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Using Horse Pellets For Cat Litter – Is It Doable?

Using Horse Pellets For Cat Litter – Is It Doable?

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Perhaps you’re about to choose cat litter for the first time, or you are searching for the best option to switch to. No matter what stage you are at, I have done some research and tested out different types of horse pellets, so hopefully, my experience will help you choose!

I have six cats, so I go through a lot of cat litter every day! Using horse pellets for cat litter is definitely doable! Everything you need to know about using horse pellets for cat litter is discussed below.

Read on to check out the pros and cons, product recommendations based on my experience, and customer reviews, as well as a guide on how best to switch to this new type of litter. Let’s explore all the pros and cons of using horse pellets for cat litter.

Using Horse Pellets For Cat Litter

horse pellet in a white bag

Switching to horse pellets instead of regular clumping cat litter is a great idea as it is actually safer and more eco-friendly.

Normal clay litters aren’t easily disposed of, are typically very harmful to the environment, and can sometimes be a bad choice overall for kittens and cats – especially those with allergies.

If you’re considering switching to horse pellets, being more environmentally friendly, and having a cleaner, nicer-smelling litter box, you should definitely try it. Read on to learn everything you need to know!

Horse Pellets Explained

Horse pellets are small chunks of compressed wood fibers. People who own horses use horse pellets to cover horse stalls because wood pellets are extremely absorbent.

Horse pellets absorb moisture and are great at controlling odors. They can be bought in bulk, so they’re often cheaper than other types of cat litter. Horse pellets are also easier to clean than other clumping litter types.

These pellets are also bug-repellent, i.e. they won’t contain any bugs, germs, parasites, or bacteria that might be harmful to your beloved feline friend.

Are Horse Pellets Safe For Cats?

Generally, wood pellets for cat litter are perfectly safe for cats. Many cat owners are transitioning to horse pellets or are already using them instead of traditional cat litter.

Horse pellets are safe to use in the litter box, but remember that the wood fibers should be 100% natural wood since some wood pellets can contain harmful artificial additives. Always look for 100% natural wood fibers.

Look for kiln-dried equine pellets because these are generally safe and contain no phenols (which are harmful to the cat’s health, especially the liver). Make sure that the wood used in the horse pellets isn’t treated with any chemicals or harmful additives.

What About Kittens?

When it comes to the perfect type of litter, kittens differ from cats as they often try to munch on anything that comes their way. Generally, clay litters aren’t really the greatest option since their intestines can become blocked if they ingest clay litter.

With this in mind, horse pellets and wood pellet litter are safer; they are non-clumping, and they won’t cause an obstruction in your cat’s digestive system.

You still need to be careful because we don’t want our furry friends to be eating the cat litter, as any litter can upset our cats’ stomachs if they eat too much of it. Luckily, this isn’t something that happens often.

Pros & Cons Of Using Horse Pellets For Cat Litter

horse pellet in the spatula

By now, it’s pretty clear that horse pellets are safe to use as cat litter. As with every pet product, there are some advantages and disadvantages to it, so it is good that you’re doing your research before you make the purchase.

Let’s see whether or not switching to horse pellets is worth it…


1. Cheaper Prices

Horse bedding pellets are generally cheaper, especially if you have a place for storage, so you’re able to buy them in bulk.

There are many brands that sell 40-pound bags of animal bedding, but always make sure to get softwood pellets and not hardwood as it is better for your kitty’s paws.

2. Eco-Friendly

Horse pellets are eco-friendly and are generally better for the environment. They decompose faster than clumping clay litters, and they won’t pollute our beautiful environment. Most brands make their horse pellets from recycled wood, so that’s even better.

3. Dust-Free & Less Tracking

Wood-based horse pellets are cleaner because they’re dust-free and non-clumping. This is great as it means less tracking too. It also means no dust clouds when you’re pouring the litter into the litter pan.

There won’t be any dusty paw tracks around the house for you to investigate, but there will be less cleaning and more time to play!

4. No Harmful Additives

Horse pellets, and wood-based products in general, are an all-natural cat litter option that contains no artificial additives and fragrances, which is why it is a safer choice for cat litter.

This means sensitive cats won’t be irritated. Some types of wood also contain antibacterial properties, so they’re good at eliminating bad odors.


1. Non-Clumping

While wood litter is effective at absorbing moisture, it does not clump like ordinary cat litter. As a result, cleaning the filthy litter might be a little more difficult since it is so absorbent, particularly if you put it off for a few days.

2. Lacks In Odor Control

Baking soda is often used in cat litter products to reduce ammonia smells and other undesirable litter box scents. Horse bedding does not contain odor reducing ingredients.

