her off of it.

Furthermore, this wheel is big, and it has a firm construction which makes it perfect for felines with too much energy. It’s made of quality wood material, and at the bottom, it has a silent pulley design which allows the cat to run without making any noise. 

The only thing I didn’t like about this product is that it was a bit difficult to assemble, but overall it’s really great because it serves the purpose and keeps your cat fit and healthy.


✅Suitable for energetic cats

✅Big and stable construction


✅Made of wood


❌Hard to assemble

#5 PawHut Round Hamster-Wheel Style Cat Exercise Wheel

PawHut Round Hamster-Wheel Style Cat Exercise Wheel
Key benefits:
  • Made of natural materials
  • Firm construction
  • Attractive design

About The Product

This cat wheel by PawHut will not only help to keep your cat fit, it also has an interesting and modern design that will serve perfectly as luxurious home decor. It comes in two different colors – brown and natural grey.

This cat running wheel is built from natural materials that result in firm and stable construction, as well as a durable cat toy.

The wheel is double-sided, so inside, there is a carpet that allows your cat to have a soft surface, and on the inside, there’s the exterior of the wheel which also has a sisal scratching post and may eventually prevent unwanted scratching behavior around your home.

Due to these materials, this cat wheel is very easily cleaned, and it doesn’t produce any noises while operating. So, all in all, this cat running wheel is the perfect exercising tool for your feline friend, but only if it’s under 9 pounds. 

This is the only drawback of the product; however, it’s recommended for cat breeds such as Siamese cats, British Shorthair cats, American Shorthair cats, and similar. 

So, if you have one of these cat breeds, then this cat running wheel should be perfect for your feline friend and your home.


✅Made of natural materials

✅Firm construction

✅Attractive design




✅Easy to clean


❌ Needs assemble

❌ Recommended for cats up to 9 pounds only

#6 TWW Treadmill Ferris Wheel

TWW Treadmill Ferris Wheel
Key benefits:
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Firm and stable construction
  • Great for multiple cats

About The Product

This cat running wheel by TWW is a superior cat wheel that is perfect for keeping your kitty active, especially if you have a multi-cat household. 

Its firm and stable construction allows your cat to exercise as much as it wants because it’s suitable for all fitness levels, even for larger cat breeds.

Not only is this cat running wheel safe and stable for cats, but it also doesn’t produce any noise while your cat uses it. 

The reason for that is that the wheel has eight silent bearings, which is great because your kitty can exercise any time it wants without making too much noise.

Moreover, this product comes with looped exercise blankets that are fixed on the wheel to provide your kitty with soft and safe footing.

The only drawback of this product is that it’s a bit expensive, however, considering all the things that it offers to your feline friend, I think it’s worth trying.



✅Firm and stable construction

✅Great for multiple cats and larger cat breeds



#7 Doralus Cat Running Wheel

About The Product

This cat running wheel by Doralus is a big wheel that is perfect for energetic cats or for larger breeds. It’s made of natural wooden materials; therefore, the construction of the wheel is completely safe and firm for your feline friends.

The inside of the wheel is covered with a carpet to provide the cat with a soft surface while running. Moreover, the carpet is easy to clean, especially as you can take it off easily and put it back after vacuuming.

Although this cat running wheel is big and may take up too much space in your home, it’s not a problem as it has a natural, modern design that will fit into any environment. You can choose between two different colors; brown and grey.

The only thing you need to pay attention to when it comes to this wheel is that it may produce a little noise, but nothing too much or too disturbing.


✅Safe and firm construction

✅Easy assembly

✅Easy to clean

✅Comes in two different colors


❌ Not completely quiet

#8 JOUDOO Cat Treadmill

JOUDOO Cat Treadmill
Key benefits:
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Can handle up to 175 pounds
  • Quiet

About The Product

If you have a larger breed of cat or a multiple-cat household, then this cat treadmill exercise wheel by JOUDOO should be a perfect choice for you.

The main reason for this is that it’s made of the natural wood material to have a firm and stable construction. 

With this wheel, your kitty will exercise most of the time, and you won’t hear anything because it’s very quiet. Additionally, the inside of the wheel is covered with a carpet that provides your cat with a soft footing.

If you choose this cat wheel, you shouldn’t have any problems because it’s very easy to maintain and it has a firm and stable construction. The only thing that many cat owners complain about is that it may be hard to assemble or that the product came without instructions.


✅Suitable for multiple cats

✅Can handle up to 175 pounds


✅Easy to clean

✅Made of natural wood


❌It may be hard to assemble

#9 Cat Exercise Wheel For Indoor Cats

Cat Exercise Wheel For Indoor Cats
Key benefits:
  • Noiseless
  • Made of wood material
  • Durable and firm construction

About The Product

This cat running wheel will help you bring joy and fun to your cat’s life. With this wheel, it’ll be able to exercise as much as it wants and that will keep it healthy, mentally active, and entertained.

This cat running wheel has a simple but modern construction that is firm and stable enough even for bigger cats. It’s made of high-quality wooden material, while the inside of the wheel is covered with a carpet to provide a soft footing for cats.

Due to the materials and simple construction, the wheel is very easy to clean. Another important thing for cat owners is that the wheel is noiseless, which is great because your kitty won’t be disturbing you while exercising.

The price of this wheel is affordable, too; however, the only thing that many cat owners complain about is that the wheel is difficult to assemble as there are a lot of different parts. 

Still, with a bit of effort, you can provide your furry friend with a new cat toy that is beneficial and also affordable.



✅Made of wood material

✅Durable and firm construction

✅Easy to clean

✅Carpeted surface


❌ Difficult to assemble

My Favorite Product!

While I had only one cat, I was looking for a solution to keep her entertained and in good condition all the time. 

