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Cat Drinking Christmas Tree Water – Should You Be Worried?

Cat Drinking Christmas Tree Water – Should You Be Worried?

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Sometimes, I think that cats like the Christmas season more than we do. It’s the period when we decorate our homes, put up Christmas trees, and similar things, and our feline friends enjoy these sparkly things.

However, the Christmas season may be a nightmare for many cat owners. For example, most cat owners think that it’s ok that cats drink Christmas tree water, but you should be very careful because it can be extremely dangerous.

So, if you want to learn more about why and how to stop them from doing that, keep reading!

A Cat Drinking Christmas Tree Water – Is It Normal?

the cat is sitting on the Christmas tree

During the most wonderful time of the year, the Christmas season, cats just don’t seem to stop making a mess.

It’s easy to clean up the mess, however, during the Christmas season, our cats are also more prone to injuries and accidents than ever, therefore, they need your full attention.

They’re surrounded by the Christmas tree and decorations that attract their attention, and not everything is safe for them. For example, pine needles, Christmas lights, tinsel, ornaments, but also the water that is meant to keep the Christmas tree fresh.

Some plants may be very toxic for our cats, for example, mistletoe, but what about the water from the Christmas tree stand? Let’s find out!

Can Cats Drink Water From The Christmas Tree Stand?

If you choose a real tree as a Christmas decoration, you should keep it in water with special additives to keep the tree fresh during the season. The water in the tree trunk contains preservatives that allow the tree to live longer.

The preservatives in the water are often dextrose and fertilizers that can be poisonous to cats. Moreover, the water is also toxic because these trees are sprayed with fire retardants.

However, maybe they won’t experience any side-effects if they take a small sip; the cat’s condition will depend on how much water it ingests.

Moreover, pine needles often fall from the pine trees into the water, which may also be risky if your kitty accidentally ingests them, especially if pesticides were used on the tree before you got it.

So, maybe your kitty won’t experience any negative side effects after a small sip and realizing that the water isn’t good. However, there’s a chance of serious consequences that require special help from a veterinarian.

If you want to solve this problem and keep your kitty away from the Christmas tree and avoid possible accidents, keep reading to find out what you can do.

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Will Cats Drink Christmas Tree Water?

Cats have an extraordinary sense of smell which enables them to recognize toxic things, so after sniffing a certain thing, they’ll decide whether it’s good or bad for them.

As previously mentioned, Christmas tree water usually contains preservatives and additives that can be highly toxic for felines. That leads to the question, will cats drink Christmas tree water if it contains these chemicals?

It all depends on the individual cat. Some cats will sniff and leave the water, but some may try drinking it. 

What Can Happen If A Cat Drinks Christmas Tree Water?

As oils and chemicals that can be found in Christmas tree water (to help the tree stay fresh and alive) are toxic for cats, they may face serious consequences.

So, by drinking the water from the Christmas tree, which contains various chemicals, cats may experience the following symptoms:

• Vomiting

• Diarrhea

Mouth irritation

Although rare, sometimes water may contain bacteria or fungi, which may result in upset stomach and bacterial infections in cats.

Moreover, real pine trees shed pine needles which may also be dangerous for cats. They may also be very toxic if they were previously treated with insecticides. If a cat ingests a pine needle, it may result in:

• Obstruction

• Vomiting

• Digestive problems/Gastrointestinal irritation.

Besides water, you should also pay special attention to Christmas decorations, such as tinsel. 

Tinsel is the worst of them all. Most cats are attracted to tinsel and may ingest it accidentally while playing with it, which may end badly. 

The reason for this is that tinsel won’t break down in the cat’s digestive tract, which means that it may get stuck in its intestines and lead to death.

So, it’s better to avoid putting up tinsel and similar things that may be deadly for your feline friend rather than taking a risk.

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How To Stop Cats Drinking Christmas Tree Water?

the cat walks around the Christmas tree

If you have problems with your feline friend who won’t stop drinking Christmas tree water, worry not – I’ve got several solutions for you that once were helpful to me.

Although a small sip of that water won’t harm your cat, it’s better to avoid getting your cat used to drinking the water. So, here are some things that were helpful in my case. 

Use Artificial Christmas Trees

Even though pine trees look more realistic as a Christmas decoration, an artificial tree will be a much safer option for you as a cat owner, but also for everyone else, as you don’t need to clean a lot under it.

With the artificial tree, you won’t have to worry about pesticides or other toxic chemicals, Christmas tree needles that may harm your kitty’s digestive system, or even water that may be poisonous for them.

Clean Around The Christmas Tree Often

This advice won’t be very helpful as it’s not a permanent solution. However, to prevent your cat from ingesting pine needles, you should vacuum at least once a day to get rid of pine needles under the tree. 

The water still has easy access. Because of that, it’s best to combine this advice with redirecting your cat’s attention. 

So, every time your cat tries to reach the Christmas tree water, you should redirect its attention by providing it with favorite toys or play, food, or a delicious treat.

