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Flame Point Siamese Cat – 18 Questions Answered!

Flame Point Siamese Cat – 18 Questions Answered!

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Flame Point Siamese cats are extremely rare to find so if you’ve ever seen one or you’re the proud owner of one – you’re very lucky! I have been around cats all my life and I’ve seen a ton of them – but never a flame point Siamese.

Flame Point Siamese cats have a characteristic creamy white body, while their ears, face, paws, and tail are pale orange in color. Their name is a bit misleading – they don’t have any red color, but like all Siamese cats, their personalities may be fiery!

They are considered one of the most beautiful breeds of cats, and I’m sure all of us can agree on that. Their blue eyes and magnificent coat color make them one of the most in-demand cat breeds out there.

However, there is much more to them than just their majestic looks – they have grand and unique personalities that many people find very appealing.

If you want to find out more about these cats, such as why many organizations don’t consider them an official breed, their ancestry, and why they’re completely white at birth – I suggest you keep on reading!

Flame Point Siamese Cat: 18 Questions & Answers

Flame Point Siamese walking

Here are some of the common questions that people ask about the flame point Siamese cat, and simple answers.

1. What Color Is A Flame Point Siamese?

Purebred Flame Point Siamese cats are characterized by off white-bodies and red (but not actually red, more like orange) ears, face, tail, and paws.

The ‘points’ of the point flame cats are are light orange or a warm cream color.

The flame point pattern can also be observed in other cat breeds (such as Himalayan or Persian cat), so being a Flame Point is not exclusive to Siamese cats. Flame Point is an extremely rare color pattern for all cat breeds.

This exact coloration of the Siamese cat is not recognized by most cat registries around the World but they are often regarded as colorpoint shorthair cats. Why? Read on to find out!

2. How Rare Is A Flame Point Siamese Cat?

The Flame Point Siamese is not a cat you’ll see very often. It is probably the rarest kind of Siamese cat. There isn’t any statistical data on it, but it is well-known that they are VERY rare.

Why Are Flame Point Siamese Cats So Rare?

It’s all because of their coloring – Flame Point cats are very rarely seen in any cat breed, making them very interesting and unique for many cat lovers. Flame Point cats are hard to breed as the Red Flame color is difficult to achieve. Even the most experienced breeders have issues breeding cats with this Flame Point coloring.

Breeders were ultimately successful in creating a Red Point Siamese cat in the 1930s. It took several years and multiple attempts to achieve it, but eventually the breeders succeeded and these cats continue to be bred today.

3. What’s The Size Of A Red Point Siamese Cat?

All Siamese cats (no matter their pattern or color) are medium-sized cats.

Adult Weight8-13 lbs
Adult Height12 inches
Adult Weight5-9 lbs
Adult Height12 inches

As you can see, male Flame Point Siamese are larger than female Flame Point Siamese cats. This is true for all Siamese cats, no matter the type.

4. What Is A Flame Point Siamese Cat’s Eye Color?

cute Flame Point Siamese cat

Flame Point Siamese cats tend to have lovely blue eyes.

Siamese cats are known to have blue eyes almost exclusively, and so do Flame Point Siamese cats. Of course, there are various shades, from a piercing light blue to a deep sapphire blue.

Some Siamese cats can have a little bit of gray or green in their eye color, but any other eye color apart from blue means an immediate elimination from most cat shows.

5. What Kind Of Fur Does A Flame Point Siamese Cat Have?

With Siamese cats, you don’t have to worry about shedding!

Flame Point Siamese Cats are short-haired cats with no undercoat. They don’t shed a lot and their coat is close to their bodies.

Their fur is glossy and soft (with proper maintenance of course).

6. How Does The Color Of A Flame Point Siamese Cat Develop?

The color development of Siamese cats is a really interesting topic, and the development of the Flame Point color is a very unique process.

Flame Point Siamese kittens are born completely white! Their flame color starts developing after they’re one week old. After the first week, their fur starts getting darker at certain areas – on the ears, face, tail and paws.

Why Does The Flame Color Start Developing Only After The First Week?

This is all down to a gene called the Himalayan gene. Because of it, only areas of the body that are lower in temperature (the so called ‘tips’ of the body – ears, face, tail, and paws) get darker. Production of the pigment known as melanin occurs only at lower temperatures.

Higher temperatures make pigment-production impossible, so the rest of the cat’s body – the parts that are warmer – has no pigment, so it remains completely white.

For example, kittens are born white because in their mothers womb it’s warm, so no pigment is produced at all at that stage!

Areas such as the ears, face, tail, and paws are naturally a bit colder than the rest of the body, and this lower temperature allows pigment to be deposited and thus only these areas of the body have color.

7. What Is The Personality of A Flame Point Siamese Like?

Flame Point Siamese looking up

Flame Point Siamese cats have the same personality traits as any other Siamese cat. It’s important to note that their outer appearance has no influence on the cat’s personality.

Siamese cats are very adventurous and will explore every little corner of your home. They are all about attention – if they feel like they’re not getting enough of it, they will surely let you know with their loud meows!

