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PetArmor Vs. Frontline: Which Cat Flea Treatment Is Better?

<strong>PetArmor Vs. Frontline: Which Cat Flea Treatment Is Better?</strong>

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Every cat owner has to deal with pesky parasites called fleas. They can transmit serious diseases to our cats so preventative treatments are essential for cat owners with animals at risk of picking up fleas.

Flea treatments and preventatives for cats are available in various formats, including topical solutions and oral treatments. However, not all flea treatments are equally effective.

In this article, I will review PetArmor vs. Frontline flea medication, as they are two popular products many cat owners will come across in their quest for the best flea treatment.

Using safe, cat-specific medicines is critical to keeping your cat healthy while eliminating its flea infestation. These two products were reviewed based on their efficiency, safety, price, and customer reviews.

PetArmor Vs. Frontline: An Overview

cat itching from fleas

I have been helping cats in my local animal shelter for quite some time. I have also been taking care of cats my whole life (I have six of them in my home currently), so I have a lot of experience with cat flea treatments…

I’ve tried both of these products and formed my opinions based on real-life experience. But, before “the winner” is declared, let’s talk about each product briefly.

PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats

PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats
Key benefits:
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Starts working within 24 hours

FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats

FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats
Key benefits:
  • Efficiently kills fleas and ticks
  • Has great reviews
  • A product of a reputable company

Everything You Need To Know About PetArmor Plus Flea Treatment

cat with flea repellant collar itching
Minimum cat age:8 weeks
Minimum cat weight: 1.5 lbs
Form of product: Oil
Doses in a package:1, 3, 6, 12
Form of treatment: Topical
Pests it controls: Adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, chewing lice, ticks
Time it takes to start working:24 hours
Lasts for: 30 days

PetArmor is a company that manufactures a wide range of products for both cats and dogs. First, let me say that I find their webpage very easy to use, and I found information about PetArmor Plus cat flea treatment very quickly.

They have the standard PetArmor flea treatment, but also PetArmor Plus and PetArmor Advanced flea treatment. To be clear, I will be reviewing PetArmor Plus.

The main difference between the “Plus” and “Basic” versions is the addition of S-Methoprene, which is used to kill insects that survive the first application of insecticide, as well as fleas and eggs (the standard version does not kill fleas and eggs).

PetArmor Plus Will Take Care Of…

PetArmor claims that this flea treatment is efficient in killing and controlling the following parasites:

• Adult fleas

• Flea eggs

• Flea larvae

• Chewing lice

• Flea pupae

• Deer ticks that can transmit Lyme disease

• Mites that cause sarcoptic mange

• Brown dog ticks

• American dog ticks

• Lone star ticks

Ingredient List

Flea treatments are usually composed of active ingredients (those that will actually “do the killing” and inactive ingredients (those that make sure active ingredients stay stable).

Active IngredientsConcentration
Fipronil 9.80%
(S)-Methoprene (insect growth regulator)11.80%
Inactive Ingredients
Not declared 78.40%

Flea treatments usually don’t declare inactive ingredients, so I cannot tell you the composition of the remaining 78.40% of the product.

Fipronil is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved insecticide. It works by destroying the central nervous systems of insects.

It is a very efficient flea, lice, and tick product with few side effects and does not interact with other drugs a cat might be taking. It’s one of the main ingredients in almost every flea treatment.

S-Methoprene is a chemical that prevents the development of flea pupae and larvae into reproducing adults. It is most effective when paired with another active component that kills adult fleas; therefore, it’s commonly paired with Fipronil.


Before using the product, make sure your kitty is totally dry. It is preferable to wait 12 hours after a bath before applying the flea treatment to ensure that the kitty is completely dry. If you did not recently bathe your cat, you’re all good to go!

Take one tube and cut the thin end with scissors. Part your cat’s fur and invert the tube on the cat’s skin. Hold the cat for a few seconds to allow the solution to absorb into the coat.

Make sure to wash your hands after using this product, as you don’t want these chemicals on your skin.

This product is made specifically for cats and should not be used on dogs.

How Long Does It Take For The Product To Start Working?

dilute calico cat resting

The product should start killing fleas within 12 hours of contact with your cat. However, it may take up to 48 hours to begin killing ticks.

