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200+ Best Cat Pokémon Names

200+ Best Cat Pokémon Names

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Pokémon was first released as a video game in 1996. Later came an anime series, collectable cards, and lots of memorabilia. It was the most popular Japanese franchise of that time.

With the Pokémon Go game and the movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu from 2019, the popularity of this cultural phenomenon has only grown.

Pokémons are actually animal-like creatures with different personalities and types. They come in all shapes and sizes, and most importantly, they transform into bigger and stronger versions.

There are many different Pokémon names, and each name usually suits the personality or character. The names are pretty catchy and interesting, especially the short ones, and they can be perfect for your new pet.

It’s important to mention that there are Pokémons that were inspired by cats, so perhaps one of these Pokémon names could be perfect for your cat.

So, if you’re a Pokémon fan and a cat lover with a new and unnamed cat, dip into the Pokémon world and find the best name for your furry friend!

How To Choose The Best Pokémon Cat Name For Your Feline

black cat kooking at camera

Among all these names, there are many suitable cat Pokémon names. So, you can choose one that you like, or you can adjust the name to suit your cat’s personality.

Gender – Not all Pokémons have specified gender, however, there are names that may feel more suitable for a male cat than a female, and vice versa. So, read on to find the best cat Pokémon names for both female and male cats.

Long names – you may like a Pokémon name that is too long and very difficult to use all the time. So, if you choose a long name, make sure that you can create a cool nickname out of it, which will be easier to use.

• Type of Pokémon – just as there are different Pokémon types, there are many different cats, with different personalities. So, you can try and match your new cat’s name with a particular Pokémon personality. For example, if your cat’s lovely and sweet, you could give her the name of a fairy-type Pokémon.

Cat Pokémon Names For A Male Cat

cat covering her head

Here are some of the names that may be most suitable for a male cat. Check it out!

🐾 Arbok

🐾 Arcanine

🐾 Aron

🐾 Articuno

🐾 Ash

🐾 Bagon

🐾 Bonsley

🐾 Brock

🐾 Burmy

🐾 Charmeleon

🐾 Diglett

🐾 Ekans

🐾 Farfetch’d

🐾 Feebas

🐾 Gastly

🐾 Geodude

🐾 Gloom

🐾 Golem

🐾 Grimer

cat grinning while sitting in garden

🐾 Grotle

🐾 Groudon

🐾 Growlithe

🐾 Gulpin

🐾 Gyarados

🐾 Haunter

🐾 James


🐾 Mankey

🐾 Meditite

🐾 Metapod

🐾 Mr. Mime

🐾 Nidoking

🐾 Nidoran

🐾 Onix

🐾 Rhydon

🐾 Slowbro

Cat Pokémon Names For A Female Cat

cat sitting in front of white background

Hopefully you’ll find the perfect name for your female feline in the following list!

🐾 Abra

🐾 Bellossom

🐾 Butterfree

🐾 Chansey

🐾 Chikorita

🐾 Clefa

🐾 Clefairy

🐾 Dawn

🐾 Ditto

🐾 Dratini

🐾 Eevee

🐾 Goldeen

🐾 Happiny

🐾 Ivysaur

🐾 Jesse

🐾 Jynx

🐾 Kakuna

cat sitting on carpet

🐾 Lapras

🐾 Mareep

🐾 Maril

🐾 Milotic

🐾 Misty

🐾 Nidoqueen

🐾 Nidorina

🐾 Ninetails

🐾 Nurse Joy

🐾 Paras

🐾 Poliwhirl

🐾 Rapidash

🐾 Rattata

🐾 Roselia

🐾 Sylveon

🐾 Tangela

The Most Adorable Cat Pokémon Names

cat sitting on floor

If you’re a Pokémon fan, wanting a cute cat name inspired by the cutest Pokémons, then it’s your lucky day! Here’s the list of the most adorable Pokémon names that you can give your cat!

🐾 Aipom

🐾 Caterpie

🐾 Celebi

🐾 Chikorita

🐾 Chimchar

🐾 Cubone

🐾 Dratini

🐾 Fletchling

🐾 Jigglypuff

🐾 Lolipup

🐾 Marill

🐾 Mew

🐾 Minccino

🐾 Oddish

🐾 Pichu

🐾 Pikachu

older cat sitting on floor

🐾 Piplup

🐾 Poliwag

🐾 Raichu

🐾 Slowking

🐾 Starmie

🐾 Teddiursa

🐾 Togepi

🐾 Torchic

🐾 Treecko

🐾 Vulpix

🐾 Wigglypuff

🐾 Woobat

Funny Cat Pokémon Names

cat sleeping in her bed

If you want to give your cat a different or unusual name with a dose of humor, the Pokémon world offers you the funniest Pokémon names for your cat!

🐾 Bidoof

🐾 Bulbasaur

🐾 Dewgong

🐾 Ditto

🐾 Froakie

🐾 Gastly

🐾 Gloom

🐾 Jigglypuff

🐾 Muk

🐾 Pumpkaboo

🐾 Smoochum

🐾 Snorlax

🐾 Snubbull

🐾 Sobble

🐾 Spoink

🐾 Squirtle

🐾 Totodile

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Best Cat Pokémon Names For A Fearless Cat

orange cat posing for camera

If you own a fearless or “wild” cat, the names of a fire-type Pokémon will definitely suit your cat the best.

Fire-type Pokémon are some of the most popular types, which make up 8% of the Pokédex. So, here are some of the most fierce names… check them out and see if there’s something that appeals to you!

