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Stray Cat Walked Into A Los Angeles Shop And Immediately Became The Boss

Stray Cat Walked Into A Los Angeles Shop And Immediately Became The Boss

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When I was a little girl, I would beg my mom every morning to let me bring our cat Tilly to school with me. As you probably guessed, she never let me, but I made a promise to myself. Once I become an adult I would take my pets everywhere! 

I was never able to keep that promise to myself, LOL, but Justin LaRose from Los Angeles sure lives my dream! 

man holding a cat in shop
Credit: Instagram

Justin used to work as a barista for almost 15 years while spending most of his free time cruising around on a skateboard. One day, he decided to turn his love for skateboarding into a business!

Together with his wife Kristin, they opened a shop where he turned layered and laminated skateboards into amazing art and furniture!

However, Justin’s life turned upside down when a black kitten showed up in front of his shop…

The kitten started gently meowing at Justin, and that’s all it took for him to fall in love. Justin named him Grizzly, after the woodworking machines, and the rest was history!

cat in the hoodie
Credit: Instagram

Today, this gorgeous black fuzzball is much more than just a shop cat. His dad gave him many important positions like, ‘CEO’, ‘security guard’, ‘quality control inspector’, and ‘raddest boss’. Such a busy little cat, right?

black cat on her back
Credit: Instagram

Whenever Justin needs a break from all the hard work, Grizzly jumps in to play with him. Just take a look at these adorable zoomies!

Justin and Grizzly spend every day together in the shop. While his dad is working on a new project, Grizzly is playing around or sleeping on old skateboards. 

cat in the shop
Credit: Instagram

However, as the cat of a skateboarder, Grizzly had to learn a few tricks himself. If you’ve ever wondered how a cat maneuvers around on a skateboard, just take a look!

In the end, we can all agree that Justin and Grizzly are the cutest coworkers ever! I warmly recommend you to follow their adventures over on Instagram!

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