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Man Spends $50K To Transform His House Into A Playground For His Cats

Man Spends $50K To Transform His House Into A Playground For His Cats

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Peter Cohen, who’s not only a skilled home builder but also a huge cat enthusiast, has turned his house into the ultimate cat playground that’s a dream come true for any feline! And let me tell you, his cats absolutely love it.

Peter has poured thousands of dollars into creating an incredible cat paradise that his feline friends can’t get enough of. With a big heart for rescue animals, Peter has given a home to no fewer than 15 cats, each with its own rescue story.

cat climbing
Source: YouTube

When Peter and his roommate moved into their new home, they found two stray cats had already made it their turf, so they naturally took them in. 

Unfortunately, one of the cats was tragically hit by a car and didn’t survive. In response to this loss, they decided to adopt several more cats from a local shelter, growing their feline family.

Starting with just a few cats, they ended up on an adoption spree that ranged from San Diego to San Francisco, welcoming Chocolate, Cheesecake, Butter, Nutter, Poppy-Seed, Rumple, Crumple, Cookie, Coffee-Bean, Noui, Kuro, Wasabi, and Donut into their home.

bald guy and two cats
Source: YouTube

In Peter’s house, every room is linked to the next, ensuring that playtime is endless. The place is decked out with bridges, spirals, tunnels, and an abundance of scratching posts. 

It’s a veritable kitty funhouse – my term for it – and it truly has everything a cat could wish for.

Peter was really happy to create this ultimate playground, mixing his love for cats with his knack for home design. It seemed like the perfect match for him.

owner and cat sitting on a couch
Source: YouTube

Peter has spent years turning his home into a vibrant and entertaining playground, complete with tunnels, catwalks, ramps, and perches for his furry friends. 

Currently, he and his roommate are proud parents to 15 cats, a detail Peter shared in a Huffington Post interview.

“We try to take the kittens that the other people don’t want, especially kittens that have been traumatized.”

cat in a playground
Source: YouTube

Peter also revealed that building this incredible kitty playground cost around $50,000. But he has no regrets about the expense.

“Way more expensive than a sane person would build, but I didn’t care. I love my cats, my house, and art, so I designed it to be beautiful to me.”

cute gray cat
Source: YouTube

Besides the joy it brings his cats, Peter finds beauty and satisfaction in his creation. Above all, he loves seeing his rescued kitties happy and safe.

“Giving rescued cats a better life means giving them a place that is solely their own. They give us unconditional love, and building the catwalks is one way of expressing my gratitude for that.”

I’d really like to build a similar paradise for my own cats, but I’m short on space and the know-how. Still, I’m considering putting together a catio, so my cats can safely get some fresh air whenever they feel like it. 

Check out this video for a tour of Peter’s cat paradise. But be warned, your cats might get a little envious!

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