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Brave Mother Cat Gives Her All To Keep Her Kitten Safe And Well-Fed

Brave Mother Cat Gives Her All To Keep Her Kitten Safe And Well-Fed

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It’s heartbreaking that every day there are more homeless and pregnant cats out there, who have nothing to eat or survive on. Yet, some cats, or should I say, their survival instincts find a way.

This homeless cat kept her kittens safe and fed, even though she herself had nothing to eat.

But how did she do that? Let me tell you the story of the brave mother cat and her kittens!

photo of four kittens playing on a cat tree
Credit: CatRescue 901

Despite the harsh climate and lack of food, the mother cat kept her kittens safe and uninjured. She even utilized all of her sources to keep them well-fed.

However, if it weren’t for CatRescue, I don’t think they would have survived much longer. CatRescue 901 heard about the brave mother cat and her kittens. They immediately rushed to help and save them.

adorable tricolor kitten peeking behind a cat tree
Credit: CatRescue 901

Jenny Storaker, CatRescue 901’s Co-Director, said:

“The whole family is malnourished, and the infants are approximately six weeks old, so Mum must have only fed them once or twice a day, and it must have been extremely low-quality food.”

photo of a mother cat with her kittens
Credit: CatRescue 901

After the rescue operation, the caregivers set up a corner of an office for this furry family when they arrived. 

While the kittens were having fun, playing on the cat tree, the mother cat kept her distance from the caretakers. She was so distrustful that she fed her kittens only when no one was around. Jenny added:

“She lost confidence since she had to live on the streets in an area where the numerous stray cats were not treated well.”

mother cat lying on the floor next to her kitten
Credit: CatRescue 901

However, after spending some time at the rescue, the mother cat became more self-assured and sociable. She was showered with affection, comfort, and most importantly, delicious high-quality food.

As for the kittens, when they first arrived at the shelter, they were underweight. But, with time and good care, they gained weight and muscle.

photo of a small orange and white kitten at home
Credit: CatRescue 901

It’s remarkable how the mother cat managed to keep all her kittens alive while living on the streets with almost no food! Jenny said:

“They’re with one of our most experienced keepers, a nurse who has taken care of several of our very ill kittens.”

Thanks to CatRescue, this lovely furry family was saved on time and was given a chance to live a happy, long life!

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