🐾 Blaziken

🐾 Charmander

🐾 Cyndaquil

🐾 Entei

🐾 Flareon

🐾 Growlithe

🐾 Magby

🐾 Magma

🐾 Moltres

🐾 Pyroar

🐾 Rapidash

🐾 Tepig

🐾 Vulpix

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Best Cat Pokémon Names For A Lazy Cat

cat sleeping on bed with white sheets

If your cat’s the laziest creature ever to exist, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

There are Pokémon who are extremely lazy or sleepy all the time. So, if their personalities match, one of the following names could be ideal for your cat!

🐾 Abra

🐾 Drowzee

🐾 Komala

🐾 Krabby

🐾 Munchlax

🐾 Slaking

🐾 Slowbro

🐾 Slowpoke

🐾 Slugma

🐾 Snorlax

🐾 Wobbuffet

Villain Pokémon Names For A Cat

cat sleeping while sitting

Villain names are usually so much cooler than good-guy names. Choose the one you like the most and give it to your cat; just make sure your cat doesn’t take the name too seriously and become a bit of a villain!

🐾 Archer

🐾 Archie

🐾 Arlo

🐾 Butch

🐾 Cliff

🐾 Cyrus

🐾 Giovanni

🐾 James

🐾 Jesse

🐾 Lusamine

🐾 Marcus

🐾 Maxie

🐾 Sierra

🐾 Tabitha

The Most Legendary Pokémon Names

cat with green eyes

The legendary Pokemons are the rarest of them all. These characters are usually based on mythological critters.

They’re very difficult to find, and when you can find them it’s very hard to catch them. So, if this behavior reminds you of your cat, then they would definitely suit some of the names listed below.

🐾 Arceus

🐾 Articuno

🐾 Dialga

🐾 Entai

🐾 Giratina

🐾 Groudon

🐾 Ho-Oh

🐾 Jirachi

🐾 Kyogre

🐾 Latias (female)

🐾 Latios (male)

🐾 Lugia

🐾 Mew

🐾 Mewtwo

🐾 Moltres

🐾 Rayquaza

🐾 Suicune

🐾 Uxie

🐾 Zapdos

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Pokémon Characters Inspired By Cats

close shot of cat lying on floor

Espurr And Meowstic

Espurr is a psychic-type of pokemon which evolves into a different gender. It evolves into Meowstic; the male Meowstic is blue in color, while the female is white.

Glameow And Purugly

Glameow evolves into Purugly, and I think that the names say it all! Glameow is a glamorous cat which later evolves into a bigger fat cat. They’re classified as normal-types of Pokemons.

Litleo And Pyroar

Litleo is a lion-like Pokemon that undergoes a very interesting transformation. Litleo may evolve into a male or female Pyroar. Male Pyroar has a big mane just like a lion, while the female looks just like a lioness. This is a fire and normal type of Pokemon.

Litten, Torracat And Incineroar

Litten is one of the starter Pokémon. He’s a fire-type and later he evolves into Torracat, who looks more fierce than Litten. Finally, Torracat evolves into Incineroar which is basically a cat-man looking creature.

Meowth And Persian

These two are normal-types of Pokémon. Meowth is the most popular for being in Team Rocket and for being the only Pokémon that is able to speak English. Later, he evolves into Persian.

The newer version of Pokémon offers Alolan and Galarian versions of Meowth, which are more of a dark-type Pokémon. Alolan Meowth evolves into Alolan Persian, while Galarian Meowth evolves into Perrserker.

Purrloin And Liepard

Domestic Shorthair Gray Cat

With an amazing purple color and a very interesting shape, this fantastic Pokémon is one of the most beautiful Pokémon, even though it’s classified as a dark-type Pokémon.


Raikou is an electric-type of Pokémon. It’s similar to the saber-tooth tiger. It has thick fur, two big fangs, and a black face. Don’t forget, he’s very distrustful. This could be a great name for a shy, hard-to-tame cat.

Shinx, Luxio, And Luxray

This fantastic trio is another electric-type of Pokemon, inspired by a cat. As Shinx evolves, he looks tougher and tougher, especially when he reaches the final stage when he evolves into the black cat Luxray with a magnificent black mane.

Skitty And Delcatty

Skitty evolves into Delcatty, both of them are normal-type and definitely the cutest Pokemon ever, I mean, just look at them!

Solgaleo And Dusk Mane Necrozma

Solgaleo evolves into Dusk Mane Necrozma, and these are legendary Pokemons. He is steel and psychic-type. With this badass look and his incredible powers he is clearly legendary for a reason!


Suicune is one of the legendary Pokemons, with magnificent looks. It’s a water-type Pokemon that’s most similar to the panther.

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Cat-like Pokémon

grey cat posing for camera

The following Pokémon are not classified as cat-types because they’re not based solely on cats, but instead, they are based on a range of animals, for example, a cat, fox, and a dog. So, these are considered to be cat-like Pokémon:

🐾 Absol

🐾 Entei

🐾 Evee

🐾 Espeon

🐾 Flareon

🐾 Glaceon

🐾 Jolteon

🐾 Leafeon

🐾 Mew

🐾 Mewtwo

🐾 Munchlax

🐾 Sneasel

🐾 Snorlax

🐾 Sylveon

🐾 Umbreon

🐾 Vaporeon

🐾 Zangoose

🐾 Zeraora

Final Word

grey cat standing in front of grey background

So, if you have a new cat and don’t know what to name it, find something that you like and let it inspire you.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, this is your lucky day because I have provided you with some of the best cat pokemon names ever!

You can choose a name that you like, or you can find the perfect pokemon name to match your cat’s personality.

If you’re a Pokemon lover, you already know that there are lots of Pokemon inspired by cats, also called pokecats. So, maybe one of these names will catch your eye.

Either way, it’s always great to combine things that you love, so good luck with your decision!

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