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Cat Miraculously Saves Owner’s Life After Staring At The Ceiling For 20 Minutes

Cat Miraculously Saves Owner’s Life After Staring At The Ceiling For 20 Minutes

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Whenever our cats do something unusual, like staring at walls or ceilings, most of us tend to think “Oh, I bet she sees a ghost.” But in the case of Sophia, this adorable kitty, her look was fixated on their bedroom ceiling for over 20 minutes. 

Erin begins her story with these words: “Sophia is my little guardian angel.”

cat in room

Erin, her owner, began to suspect something was wrong since Sophia has been staring at the ceiling for so long, and she usually doesn’t do that.

“She was staring up at the ceiling for over 20 minutes, so I started to suspect something was wrong. Eventually, she jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. I knew something wasn’t right, so I followed her.”

As luck would have it, this turned out to be a fortunate decision. Because, less than 10 seconds later, this happened…

A Cat Stared At The Ceiling For 20 Minutes And Then Ran Out, Luckily I Followed Her…

“The drywall of our ceiling had given out from the weight of the insulation. Sophia must’ve been able to hear noises that I couldn’t…”

Had they not left the bedroom, who knows what could have happened? They might have suffered severe injuries, or worse.

Erin’s husband, Jason, renovated their room with the help of their friends. And now, three years later, Sophia is a healthy and happy senior cat. 

“I’ll be forever grateful that she saved me.”

If you’re curious, you can watch the video below and follow Erin for more updates on Sophia and her furry siblings.

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