However, they are also very loyal and loving, and will gladly be your life-long companions.

Siamese cats have a high level of intelligence. They absolutely enjoy playtime and they get along with all family members and other cats, but might be a bit shy with strangers.

Considering their high intelligence, these cats can be trained. They only need a little bit of positive reinforcement (aka treats!) and they’ll quickly learn everything you’re trying to teach them!

When it comes to temperament, male Flame Point Siamese cats are known to be more laid back, while females are a bit more hot-headed. Male Flame Point cats also outnumber females by a lot, which is very unusual in the cat world, but also a fun fact about these cats!

8. Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Talkative?

Oh, they definitely are!

Just like all Siamese cats, Flame Point Siamese cats do not shy away from expressing their feelings, demanding attention and making sure the entire household knows about their presence!

These chatty cats are infamous for their meows, which are… quite special. They’re not your usual calm and loving meows – they’re rather loud and low-pitched. Some people dislike their meows, as they’re often compared to the sound of a baby crying.

Siamese cats meow when:

🐾 they’re bored

🐾 they want attention

🐾 they need human interaction

🐾 they’re trying to tell you something

Siamese cats are more talkative than most cat breeds for one reason – they’re more sociable than most cat breeds. That’s why they like and need human interaction. A lack of stimulation leads to very loud meows spreading throughout the house.

9. Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Friendly?

Flame Point Siamese lying on carpet

Yes, they definitely are!

Siamese cats, in general, enjoy human interaction very much. They are very friendly towards people and pets. This makes them amazing family pets!

One thing must be noted: It’s very important to socialize cats when they’re just young kittens. If a kitten does not learn how to interact and play well with other pets and people – that will translate into problems during their adulthood.

Siamese cats might be a bit shy at first when getting to know new people and pets. But after a short time getting used to them, they’ll be ready for playtime!

10. Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Clingy?

Yup, they are!

All Siamese cats are known for being very fond of their owners and other members of the household (but especially their owners). They enjoy and need human company and cuddles daily. Siamese cats form a strong bond with those they love, and that can translate into them being a little bit clingy.

They need constant attention and mental stimulation, so naturally cat owners have the job of providing this to them. This might be a bit challenging if the owner is not used to it, but it’s just their personality.

It’s not just Siamese cats who like a lot of attention. There are other cat breeds also known for being clingy, such as the Sphynx, Abyssinian, Persian, and some others. So it’s not that out of the ordinary that Siamese cats are so very fond of their owners.

11. Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Aggressive?

They are not naturally aggressive. There is no perfectly calm cat, so the occasional aggressive outburst may be common for all cat breeds.

Reasons for unwanted behavior in a cat may include:

🐾 Jealousy

Siamese cats are very attached to their owners, so it might be possible for a cat to get a bit jealous when its owner is petting or cuddling another cat.

🐾 Lack of attention

If the owner (or other members of the household) of the Siamese cat is not providing them with enough attention, that might be a reason for a small outburst.

🐾 Being territorial

All cats are territorial, but the Siamese breed is known to be a bit more territorial than most other cat breeds. If your Siamese feels like their territory is being threatened, aggressive behavior might be observed.

🐾 Routine change

Cats are creatures of routine and they don’t like major changes. Moving into a new home, introducing a new pet, or changes in mealtimes are possible causes of a cat’s hostile behavior.

Do not worry – the Flame part of the name Flame Point Siamese has nothing to do with these beautiful cats being aggressive!

12. Do Flame Point Siamese Cats Need To Be Groomed?

Flame Point Siamese walking outside

Yes, they do.

Flame Point Siamese cats have the same coat as all Siamese cats. Their fur is short and they don’t shed a lot.

Of course, that does not mean they shouldn’t be groomed. Their coat needs to be brushed weekly, so all loose hairs are removed and the coat looks nice and glossy.

13. What Is The Lifespan Of A Flame Point Siamese?

The Flame Point Siamese cat’s lifespan is 15-20 years, and some even live above the age of 20!

Of course, high-quality cat food, physical activity, and good health care plays a huge role in the lifespan of any cat.

14. Do Flame Point Siamese Cats Have Health Problems?

Siamese cats are not known for having any special health issues and are considered a very healthy cat breed. This can be observed in their higher than average lifespan.

Of course, their longevity doesn’t mean they have no health issues. Siamese cats have a higher rate of the following health problems:

🐾 Feline hyperesthesia syndrome

This is a condition characterized by highly increased sensitivity of a certain area on a cat’s skin (usually on their back).

🐾 Respiratory issues

Respiratory issues are commonly observed in all cat breeds, and can be caused by bacteria or viruses.

🐾 Heart issues

There are many different types of heart issues a cat can have, and they can be inherited (genetic) or acquired.

🐾 Amyloidosis

This is a disease characterized by abnormal accumulation of proteins at different sites in the body.

🐾 Feline asthma

Cats with asthma have difficulty breathing and commonly display symptoms such as wheezing, breathing through their mouth, and coughing.

🐾 Retinal atrophy

This is a disease which affects the eye cells and leads to progressive loss of vision.