Still, as long as you remove the solid waste from your cat’s litter box on a regular basis, odors should be minimal.

3. Depends On Cat’s Preference

When it comes to the sort of cat litter cats prefer to use, they may be picky. As a result, some cats may refuse to use a certain type of litter, and this can result in your cat avoiding the litter box completely.

4. There Might Be Allergies

Some cats and/or cat owners might be allergic to the type of wood horse pellets are made of. Keep an eye out for any unusual changes in your cat’s behavior or signs of allergies, such as runny eyes.

Transitioning From Regular Litter To Horse Pellets

It’s crucial to switch your cat to non-clay litter gradually in order to maximize your chance of success.

Some cats won’t like it, so the best way is to start by using one layer (about 1 inch) of horse pellets on the bottom of the litter box. Then use two inches of your regular kitty litter to cover it up.

If your cat continues to use the cat box, after a week, add two inches of horse pellet litter and one inch of the former cat litter. See how your cat reacts to the new texture. After about two weeks, you can make a complete switch to using horse pellets as cat litter.

You might need to repeat these steps a few times until your cat accepts the new texture in the litter box.

Cleaning The Litter Box

It does take a bit more time to clean the litter box when you go from using regular litter to horse pellets. The first thing you need to do when cleaning is to remove any solid waste.

Poop, i.e. feces, are especially harmful because of the parasites they contain, which can cause many health issues, especially in households with more than one cat.

Then, you need to remove any wet horse pellets. Using the scooper, scoop up and use a sifter so you can separate the unused chunks, i.e. the wet and the dry bits.

If you decide to transition to this type of litter, and your cat accepts it, it would be a good idea to get a sifting litter box and litter scoop.

Finally, there’s the disposal of the soiled litter. You can easily discard all the used pellets and any waste by either flushing them into the toilet or throwing it in the trash.

Product Recommendation

In my opinion, using horse pellets for cat litter is a great idea. Transitioning from regular cat litter types isn’t as easy as it sounds, but when you do it gradually, it usually works out fine.

Cats can be quite picky about their foods and favorite nap spots, so it’s not surprising that they can get choosy over the type of cat litter. I’ve got six cats, and believe me when I say, these horse pellets have been a great move for us.

I still use some of the pine pellet litter types, but I mix horse pellets in there too. I can certainly see the difference in my bank balance!. I’ve tried a few different horse bedding or animal bedding pellets, and the following is the one product I’ve stuck with.

Dry Den Pellet – Animal Bedding (40 lb bag)

Dry Den Pellets has been a great investment for me and my six little feline friends. At first, I wasn’t sure how my cats would react to the changes in their litter boxes, but once they accepted these new pellets, I couldn’t be happier.

I wouldn’t recommend Tractor Supply since it has a lot of bad reviews, and it’s often unavailable, whereas Dry Den Pellets can be found on Amazon with free shipping. The price is very low, especially as it is a 40-pound bag.

These pellets are made from quality materials and are proven to be healthy for both large and small animals. When you research a bit more, you will see that there are many other things you can use as a substitute for the usual expensive cat litter types; you can use sawdust, wood shavings, wood stove pellets, etc.

As a little DIY project for your cat’s litter box system, if you feel like trying horse pellets for cat litter but you’re not sure how your cat will react, it might be a good idea to start off by trying some natural pine pellets.

A Piece Of Advice

There are many different brands that produce wood-based pellets, like Feline Pine or Tidy Cats Breeze pine pellet cat litter. You can check out this article: Pros And Cons Of Using Wood Pellets For Cat Litter + Products and read all about using wood pellet cat litter.

If you get positive reactions to natural pine wood litter, you can try transitioning to cheaper horse pellets for cat litter. If you’re able to buy in bulk and store it, even better!

Horse pellets are easy to find. I’ve recommended this product which I tried because Amazon was the easiest shopping option at the beginning of Covid, so I bought cat food, cat litter, and various other supplies there.

However, horse pellets can even be found at your local Walmart or Home Depot.


✅ Highly absorbent

✅ Good for cat’s health

✅ Purchase availability

✅ Lower price than traditional cat litter


✅ Non-clumping

Final Words

That’s about it on using horse pellets for cat litter, I hope my brief review helps you in your decision-making process. I’ve tried different types, and if you’re unsure, you can experiment with various options too.

You can even try the combination of pine pellets and horse pellets like I’m doing now, maybe it will be your perfect litter combo!

If you’re lucky enough that your cat chooses horse pellets over the best cat litter possible, you’ll be in heaven! Using horse pellets for cat litter is cheaper, does a good job of masking odors, is easy to clean, easily disposed of, and it is good for the environment!

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