What About Re-Application?

The product should not be reapplied more than once every four weeks.

Important Notes

PetArmor Plus for cats comes in a single weight range for cats and kittens weighing 1.5 pounds and up. Therefore, you need to weigh your cat before making a purchase.

Don’t forget to think about your cat’s age. Only use this product only if your cat is older than eight weeks.


PetArmor Plus is one of the most budget-friendly cat flea treatments on the market. It is definitely less expensive than the Frontline flea treatment (it’s more than two times cheaper at the time of writing).

This product offers the same look and feel as name-brand products but at a considerably lower price.

However, a lower price does not mean less efficiency, as this product is efficient and one of the more popular flea treatment products on the market.


While it may work for some, overall consumer satisfaction levels on several prominent review platforms remain around 50-60%.

If you look at product reviews, you will observe that people either love or hate this product. The number of 5-star reviews is not much greater than the number of 1-star reviews, and there are almost no 2-, 3-, and 4-star reviews.

I found this very interesting, as I’ve never seen such polarized opinions about a product.

Everything You Need To Know About Frontline Plus Flea Treatment

cat itching
Brand: Frontline
Minimum cat age: 8 weeks
Minimum cat weight: 8 weeks
Form of product: 1.5 lbs
Doses in a package: Oil
Form of treatment: 3, 6 or 8
Pests it controls: Topical
Time it takes to start working: Up to 24 hours
Lasts for: 30 days

The Frontline brand has been on the front lines of the struggle against pet pests since the 1990s, and it is a staple of the flea treatment and flea prevention industry.

Frontline Plus, as the name suggests, improves on the original medicine (Frontline) and is designed to kill fleas before they mature. If you remember, PetArmor also had the original drug, and then it was improved with the Plus version.

Frontline Plus For Cats Will Take Care Of…

Frontline Plus should be able to eliminate and control the following pests:

• Adult fleas

• Flea eggs

• Flea larvae

• Ticks (Brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks, & deer ticks)

• Chewing lice


Active Ingredients
(S)-Methoprene (insect growth regulator) 11.80%
Inactive Ingredients
Not declared 78.40%

As you can see, Frontline Plus and PetArmor Plus have the same concentrations of the active ingredients.


The application of this product is the same as any other flea treatment, including PetArmor Plus.

Your cat must be dry when this product is applied and must remain dry for 24 hours following the application.

Part the cat’s hair between the shoulder blades and squeeze the contents of the tube onto a single spot on the cat’s skin. Avoid contact with the treated area until it has dried.

Once applied, the treatment accumulates inside a cat’s oil glands. Over the next month, the product seeps out through the oil glands all over the cat’s body, leaving a thin and uniform covering of flea killer from head to tail.

To see how the application should go, I suggest you check out this video:

While allergic reactions and sensitivity are uncommon, look for indicators of an adverse reaction after applying. Your cat’s skin may become irritated at the application site. 

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you observe symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as difficulty breathing or convulsions.

How Long Does It Take For The Product To Start Working?

little cat itch and wash in the outdoor

Frontline Plus begins to function once the product has been applied to the entire body surface, which might take up to 24 hours.

Fleas are eliminated within 24 hours, and ticks are killed within 48 hours.

What About Re-Application?

Treat all of your cats once a month to prevent flea reinfestation for the best flea control. Frontline Plus is effective against fleas for at least a month when used appropriately.

Important Notes

A study assessing the efficiency of Frontline Plus flea treatment in both cats and dogs was conducted separately.

Eight flea-infested cats were treated with Frontline Plus. 24 hours after infestation, they had a significantly reduced number of live fleas.

On day two, efficiency was reported to be 90.3%, on day 8 – 99.6%, on day 15 – 98.8%, on day 22 – 93.3%, and on day 29 – 85.6%.

I always like finding these kinds of studies that were published in respectable journals (this paper was published in the Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine). It is real-life proof of the efficiency of this product. This kind of reassurance on the reliability of a product is always welcome.


The main benefit of this product is its efficiency, resulting in many great customer reviews. This assures future customers that the product is indeed excellent.

If you look into the reviews on multiple sites, you will see that most of them are 4-stars and 5-stars.