🐾 Hip dysplasia

This is characterized by the presence of a deformed hip joint.

🐾 Pica disorder

Pica disorder is characterized by a cat’s craving to lick, chew and eat things that are not food – such as blankets, toys, or paper, for example.

15. Where Did The Flame Point Siamese Cat Come From?

Flame Point Siamese sitting by window

Let’s first start by finding out where the Siamese cat originated.

Siam is the former name of the country we now call Thailand. The name was changed in 1939. As you can guess, the Siamese cat originated from Thailand. There, these cats were very respected and protected by law. They used to live in temples and were even considered to be sacred. Their export to other countries was banned but, as you can see, the ban did not stop people from exporting this cat in the 19th century. The Siamese cat can now be found everywhere.

So where did the Flame Point Siamese cat come from?

The flame point variation of the Siamese cat was the highly sought after goal of many cat breeders. They eventually succeeded in the 1930’s and this cat has been one of the most desired cat breeds ever since.

16. How Do You Make A Flame Point Siamese?

Siamese cats are naturally:

🐾 Seal Point

🐾 Blue Point

🐾 Chocolate Point

🐾 Lilac Point

Now you might be wondering: Where did a Red Point Siamese cat come from?

A purebred Siamese female was crossed with an American Shorthair red tabby male. A few of their offspring had red points and white bodies. Essentially, the points got orange due to the presence of ‘red genes’ from the American Shorthair, being an orange tabby cat.

Of course, the kittens retained their mother’s blue eyes and these are a key characteristic of the Siamese cat. Now all Red Point Siamese cats have blue eyes as well.

17. How Much Does A Flame Point Siamese Cat Cost?

sitting on table

Flame Point cats are very rare and cannot be easily found in any cat breed. As you can expect, that makes them very unique and in-demand by many cat lovers.

You can expect to pay anywhere up to (or in rare cases even more than) $2500 for a Flame Point Siamese cat.

These cats are the rarest of all types of purebred Siamese cats, and their price reflects that.

The price of a Flame Point Siamese cat depends on whether you’re buying from a reputable breeder or not, the cat’s age, the cat’s pedigree, and how rare they are in that region (whether there are any other breeders selling them nearby).

18. What Does The Cat Fanciers Association Think About The Flame Point Siamese Cat?

Cat Fanciers Association recognizes 45 cat breeds. The Siamese cat was one of the first cat breeds to be recognized when this organization was first founded.

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) recognize four Siamese colors and those are:

1. Seal point

When it comes to seeing a pointed Siamese cat in person, you have the highest chance of seeing a Seal point Siamese.

2. Blue point

Blue coat is a diluted version of the seal coat color, their coat has a bluish undertone.

3. Chocolate point

These are a paler version of seal points, meaning their colors are not as intense

4. Lilac point

Lilac is a diluted version of the chocolate coat color. Lilac point Siamese cats are the lightest version of the Siamese cat

All official cat organizations recognize these four colorations. ~When it comes to official recognition of other colors, it depends from one organization to another organization.

The International Cat Association allows a wide range of Siamese cat colors as well as the four main ones.

How Come The Flame Point Siamese Is Not CFA Recognized?

close shot of Flame Point Siamese

The Cat Fanciers Association does not recognize outcrossed cats. Those are cats made by mating a cat of one breed with a cat of another breed with the goals of introducing new features in one cat breed.

The Flame Point Siamese was created using a Siamese female and an American Shorthair male. That’s why the CFA (and many other cat registries) recognize them as mixed breeds or colorpoint shorthair cats.

Other types of Siamese cats the CFA does not recognize include:

1. Tabby Point Siamese Cats

You can expect a Tabby Point Siamese cat to have one of the following colors: Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Red, Cinnamon, Fawn, Cream, Lilac, Orange Tabby or Red Tabby.

They’re also sometimes called Lynx Points.

2. Tortie Point Siamese Cats

These cats may have the following colors: Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Cinnamon, Fawn and Lilac

3. Regular Point Siamese Cat

You may see these cats in Red/ Flame/ Orange, Cinnamon, Cream, or Fawn color.

As you can see, Red Point Siamese cats belong to this third group of cats that are not recognized officially by the CFA.

Final Thoughts

Flame Point Siamese kitten

Apart from the Flame Point Siamese’ distinctive coat color and big blue eyes, they also have a very charming personality. Their cry-for-attention meows might get a little bit annoying – but it’s all quickly forgiven because they are also so loving!

They get along well with people and other pets, are very tolerant (which is perfect for homes with children) and they are very intelligent.

You will not be able to find a Flame Point Siamese easily, as it is a very rare breed. Many people are intrigued by them and it’s hardly surprising as they have a unique, majestic look.

According to most cat registries, Red Point Siamese cats fall into the group of mixed breeds. This is because Flame Point Siamese cats were made by crossing a Siamese cat and an American Shorthair cat.

None of us cat-lovers really care how they’re classified – all that matters is that they’re alive and well and continue to bring joy to their owners and other household members!

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