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Become A Better Cat Paw-rent With The Following Tips

Become A Better Cat Paw-rent With The Following Tips

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Meow everyone (in a soft and high-pitched cat voice)! We are the Anne’s 7 furbabies: Freddie, Mikey, Tom, Mr. Bitey, Suzy, Penny, and Loo, and we have a question for you. 

Did you know that cats are the second most popular pets in the USA? According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are almost 6 million cat pets in the USA. See, we’re not so bad after all.

Anne finally let us talk, so we decided to reveal a few cat secrets and help you become a better cat paw-rent. This is your chance to find out more about our behavior that might confuse you sometimes, so are you in?

#1 Cat Paw-renting Is A Lifetime Commitment 

cute cat sleeping

Hi, I’m Tom and I would like to help you prepare yourself for your future furbaby. Me and my feline gang are very lucky to have Anne. She’s such a good, loving, and patient parent. But, after reading this article, I’m sure you will be too. 

The most important thing to remember is that cat parenting is not a joke but a lifetime commitment. After all, owners choose their cats. Cats don’t usually choose… okay, everyone except Freddie. He literally followed Anne to her home, but what can I say, we still accepted him. 

When choosing your new cat friend, consider your lifestyle and finances because we may be needy sometimes. So, choose the cat that suits your lifestyle the best. My suggestion is: adopt, don’t shop! You won’t regret it.

#2 Entertain Us Or Leave Us Alone

cat sitting outdoor

Hello cat lovers, I’m Penny and I’m a very playful kitty, except when I’m not, haha! Before you get a cat, you should prepare everything for its arrival. I remember when I came to Anne’s house, I already had my own litter box, food, and water bowl, so make sure your cat has its own too. 

I hope you don’t expect your cats to use the same litter box or bowls. Would you share your glass or plate with someone else? No, I don’t think so. If your kitty starts showing some behavior problems, maybe that’s the reason why.

All cats need different toys and things to keep us entertained, and help us burn off excess energy. However, once we start pawing at you, know that playtime is over and that we want to be alone. Worry not, your future kitty will let you know once it feels playful again. 

#3 Learn Our Body Language

ginger cat looking up

My name is Mr. Bitey, and I believe you can guess what I do best. My intention is not to hurt anyone; I simply nibble Anne to express my needs, such as when I want her attention or when I feel playful, and she knows that. Guess who feels playful most of the time? Guilty, haha. 

Meowover, I need to check whether Anne was with other animals. In case she was, I need to rub as closely as I can against her to cover her in my scent. I do that just to let her know that she cannot hang out with other animals. 

I mean, there are 7 of us, isn’t that enough?

So, I have to follow her everywhere and meow softly to say how much I missed her, especially if she’s busy. She’s my favorite person, and I hope you’ll be the favorite of your future feline friend too.

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#4 Spay/Neuter Us And Spare Us From Kitten Troubles

cat stretching on the floor

I’m Suzy, and I’m happy to help you become a responsible cat paw-rent with the following tips. Regardless of whether you get a male or female cat, for everyone’s sake, I suggest you spay or neuter your cat.

My previous family left me alone when I gave birth to 6 kittens. I was without food, water, or even a warm place to stay. I’m a very lucky cat because Anne found me. She took us in and when the kittens were old enough, she found them loving families. 

After that, she took me to the vet for a spay procedure. I was so scared but Anne was patient and loving. She explained to me that after the procedure I would be a healthy and happy cat. And she was right. From that day, there are no kittens or worries, just kitty paw-ties.

#5 Everything We Do Is For A Reason, So Don’t Be Mad

woman cuddling little kitten

I’m Loo, the youngest of Anne’s kitties. You probably wonder what I can do to help you when I’m so young, but hooman, you’d be surprised. My brothers and sisters are so old that they don’t even remember what it’s like to be young. So, I decided to take things into my own paws. 

I came to a family of six cats and I knew I needed to win them over. So, I like to entertain my sweet Anne and perform different tricks for her to show how agile and skillful I am. 

One of my favorite activities is jumping and resting on her shoulders after a good playtime. It’s a perfect place to rest and spend time with the person you love the most. But, when I’m in her lap, I like to purr and knead to show that I’m very happy. 

Most of all, I love how Anne is patient with all of us. As I’m very playful I often break things or push them from the counter out of curiosity, and she never gets mad. So, if your future kitty does something similar, please don’t be too harsh on it, I’m sure it didn’t do it intentionally.

#6 Feed Us Regularly Or Face The Consequences

cat meowing

My name is Mikey and I’m a food lover so I’ll share a few tips with you on the cat diet. First of all, we cats are creatures of routine, and once you create one don’t you dare try to change it. 

Serve breakfast on time or your future cat will wake you up early in the morning. 

Provide it with top-quality food that is suitable for its age. Sometimes, we meow loudly and stare at you while you’re eating but it’s only because we want to interact with you, and maybe help you finish your meal. 

Unfortunately, Anne never lets us eat her food; she says it’s very bad for us. If your new cat starts meowing a lot, following you, or behaving badly, the answer may be very simple – it’s hungry and you need to feed it.

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#7 Most Of Us Don’t Like Vet Visits But They’re Obligatory

white cat sitting outdoor

Freddie the cat at your service! I’m happy to help you get prepared for your future feline friend. If you plan on getting a cat, remember that you should take it to the vet regularly to make sure it receives the necessary vaccinations, deworming medications, and similar things.

I still remember my first vaccination… I was so scared so I hissed at everyone, but luckily it didn’t hurt and it was over sooner than I expected. After that, I even got a treat. See, vet visits aren’t that bad after all. 

As much as we don’t like vet visits, remember that they’re essential if you want your cat to be healthy

If you notice that your cat is scared, try comforting her like Anne was comforting me. She would take me in her arms, pet me, talk to me, and she would always give me my favorite treat that would make all my problems disappear. 

Finally, Stay Paw-sitive!

We hope that these tips will help you prepare for cat parenting and encourage you to learn more about cats to keep improving. 

Remember that understanding our behavior and body language is of great importance if you wish to bond with your future cat and make each meow-ment special. 

That would be all for now. Good luck with your new cat and come again to learn more fascinating things about cats and cat parenting. 

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