This is a different situation than PetArmor Plus, where the reviews were very “all or nothing” – 5-stars or 1-star.


One potential drawback of this product is the price; it is a bit more on the expensive side, which might not be suitable for some cat owners.

Similarities & Differences Of The Two Products

girl putting a flea treatment on a cat

Now that we’ve done an in-depth review of each product separately, let’s compare PetArmor Plus vs. Frontline Plus and their benefits and drawbacks.


• PetArmor and Frontline Plus effectively kill and prevent parasites from infesting your cat’s coat

• Fipronil is the active ingredient of PetArmor and Frontline Plus cat flea treatments

• Both products also contain (S)-Methoprene

• The concentration of the active ingredients is the same

• Both products provide month-long flea protection

• Both products are waterproof

• Both products should not be used for cats younger than eight weeks of age or which weigh less than 1.5 lbs


One of the most important distinctions between the two products is their price. Frontline Plus is much more expensive than PetArmor for the same dosage.

This makes PetArmor for cats a considerably more affordable solution that provides excellent value for money.

However, Frontline Plus has much better customer reviews.

What’s The Verdict?

cat sitting in woman's lap

Because both products fulfill their promises, choosing PetArmor may be the best option for customers on a tight budget.

FrontLine Plus is higher rated and has fewer side effects than PetArmor Plus, which has more consumer complaints and bad reviews.

All things considered, I would say FrontLine Plus is the winner here.

If your cat has a history of flea sensitivity and you don’t mind paying a little more, Frontline Plus is the way to go!

I must say, both products worked very well for my cats. I have tried PetArmor Plus and Frontline Plus flea treatments; both were very efficient in doing their job, and my cats did not experience any side effects. However, even though my experience was great with both, this does not mean yours will be.

I take customer reviews quite seriously, and if I had to choose between two products, I would choose the one with a significantly higher number of positive reviews. This is why I decided Frontline Plus was the “winner.”

Can I Use the Dog-Version Of These Products On My Cat?

dog and cat under a blanket

Frontline Plus and PetArmor both have cat and dog formulations. Although both varieties include the same active chemicals, they differ significantly in terms of concentration per weight and inactive substances employed in the mix.

Using a dog’s formula on a cat can be very harmful, and you should always keep your cats and dogs apart while administering their medications.

If you accidentally administer the dog’s formula to your cat, immediately bathe it with water and a drop of degreasing dish soap and monitor it for any symptoms of adverse reactions.

If your cat exhibits signs of poisoning, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Using Flea Treatments Is Extremely Important

siamese cat resting on cat tree

Fleas and ticks may be found anywhere in the world, and our feline companions are no exception.

These parasites can cause allergies and skin irritation in addition to being bothersome to you and your cat. They are not always visible on cats because these tiny, fast parasites can swiftly skitter out of sight into the dense fur of cats.

Using flea medications is the most effective approach to keeping your cat flea-free. They usually come in oil form, but there are oral medication options too. Look into anti-flea shampoos and sprays as well.

Before using any flea or tick prevention products, always visit your veterinarian. If your pet is pregnant, nursing, elderly, or unwell, you should never administer any drugs without first consulting your veterinarian.

Most flea preventatives are intended to be used once a month. To effectively eliminate a flea infestation, you must keep your cat on flea prevention for at least three to four months.

If your cat has experienced fleas in the past, most veterinarians prescribe year-round protection.

Whichever product you try, make sure it’s cat-specific and not a dog product. If your cat has sensitive skin, keep an eye out for adverse reactions to the flea treatment.

In Conclusion

girl hugs cat

Finding an effective flea treatment that causes little to no adverse reactions in cats is essential cat care.

The PetArmor vs. Frontline debate has been around for some time now, as they’re both very popular flea treatment products.

They both disrupt the flea life cycle and efficiently kill fleas in all life stages, as well as ticks and chewing lice. 

However, users of Frontline Plus report fewer side effects and offer much more positive reviews than PetArmor Plus users.

Because of this, Frontline Plus has been chosen as the better flea treatment, even though it’s more expensive.

I hope you will find a flea treatment that works for you budget-wise and is efficient and side-effect-free for your kitty. I wish you the best of luck in getting rid of these pesky parasites!

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