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Family Installs A Cat Door Next To Their Doggy Door So Their Dog’s Stalker Can Come In

Family Installs A Cat Door Next To Their Doggy Door So Their Dog’s Stalker Can Come In

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We’re all familiar with the experience of dealing with a nosy neighbor who drops by, particularly when they don’t seem to understand that their visits are bothersome or that coming over every day isn’t appropriate. 

Yet, as with all things in life, there are exceptions to this rule…

A gray-and-white furry visitor is always a delightful exception! This cat makes daily visits to his canine neighbor’s home, no matter if it’s sunny or raining. Each day, without fail, he comes to spend time with Hilarie’s dog.

This cat not only waits at their front door but also shows no fear of them or their two dogs. Initially, he began by visiting their home, and then he progressed to joining them on their daily neighborhood walks. 

It’s quite the display of boldness – almost like having a very forward stalker!

dog and cat in a walk
Credit: YouTube

Hilarie is unsure of the cat’s origins; he simply emerges from the bushes and joins them, always greeting one of her dogs as if they’re best friends.

“When he joins us for the walk, oftentimes he goes out in the front like he’s the leader.”

dogs and cat outdoor
Credit: YouTube

After inquiring with the neighbors, Hilarie discovered that the cat is named Oliver. Oliver has a particular fondness for Hilarie’s dog, Gunny, and the feeling appears to be mutual. 

Each day, as soon as they step outside to start their walk, Gunny and Oliver eagerly look for one another.

“When they greet, Oliver makes sure to touch Gunny with his tail. Some people call those cat hugs.”

stalker brings dogs and cat in a walk
Credit: YouTube

Soon, Oliver began to come inside their house. Gunny always waits by the door for Oliver. Hilarie couldn’t keep opening the door for them, so she put in a small door just for Oliver. She says:

“We ended up installing a little cat door in the screen next to the dog door so that he can come and go.”

cat trying to get in the house
Credit: YouTube

Oliver often comes in to take a nap. He’s made himself at home, trying out every blanket, bed, and surface in the house until he finds the perfect spot for his little nap.

cat enjoying the couch
Credit: YouTube

From time to time, they find him in the kitchen sink, drinking water to stay hydrated.

cat drinks water from the tap
Credit: YouTube

After joining in on their daily walks, Oliver noticed that the dogs receive a treat upon returning home. Naturally, he wondered why he shouldn’t enjoy a well-deserved treat too. 

Left with no choice, Hilarie began buying cat treats. Now, Oliver also receives his treat alongside the dogs.

cat playing with toy
Credit: YouTube

Oliver has become a member of their family, although he’s a unique one who moves in and out at his leisure. He’s like a relative who lives across the street, amusingly enough! 

cat peeking through the door
Credit: YouTube

I’ve heard of cats showing up at doors in search of a mate, but this situation is truly one of a kind. Have you ever encountered anything similar?

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