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Kitten Looking For Food Around McDonald’s Gets Rescued And Finds Comfort Next To A Cat Buddy

Kitten Looking For Food Around McDonald’s Gets Rescued And Finds Comfort Next To A Cat Buddy

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Abandoned kittens are left to fend for themselves, and sadly, most of them don’t survive.

This was nearly the fate of a young black and white kitten wandering the streets for months, until a devoted animal rescuer from Ohio, named Donna, intervened.

cat sitting on grass in dark
Credit: Donna

One night, Donna received a message from her veterinarian, Dr. Sue, about a young black and white kitten spotted outside a local McDonald’s.

The poor kitten was starving, desperately looking for some food, not knowing his life was about to change for the better. However, rescuing him was challenging.

cat next to a kennel
Credit: Donna

When Dr. Sue went to pick up the kitten, she had trouble approaching him as he was too scared. Unable to catch him, Donna embarked on a rescue mission the next day, but surprisingly, the kitten was nowhere to be found.

As she searched, she noticed food bowls, suggesting someone had tried to feed or rescue him. Donna continued looking for the kitten, hoping she’d find him and save him from the potential danger.

close-up photo of cat
Credit: Donna

After a few hours, Donna finally saw the kitten near a busy highway. She was both excited and heartbroken by seeing him in such a condition, saying in an interview:

“There he was, so little, and right by the highway. My heart sank.”

Fearing for his safety, Donna tried to approach him, but the frightened kitten dashed into the bushes. 

Relieved he was away from traffic, Donna decided the only way to catch him was to set a humane trap baited with delicious cat food. She set the trap and patiently waited in her car.

cat indoors
Credit: Donna

It didn’t take long for the hungry kitten to venture inside, and Donna was thrilled to finally rescue him. She said in an interview:

“This kitten was either abandoned or hitched a ride from anywhere inside a semi or a car. I looked back on the local posts and saw someone else posted about him (wandering the streets) a month ago. With the help of Dr. Sue, he’s safe, and that’s what matters.”

Upon arrival at the vet clinic, the kitten, lovingly named Mickey D, received the necessary treatments. He was treated for fleas and worms, and after being neutered, he went home with Donna.

cat sitting in a kennel
Credit: Donna

During his first night in a new home, he was very scared, but the next day, Mickey slowly started revealing his true personality. He began to trust humans and enjoy attention and cuddles.

With each passing day, Mickey became more interested in things around him, especially toys. He finally began thriving in his life, far away from the dangers of the streets. 

When Mickey was finally ready for adoption, he arrived at Cats Are People, Too! Club for better chances. Unfortunately, he was overlooked and returned to Donna’s foster home after two weeks. 

two cats on stairs
Credit: Donna

There, Mickey found comfort next to Donna’s other rescue cat, Oliver, whom she also rescued from the bushes. Oliver took Mickey under his wing and helped him go through everything.

Months passed and no one was interested in adopting Mickey, until a woman named Audrey, who lives just a few blocks away, asked about Mickey and his feline friend.

photo of two cats indoors
Credit: Donna

She is a devoted cat lover who recently lost her beloved cat friend. After some time, she was ready for a new chapter in life, wanting to adopt not one, but two cats. Donna shared with an excitement:

“We have known this family for years. She truly wanted to adopt two cats. We knew Oliver would be lost without Mickey. We also knew Mickey did indeed need someone to share life with. We feel Mickey and Oliver were destined to be together.”

And so, the two furry buddies got their happily ever after. They moved in with Audrey and her family and instantly settled in. 

two cats lying indoors
Credit: Donna

Both cats are truly thriving in their lives. Oliver is constantly seeking attention and adores greeting everyone at the door, while Mikey follows his lead. 

Despite the rocky start in their lives, Mickey and Oliver now have each other and a loving family who ensures they live the best lives possible.

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