Don’t forget to reward the good and acceptable behavior so that your kitty can understand what is good behavior and what isn’t.

Use Your Imagination

If you want to prevent your cat from drinking Christmas tree water, then all you need is aluminum foil or a plastic bag and a bit of imagination and creativity.

This is the fastest solution. Just use these things to cover the tree trunk, and then you can use different things to decorate it, so that it can be both effective and beautiful.

Use A Tree Stand Cover

Probably, the best solution for this problem, which is why I saved it for last, is a full Christmas tree stand cover that completely covers the base of the tree so your kitty won’t be able to get to the water anymore.

Not only is this very useful, but you can also choose between different models and select the one that will be the perfect decoration for the Christmas tree and a cover that keeps the cat away from the toxic water.

So, keep reading and check out some of these covers:

1. Glitzhome Red Metal Santa Belt Decorative Tree Stand Cover

Glitzhome Red Metal Santa Belt Decorative Tree Stand Cover

Made of sturdy steel

Unique and interesting design

Comes with 3 string lights and 21 bulbs

This cover will amaze you, I’m sure. It has an interesting design that presents a unique and amazing Christmas tree decoration. What makes the cover even more interesting is that it comes with 3 string lights and 21 bulbs.

Moreover, the cover is very easy to install, it’s made of high quality, durable materials, so it should have a long lifespan.

2. Glitzhome Wooden Tree Stand Cover

Glitzhome Wooden Tree Stand Cover

Available in a variety of colors and sizes

Easy assembly

Made of best wooden material

This beautiful tree cover with amazing messages is a perfect decoration for your Christmas tree that will help you keep your furry friends away from the tree.

The cover is made of the best wooden material and it comes in a variety of different colors and sizes; therefore, the prices are different for each cover.

Still, this cover is very easy to install, and it’ll definitely be a perfect home decoration giving it a really warm and rustic feeling.

3. The Lakeside Collection Galvanized Metal Christmas Tree Ring

This Christmas tree ring is affordable, but it’s very versatile, which means that it can easily blend in any type of environment, even though it’s available in one color only.

Not only is this ring a perfect Christmas decoration that you can always decorate even more the way you want, but it also serves the purpose – keeping the cat away from the Christmas tree water.

4. Putuo Decor Christmas Decor Tree Stand Cover

Putuo Decor Christmas Decor Tree Stand Cover

Easy assembly

Made of quality metal material

Fits most kinds of trees

This amazing alternative to a tree skirt is great and useful tree decoration. It perfectly keeps the cat away from the christmas tree and water, but it also serves as an amazing Christmas decoration.

The best thing about this cover is that it’s made of top-quality metal material, and it fits most tree types.

Moreover, you can choose between four different colors and patterns so that the cover perfectly fits your Christmas decorations and the entire home.

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What Else Can You Do To Keep The Cat Away From The Christmas Tree?

the cat is lying next to the Christmas tree

Cats drinking Christmas tree water is one of the many problems for cat parents during this season. So, if you wish to keep your kitty away from the Christmas tree, then here is some advice on what you should do.

• Put ornaments higher up on the Christmas tree – what attracts our cats the most are sparkly decorations such as ornaments. So, by putting them higher on the tree, cats may give up as they cannot reach the ornaments.

• Use citrus fruit on the Christmas tree – cats detest the smell of citrus fruits, which can be helpful in cases like these. Your cat will avoid the tree, and you’ll enjoy the beautiful citrus aromas in your home.

• Make a cat-proof spray – you can use certain things that cats don’t like the smell of and mix them with water. That spray will keep your kitty away from the Christmas tree, just ensure you spray at least once a day.

• Protect the tree – try using a cat fence or similar things that will help you keep the cat away from the tree. That way, your kitty won’t be able to drink the water, touch the ornaments, or climb on the tree.

• Use vinegar and pine cones – cats don’t really like the smell of pine, so when you spray vinegar on the pinecones, that may be very effective in keeping the cat away from the tree.

• Use bell ornaments lower on the tree – this way, you’ll hear your kitty every time it approaches the tree or tree water, so you can react right away.

If you feel like it’s too complicated and you want other easier solutions, then you should look for cat-friendly Christmas trees to spare you these nightmares.

These trees will keep the holiday season in your home but also spare you trouble and worrying about your furry friend.

Although your cat may not be satisfied with not being able to do what it wants, you don’t have to be sorry because at least you know that your kitty is safe.

In Conclusion

When you notice your cat drinking Christmas tree water, you should react immediately in order to prevent further problems.

The main reason is that Christmas tree water is toxic and poisonous because it contains various additives and chemicals that are harmful to our feline friends.

Cats should be okay after one sip, however, if they drink that water constantly, they may face severe consequences.

Some cats won’t like the smell of the water and won’t drink it, but some cats will like it. Therefore, your job is to keep your kitty safe and healthy, so you need to prevent that from happening again.

This article provides you with some solution ideas that can be helpful to many pet parents as they were for me. By following these tips, you’ll have a merry little Christmas without any CATastrophes.

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