I was worried that she was bored all the time. I came across cat running wheels as great exercise toys for cats, so I decided to give it a shot. After a long search, I decided to buy the cat wheel by Penn-Plax. 

With this wheel, my cat was better than ever, and she definitely loved it. Later, when I got more cats, I decided to buy more wheels to keep them all entertained, but that time I decided to give a chance to another one. 

Unfortunately, these didn’t turn out to be good because they were too loud, and my cats didn’t like it at all, they always used the Penn-Plax cat running wheel. Since that, the Penn-Plax running wheel is always my recommendation. 

Benefits From Cat Running Wheels

cat on running wheel

If you want to provide your feline friend with a quality cat toy from which it can benefit, then a cat running wheel is a perfect toy. There are many different benefits that a cat wheel may offer your cat, so keep reading and check out some of them!

Health Benefits

A cat running wheel can really make your cat fit, the only key is persistence. This wheel helps you keep your cat active and in good condition. This is perfect for cats who are naturally energetic or prone to obesity. 

While cats run on this wheel, their muscles strengthen, they burn calories, and most importantly, they improve their cardiovascular system.

Mental Health

If you think that cats can only improve their health by running on this wheel, well there’s even more. This cat toy is perfect because it keeps your furry friend both mentally and physically active.

So, this exercise stimulates their mind, and you can even make it more fun to help your kitty avoid boredom. You can attach a cat toy to part of the wheel and encourage your cat to catch it.

Behavior Improvement

Every cat owner has probably experienced inappropriate cat behaviors. If you have similar problems, then a running wheel is what both you and your cat need. 

With this running wheel, your cat will be occupied most of the time, so there’s no more pooping on the floor, peeing outside the litter box, scratching furniture, and similar inappropriate behaviors.

With this wheel, you can provide your kitty with what it needs and wants. You can keep them busy with this toy and trigger their hunting instinct.

As you can see, the cat running wheel has a lot of benefits for your cat, and in addition to that, you won’t have to take your kitty to the vet as often as before because it will have a healthy and fit life by being active and burning calories.

Useful Tips For Buying A Cat Running Wheel

cat legs on running wheel

• You should look for a cat running wheel that will be perfect for your cat’s size – if you’re about to introduce the running wheel to your cat for the first time, then you should pay attention to its size so that your kitty feels comfortable there. 

There are many different types of running wheels. So, if you own a larger cat breed such as Maine Coon, or if you have an overweight cat, make sure you look for a large-sized cat wheel.

• Pay attention to the noise level – if you’re buying a cat running wheel for the first time, you should know that some types can be extremely loud. So, if you want to create a calm environment and still provide your kitty with enough activity, then you should look for wheels that are made of materials that reduce noise. 

That way, your cat can perform its activities on the wheel without being scared of the noise.

• Location of the cat running wheel – it’s crucial to choose the right location for the wheel. You should know that this cat toy isn’t small and that it requires space. So, if you have a smaller home, then you should look for a smaller wheel. 

Additionally, ensure you put the wheel in a place that is accessible but still with a bit of privacy.

• What your cat wants – before buying a cat running wheel, it’s essential to think about your cat. If you have an energetic and active feline friend who requires a lot of exercise, then a cat running wheel is the perfect thing to buy for your cat. 

Still, if you have a lazy cat breed that enjoys lying around chilling most of the day, then this toy isn’t something that will cheer them up. If your kitty needs a running wheel for weight loss, then you should buy a suitable one and also train the cat to use it properly.

• Choose the best material – every cat owner wants to buy quality materials, and it’s the same with cat toys. There are many different wheel types that are made of different materials. Most cat owners, including me, suggest wheels made of natural wood. 

The structure of these wheels is much more stable and firm, and the best thing of all is that wooden wheels aren’t noisy. Still, some owners recommend plastic ones as they’re more affordable.

Training Your Cat To Use The Running Wheel

• Slowly introduce the cat to the wheel – cats don’t really like new things or changes in their environment, and this toy isn’t unnoticeable. Therefore, your cat mig​​ht need some time to explore and accept the new thing in its environment. Don’t push the cat but instead, give it some time to get used to the wheel.

• Reward the positive behavior – When your cat starts climbing on the wheel and exploring even more, then it’s time to reward the cat’s behavior. So, every time the cat approaches the wheel, you should reward it by giving it its favorite treat, petting it, or something similar. 

With these things, you’ll encourage the cat to use the wheel, and you’ll also reassure it that the toy is completely okay and doesn’t represent anything dangerous.

• Use a catnip – if your cat doesn’t seem interested in the cat wheel as it doesn’t know what it is, then you can try using catnip. Cats adore catnip, so if you sprinkle a bit of catnip on the wheel, your kitty will probably run to it and start investigating.

• Don’t force the cat – you should never push the cat as that may lead to a completely different reaction.

Final Words On Cat Running Wheel

fat cat on running wheel

If you ask me, then a cat running wheel is definitely something that every cat owner should get. 

It’s a big cat toy that provides your feline friend with a lot of exercises to keep them in good health condition and body shape, but it also keeps them mentally active and entertained. 

Therefore, this product is highly beneficial for our feline friends. It’s great for energetic cats who live indoors but also for those who need to lose some weight.

Nowadays, there are many different cat running wheels on the market, and your job is to choose the best one for your feline friend.

Because of that, this article provides you with a useful guide on what to look for when buying a cat running wheel. Besides that, it also provides you with the best cat running wheels that I’ve tried for my cats and those that many cat owners usually recommend.

Your kitty may not start using the wheel immediately; therefore, you need to encourage it somehow. So, worry not because I have covered that too by providing you with the best tips on how to train your cat to use a cat wheel.

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